Yes im a Don, and underworld Don:so y cant I love u..?? (Part 7)


This might be my last ff of this week…u all knw ramzan have already started…anyone’s if I get time in between I will surely post it…

Swara comes out of mall and hurridely calls laksh but he is not lifting his phone, then she calls ragini…

Ragini:shonaa… me…

Swara was shocked hearing it

Swara:ragini are u okk

Ragini:shonaa…I dont knw what happened with laksh…he is behavinh weirdly..he is trying to force me…help me shona


Ragini:he is not in his sence…I have hidden in bathroom…plz shonaa…

Before she could say further the phone get disconnected

She again tries bt no use..

she goes to her house bt finds it locked…
Just then she sees many people around a house

Swara goes there

Swara:aunty what happened

Aunty:swara beta..pinky is no where…im searching for her frm long time…mere bache..pinkyy

Swara asks all of them to search near by places…

She calls shekar

Swara; baba..tum teek he naa

Man:actually…the man whom u probably called have met with a accident…if u come here means..

Swara was shocked hearing that

Swara:which hospotal

Before that it get disconnected…

She again called back bt it was switched off

Like this same happens with sumi tulsi ankush

By the time her face become tired pale…then she remembers about orphanage…she immediately runs to there

It goes inside and find everything normal..and she gets some smell coming frm kitchen..she goes inside and finds gas leaking…she immediately off that and brings all children out…as soon as they stepped out , it burst out…..

It become night…

Swara:y its happening with me….its better to plead him to marry me..other than losing all my lovable once life…

She goes there

Flashback ends

Swara was still crying

Then she hears some noice

she goes to hall abd finds all her family members..

Swara:where were u all..u no how much tensed im

Shekar:sory beta…I dint exept that I will come infrnt of u with life

Swara:what are u saying baba

Ankush:while shekar was crossing road a truck was about to hit just in a nick of time a boy saved him…else

Tulsi:dont worry beta..we all are okk..

Swara felt a slight releif

Tulsi:where is laksh beta

Swara:he left maa… already 2:00 ho and sleep beta….

All dispers…

Next day

Early morning swara left to a hotel

Swara goes to a room and knocks that

Ragini comes and opens the door

As soon as she saw swara, ragini hugs her

Swara:what happened ragini…where is lucky..

Ragini point towards laksh who is sleepinh on bed

Ragini:we went to have food after that we went to pub…I dont knw shona…after drinking something he…he drags me to room and….I pushed him and goes to bathoom..tbat time u caled me…after that when I opened it I find laksh sleeping here and the main door was open..

Ragini hugs swara

Swara:ragini…dont worry….nothinh happened naa…dont say about this to lucky…may be he will feel guilty

Just then laksh gets up

Laksh:how did I came here…I was at pub naa

Swara:u idiot…come get ready..

Trio behaves normally…and went to respective place

At maheswary mansion

A car comes there

A handsome man comes out with a blue genes red t shirt and a blue blazer…

Ap&sujatha:san beta..

He goes inside and takes blessings frm them…

Just then another girl enters…


ofcourse its our sanskar

All turnd and find a girl standing there


Kavitha comes there, she was fully in mordern outfit…which irks ap&sujatha…

Sanskar talks and later leaves for office

In car

Sanskar:im coming swara… ready…

In office

Swara joins the office and she mingled with everyone well…

Sanskar enters the office…all were surprised to see him..(swara ia nit there)

Sanskar enters to his room…

Just then poen also comes….

Sanskar:so u have cleaned it

Poen:no is done by swara..our new designer


Poen:she finds this room untidy so today as soon as she reached here, she cleans this room…she doent like anything messes up

Sanskar:then this phto..

Poen:that time dp sir called her…so she went

Poen left

Swara comes to hall..

Poen:beta…san beta has come…he is really impressed by u…

Swara just smiles…

She goes inside the room…


Sanskar turns back…

Swara is shocked to find him..

Sanskar smirks

Swara:u here

Sanskar:y cant I

Swara start to laugh

Swara:is this is the expression that u expected..


Swara:what u thought..the people around u are fools…..I got to knw about u before only….u said ur surname…

Sanskar:u knw about me

Swara:I cant understand u sanskar…who are u…don or a business man…

Sanskar:whatever…soon u will get to knw about all….my would be wife

Swara feels irritated hearing that

Swara leaves frm there

Like this way almost all time sanskar irritates her…

A party is going on in maheswary…and only rich people are invited in that shekar is also there….

Swara comes late there….

Kavitha sees her and created a scene

Kavitha:u behengi…why the hell u are hear..u are just a desighner..and I think ur maa baba must have sent u here, so that u all can have nive food

All heard this even shekar and ankush

Swara slaps her

Swara:how dare u to question my maa baba..u chudail…

Kavitha:how dare u slap me….I say get out now..

Sanskar was not there

Swara:who needs ur treat

Swara:maa bab mom dad…u four leaving..I will be there with lucky…

Shekar:dp jii…no one have ever insulted my daughter like this…plz excuse us..we are leavinh…

Swara was still at the entrance

Sumi:so u r not going

Swara:without u how can I go…

Tulsi:so u knw we will come

Swara:no doubt maa…

Saying she laughs…

All hears this

Ankush:bt y u slp her

swara:she questions u all..naa moreover ny seeing her in that dress I feel like killing her..anyways come lets go

Before leaving

Swara turns

Swara:u in ur limits..tbe money and reputation that u have today, may not exist forver…this is my words..swara gadodia words…

She leaves…

Ap:is she our shona

Sujatha:jiji…that means….

Dp:bt she was working under shekar..and was even..(stopped)

Ap:what happen jii

Dp:now I remember..on her first day..she was about to call shekar as papa…bt stopped and even shekar called her shona…then he makes excuses…

Ap:jii I need to talk to u

Party gets over

4 discuss something

Next day…

Swara was sleeping, when she felt someone caressing her face

Swara holds the hand

Swara;:(without openinh eyes)
What maa…why are disturbing ur princess…

Sumi comes there and greets ap and sujatha

Sumi:we are sorry…on weekends she os like this onlu

Sumi:shona…get up

Swara:(irritated) kya maa….5 more the way how ur hands become much harder…u r doing all works naa that y…


Swara:im saying ryt only…and one more thing dont imagine that I will do works for u…I will only do it for my in law house…understand…

Sumi;:will u get up shona

Swara gets up and finds ap and sujatha..she was shocked, they laughs…

All are confused

Swara:maa..I feel like ap and sujatha aunty are here….no no can they be hear..anyways maa u knw they are very good so sweet…bt not as u..I lnw if I said u will get jealous naa

Sumi:they are hear for real

Swara widens her eyes and find them all

She opens her mouth in shock…

Then she gives a teasing smiles to them..then runs out..

By seeing hrr trio burst out in laugh…

She goes out and bumps into sanskar who have lost in her…

Ap notices this and shows it to sujatha..

They smiles

Swara:cant u walk proparly

Sanskar:it was u who bumped into me..understand…

swara fumes and goes…

Precap:swasan marrige…..kavitha plans succeds

I thought of winding up here…bt then I thought of preparatng marrige too…

They talk about the proposal

Dp:I will be glad that ur daughter will become my daughter in law…

Sujatha:not only daughter in law..infact daughter
Ap:if u r okk with it

Sumi:we are very much happy in it…bt should ask to shona…

Tulsi:I will call her

After sometime..
Sanlak enters hand in hand
As soon they see them they takes away their hand

Dp:beta…we dont have any problem with it..we al knw ur frndship..

Swara smiles…

Just then sanskar also enters…

He greets everyone

Swara:wow..even this don knw how to respect others

Sumi:dis u say something shonaa

Swara nodes no..

Sujatha:swara beta…we all like u…infact we are here to have a proposal for our son..

Swara looks at sanskar who smirks

Swara:(controling her anger)if u all are ikk with it means..I dont have any problem..

Saying swara leaves followed by sanskar

Swara:u r now happy naa

Sanskar:of course jaann…im..infact im going to get my love..

Swara:I will never love u

Sanskar just smiles

Sanskar:u said that u will not marry me..then see what happened

Swara:thats because of ur deeds…bt love is nit like that..u cant force anyone to love

Sanskar goes frm there

Pandit comes and says about marriage in 1 week

Dp:I thoughy of getting uttara and sanskar married same day

Pandit:as per kundlis if they get married in 1 week..then no one can ever break their bond

Swara:stronger than covalent bond…

No one hears that

I dont want to drag the marriage….

So lets go directly to the marriage day

In thses days kavitha and kaveri tried her maximum to split it was all unsuccessful

At last our swara gadodia becomes:SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARY

First night…

Sanskar was sitting in the terrace

Ap comes there

Ap:beta…I have to say u something

Sanskar:kya badimaa

Ap:u knw swara na..she is so innocent…give her some more time, I knw she said yes to the marriage for making everyone happy…so u give her some time to accept this relation

Sanskar nodes…

Ap left

Sanskar:I will slowly slowly make her mine…just I make her my wife..

Saying he smirks

Swara in her room
Swara:hey bagwan..what have u done..finally u fullfilled his aims…do u think it os fair…plz help me in some way..if I won; I will give u 260 no no 500 rs archana (prasad)

Juzt then swara looks at sanskar who stotms in room…

Swar:dony u have manners…

Sansk:ohh hello..this is my room too..even I have equal priority as u..

Swara:my foot…

Swara fumes and goes abd sleeps in one side of the bed…where sanskar was busy making calls

Swara:god knws who is his next target…

Sanskar hears that and smiles…

Next day

Swara wakes up early and did morning aarti

Her mukh dikhai was done successfully…

At reception…

Host:so all are READY naa..we will ask u all certain questions and it will be matched with ur partners and visversa…some have more than one partners…so lets see…
Kavith:(in mind) today infrnt of all I will prove that Im the best partner even in game or life….
She smirks
Swara looks at sanskar who is teasing her witj showing weird faces….
Host:so lets begin…be ready
1:favt color of ur partner
Swara looks at sanskar and vise versa
2:the colour which they dont like
Kavitha recalls holi incident where swara puts violet color on his face…
3:what does ur partner calls u
4:the favt person among family
5:2things that they dont like..
6:what does they do when they are angry..
7:momentable day in their life
8:the most important thing they consider in life…
9:what they do most
10:y u like them or love them…or what u love in them….
All questions are over…now hand over it to me….
Host:kavitha, u rote about sanskar…
She nodes….
Host checks her answers with sanskar answers that he given before…
Host:none of ur answers are correct miss kavitha…
Kavitha stamps the foot and sits there…
Host:now for our swasan
Correct answer….both love red color…kk swara why does sanskar loves this colour
Swara:red for love
Host:and u sanskar
Sanskar:red for revolution
Host:wiw…so u knw well to each other….next question
2:swara wrote:violet and for sanskar:black
Now say why does sanskar doesn’t like violet colr
Swara:because…it doesn’t get expressed
Host:and y does swara not like black
Sanskar:because..swara always like to stand on light..she hate darkness…
Host:again perfect answers..
Now..what does they call u…
Swra wrote jungle billi and sanskar wrote mr kadoos
So here no reasons…
Uthara:bt we need…bhabhi say naa…..y he call u jungle billi..and bhai why she call u kadoos
Swara:whn evr im irritated with him. I will scratch him..that y…
Sanskar:she love me irritating her…thats y
Host:wow…nic understanding
Now…swara wrote uthara..wheras sanskar wrotee whole..
Reason plz…
Swara:he loves uthara most..he consider uthara as daughter other than sister
Uthara smile
Sanskar:she cant differentiate between family as she loves everyone
Host:again ryt answer…the two things they hate or dont like…both of them have same answers….lie and cheat…….
All smile
Host:i think even their heart are thinking same….the thing that they do when they are angry…and sanskar u say…what swara usually do
Sanskar:simple….she will throw the things in her hand…
Host:again ryt answer…and what about u swara…
Swara:he will not talk.his weapon will talk

Host:whats that..

Swara:gu..I means guniyaa..its a mode of speech…

So the winner is none other than mr and mrs maheswary..

All cheers whereas kavitha is angry…

At night…sanskar was fully drunken…

He enters inside
Swara is peacefully slepng on couch when some one closed her mouth and takes her in arms….
Swara tries to scream bt all in vain
She was thrown on the bed…
Sanskar:what happened jaan…aaj hamari suhraat he…..
He removes his shirt and goes towards her…
Swara:I knw u r drunk…plz…be in ur sense……
Swara gets up and statrs to move bt sanskar grabs her hand and again throws her on bed
Swara:dnt behave like an animal…
Sanskar:im an animal dear…I will show u hiw much an animal can do….
Swra starts to throw things on him
She starts to run hear and there…….

Some how she manages to lock him in bathroom and she moves out…..
She was in a frozen state that shivering hard….
Kavitha comes to her
Swra hugs her in fear…
Kavitha consols her…
Kavitha make her sleep and goes to her room..she tells this to her maa
Kaveri:this is the golden chance….once we get swara in our hands..we can use her to get sanskar….

Somewhere kavitha also feels bad for swara
Next mrng
Sanskar is continusly banging the door….uthara comes and opens it for him
Uthara:what happened bhai…who locked u inside
Sanskar:its a long story…anyways thanks..
Uthara leaves
Sanskar:again and again u r repeating same mistake my jaan…I wont leave u…u knw who am I and what can I do….
He smirks
Sanskar comes down and he notices swara….swara sees him and recalls last night and starts to shiver….. this winter season…some one is shivering
Uthara:haa bhai…dont u knw, for bhabhi..its winter season whn u r there around her…
All laughs
Swara:who said….im completely okk…its due to fever
Hearing the word fever all comes and checks her and starts to give instructions
Sujatha:frm now..complete rest…u should never step into kitchen….
Swara:bt maa…..
Dp:sanskar….go and drop her in room
Sanskar smirks
Rp:jiji…today dr is coming see uthara
Ap nodes
Sanskar takes swara with him…..
Sanskar msg swara
“Im sorry jaan…yesterday due to over drink…I behaved like like that..”
Swara looks at sanskar
“Dont act…I knw u well..even if u drink 50 bottles..u will be in concious only…so plz..dont start to lie”

“I said naa..its not a lie..u said im an animal due to which I lost my patience…even im an husband..I have some duty towards u as a man and as a husband. .same way its ur duty to fullfill all my wishes”

“Marriage doesnt mean of any physical plessure…it have many aspects….there should be love…”

“K fine….I knw jaan u love me…”

“I don’t”

“I will prove it”

Swara looks at him…he make her lay on the bed and goes out…..

Precap:swara falls frm stairs….raglak marriage

Credit to: salluzz

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