Yes im a Don, and underworld Don:so y cant I love u..?? (Part 8)

Im really sorry for makiny u all wait my this episode….so here we go with yet another beautiful episode of our don….

Next day…

Swara is peacefully sleeping which gets disturbed by rays of lights

She gets up and finds herself in the arms of sanskar…..

She gets shocked,her dress was also changed…..she was wearing a shirt of sanskar which sanskar wore yesterday…..

Swara pushes sanskar down..

Swara:how dare u to touch me…

Sanskar was scratching his head in confuse

Sanskar:what are u saying jaan…

Swara:jaan my foot..who changed my dress.

Sanskar understands what she thoughts

Sanskar waa staring her angrily

Swara:why are u looking at me like this, it should be me who should be angry on u…not u understand

Sanskar:do u knw what happened last night

Swara:If I knw, then y should I ask to u

Sanskat:urgggg..then listen


After cutting the cakes and celebrating, swara accidently drank alcahol which was kept for men…

Sanskar sees this and goes to her

By seeing swara, he understands that she is fully drunk

Sanskar:maa..we will come…

Sanskar was about to take her to room bt swara ask him to go out which he reluctantly agrees…

Swara pulls sanakar cheeks

Swara:wow…sanskar..see I feel like eating this…u r a don naa, then all ur body should be metal naa

Sanskar:im not a iron man

Swara:u knw sanskar laksh and ragini loves very much naa….

Sanskar was fed up with it

Sanskar:I knw(irritating face)

Swara:bt not more than me….

That time, she started to rain..

swara plays in rain like a small child…bt her legs became week and she fall unconscious

Sanskar lifts her and places her on bed..

He covers her with bedsheet then changes the dress….

Flashback ends…

Swara:then u could have make me wear some saree naa

Sanskar:we man, only knw how to break the dori..we dont knw how to tie it..

Saying he winks at her

Swara didn’t understand anything later

Swara:u fool….idiot…

Sanskar runs to washroom…

Swara was about to get up

Sanskar (frm washroom) dont try to get up…else I will do in reality that too without closing my sit there quit

Sanskar comes out and finds swara sitting there

Swara:I need to go

Sanskar; only because of u naa..who ask u to play like that

Swara:so what….I will do whatever I want..its my life…

Kavitha comes there

Sanskar sees her and recalls her challenge

Sanskar gives her her killing look and left

Kavitha hugs swara

Kavitha:thanku so much swara…for returning ragini…

Swara smiles…

Kavitha goes out

Kaveri:kavitha what’s ur plan

Kavitha:I dont knw maa…how can we prove that swara hates sanskar

Kaveri:let us try some medicine


Kaveri:haa…once that is reached in stomach naa, swara will become our puppet…

Kavitha:really maa

Kaveri:bt for some time only

Kavitha:thats that we will teach her to say I hate sanskar..thus she will move awayy frm our life and sanskars too

Kaveri:dont disclose it to anyone….

Kavitha nodes….

Bt due to their unlucky or sanskar luck it was all heard by ragini..

Ragini:what are they upto….y does they need to separate shona and sanskar bhai….I need to find it out

Swara feels bored so she calls laksh


Laksh:how are u shona..u is my jiju



Swara:do u forget that, he is the one who killed ur friends

Laksh:I accept, bt he did that because my frnd was a frud and he have ruined many lifes

Swara:thengakola (malayalm phrasal word) what evwr….

Laksh:u are unbearable

Swara:um missing u

Laksh:yesterday only we met naa

Swara:??still I miss u badly….

Laksh:dont say like that my shona….

Swara:mmm..give my greetings to maa baba mom and dad….

Laksh:kkk..take care shona

Swara:u too lucky…

Precap:raj comes for revenge…swasan honeymoon…raglak marriage

Sorry for the shot I promise I will come with a long one

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