Yes im a Don, and underworld Don:so y cant I love u..?? (Part 5)


Im very much happy with ur comments…I though to update even faster but at last phone went off and I need to type it again…anyways lets begin with our fresh 5th part

Swara goes to a big mansion

she kncks the door
Sujatha comes and opens the door

Swara:jii mam…I came here as shekar sir asked me to show u some deaighs…


Swara:jii mam..

Sujatha:what is this beta…call me aunty..when u call sees there is lot difference between us

Swara:jii mam..sorry aunty…

Swara goes inside

Ap also comes there

Swara takes blessing frm both…

Trio start to talk each other…and ap sujatha liked swara lot…

Kaveri is also present there….

Swara gets a call

Swara keeps on talking forgetting about the surroundings

She hangs the phone

Kaveri:I think it was ur boyfrnd

Swara just smiles

swara:jii mam…it was my boyfrnd only with his girl frnd

Kaveri looks on confused

Swara:it was call frm my house…

Ap:ur maa

Swara:jii aunty..

Sujatha:bt ur way of speaking seems like u r talking with frnds

Swara:I consider them as my best frnds…and they support me also

Kaveri:what if u loved anyone and ask ur parents to accept ur relationship

Swara:it would never happen…not because I will not fall in love bt they will be understand me morethan myself..if im fallinh on love, then it will be my parents who understand my feelings…

Kaveri just nodes

Swara:I will take a leave now…and I must say it was nice time spending with u all…

She again takes blessing and leaves the mansion

She reaches office

She enters the lift and finds arjun too in it..

She just smiles at him
Arjun messages someone

Just then the lift start to stop…

Taking that time arjun slowly approach swara who was facing back to him…he was about to touch her just then she gets a call…
He gets alerted and moves back

Swara lifts the call


Sanskar:what happened…stucked in lift…

Swara was shocked

Swara:hiw u knw this mighy be ur planning naa

Sanskar:no jaan…if I should have planned this, then instead of that bastard arjun, I would be in his place..

Swara:what the hell

Sanskar:chill my jaan…im giving u warning…stay away frm arjun and rahul..else..

Swara:first it was them…

Sanskar:I said its a warning…and u need to obey that…one more thing..3 days later, u r going to become wife..

Swara:I said already..I will never marry u…even in ur dreams…

Sanskar:lets see that…and a small question..if u r alone and someone try to force u what will u do..

Swara:mr maheswary..look..I have chilli powder pepper spray with me…so plz…its a warninh to u too

Arjun hears this and gets scared..he messages someone

Sanskar:with in 5 sec ur lift will be on



As sanskar count 1 the lift starts moving..

Swara:hello..hello..I think he cut the call..anyways..who cares..

Lift opens and she gets down

Rahul looks at arjun..

Arjun:nothingi happened…she gets a call else..I would have make her mine…

Rahul:dont worry, we will get another chance

Both smirks

At some palace

Sanskar shoots someone just then arun comes there

Arun:bhai…that rahul and arjun are

Sanskar:rapist ryt

Arun:bt how u knw that bhai


sanskar thinks something and goes out..

At night

Laksh comes to swara room..

Laksh gets inside and is shocked to find swara in torn dress and a jacket beside her…
Laksh locks the door abd lift swara face..

She was continuesly crying…her cheeks have slapped mark…

As soon as swara saw laksh..she hugs him and cries loudly..

Laksh:shonaa…what happend…whats the meaning of these all..and this jacket…(he thinks something) its that blo*dy sanskar naa..

Swara sobs…

Swara:lucky…they..arjun…and rahul…


Swara was leaving the office just then someone grabed her by waist and pulls her..

Swara turns and finds arjun smirking at her

Swara:what the hell are u doing

Arjun:we didnt yet started….

Swara:what u want


swara turns back and finds rahul at door


Arjun and rahul laughs loudly…

Swara continuesly banged the door

Rahul:hey one will come…

Swara start to feel cold also

Arjun:see now the temp will become -ve and u will be forced to keep urself warm…

Swara:I will never come to u people…its better to die

Rahul:before that..we will njoy..

Saying he pushes swara on the floor…she was about to get up bt arjun holds both hands

Rahul unbotton his shirt ans is coming closer to swara..

Rahul:first time u didnt came…do u remember that night…then at lift….now no one will save u..

Swara recalls sanskar and his words..

Rahul was cominh more closer to her…swara unknowingly calls


That second she feels loosening of grip in her hands..

She gets up and finds both rahul and arjun falls down due to bullet

She turns abd finds sanskar..who is fuming in anger

Sanskar:how dare u to touch my swara..

Saying who shoots on their hands…both dies

Swara was in shock..


Before she could complete her words…a tight slap have fallen on her beautiful cheeks….

Because of his power and strength in his body she falls down..

Swara gets up
Sanskar:how dare u to disobey me…have u seen the result of your overconfidence…what will happen if I didnt come here….(shouting) if u ever try to do again these…I wont spare u…
Because u r mine..sirf aur sirf main…

Swara gets scared…

She was about to turn bt her top get trapped as a result it get torn frm frnt…

Swara immediately turns around and finds its getting more and more tearing..

Sanskar removes his jacket and gives it to swara and drapes her in it….


Before getting the temperature low…swasan comes out…

Sanskar dropes swara in house

Flashback ends…

Swara was still in position of hugging laksh

Laksh wipes her tears and kisses her forehead

Swara sleeps and laksh too dozed of there

Next morning

Sumi comes to her room and finds swalak sleeping

Sumi calls laksh..

At another room

Ankhush shekar tulsi and sumi are waiting for laksh

Laksh comes there

Sumi:beta…what happened to shona…yesterday night after coming frm office she didnt even have her food

Tulsi:laksh…what happened

Laksh breaks down and hugs both sumi and tulsi

Laksh says him about everything exept sanskar..he just says that swara escaped some how

Shekar:I will kill can they so this with my daughter

Tulsi:god will punish them jii

Sumi:god has punished

Laksh:what maa

Sumi:yesterday night in news its found that arjun and rahul are shot killed by someone

Laksh:dont say anything about this…else she will break down..

All nodes….
Ankhush:shekar jii…what about groom coming to see shonaa..

Laksh:I will inform her

Laksh goes to shona

Sumi:jii…u knw sujatha jii naa…actually yesterday she called me….
Sujatha and sumi are frnds
Shekar:what happened

Sumi:next month its their daughter uttara marriage..

Tulsi:ohh I forgot…even ap called me…
Ap and tulsi are frnds

Ankhush:I have heard that they have one son also…I thought of marrying him with that we dont want to think further

Shekar:bt let rohit comes…im sure that theu will not like shona…so let them come and go

Tulsi:everyone wil love our shona

Shekar:bt his parents are some wot show off..anyways lets see.

Morning at 10:00

Swara is sweaping the floor when a guy and his parents comes.

Mrs varma:whats this girl…dont u knw how to clean and sweap..

Swara just goes inside
Shekar and sumi talks with them..

Swara comes there in formal dress…

Rohit was about to talk to her when she receive lucky call

She ignors them all and goes on talking wuth laksh…

After hanging the call

Rohit:what’s this swara…u should stop talking with boys…

Swara:excuse me..who are u to interfear in my matter…

Rohit:im ur would by husband

Swara:my fooy..see I m not interested in marrying u…for me frndship is important

Mrs:how can u rejecte my son..its we who should rejecte u..

Mr varma:shekar..we dont want ur daughter..

They angrily leaves where as whole gadodia and laksh family burst out in laughing….k

At sanskar palace

Sanskar:now I should focus on her…sanskar maheswary get ready…u r going to enter the field…..swara gadodia be ready to become swara sanskar maheswary

Precap:swara agrees to marry sanskar…

What can be the reason behind that…stay tuned……

Credit to: salluzz

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