Yes, I love you. Shot 1

Class starts and everything was quite normal. Soon Yuvi became popular and was teachers’ pet. His classmates were very formal to him; they only discussed academics with him. But Suhani didn’t understand why Yuvi is given so importance. For her he was just another normal boy. Once she went to him with some doubt. He helped her out.
Suh : I have always seen you alone, why is it so?
Yuvi smiles.

Yuvi : Well you can have only a friend you both treat each other as equal, and…
Suh : Hmm, I understood. How does it feel? When you are given this importance?
Yuvi : Now that I am used to it, I really don’t feel anything, but yeah I miss something…. someone.
Suh : A friend?
Yuvi : Maybe, you know, you are the first one who asked me something other than academics, there is an ease in talking with you.
Suhani smiles.

Suh : (forwarding hand)Friends?
Yuvi shakes hands with her and smiles. They went to their homes, Yuvi was very happy, because he now has a friend.
“I made my first friend” he wrote in his diary.

Days pass by. Their friend friendship grew stronger day by day, Suhani always missed a manly support in her life and Yuvi fulfilled it, and Yuvi, he missed they someone with whom he can go totally crazy, share anything, in a way a real friend. Thus both complimented each other very well. They were very happy with each other and never felt the need of a third person in their lives. They shared everything with each other; both were incomplete without the other and was sure that one won’t be able survive without the other.
“She is my best friend” Yuvi wrote in his diary.

Precap :
Suhani in love?

I am sorry for the short epi

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    superb episode…very different and interesting

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