Yes im a Don, and underworld Don:so y cant I love u..?? (Part 2)

Episode 2

Swara reaches her home and was recalling her she banged into sanskar car later his proposal and then slap..

Swara:what the hell…why should I think of that idiot..because him my whole day is ruined..
Sumi:shona…why are talking all alone..any problem
Swara:maa plZ..don’t tease me…by the way where is papa
Sumi:as usual meetings

Swara nodes and goes to her room

She enters the room and is shocked to see the room…her room is filled with chocolates and teddy bear…

She smiles.
She looks at the mirror…

She reads that

Hello my jaan..I think u liked it…anyways from tomorrow onwards my challenge is starting.. U r going to lose everyone

Swara was shocked reading that

Swara;sanskar… Does he don’t have any other job..ohh god his job is only this naa..irritating and last killing them without any mercy..

Next day

Swara went to college
As she entered the college security stoped

Swara:hari kaka…what happened? ?why are u stopping me…

Hari:u must show ur id card

Swara:id card

Hari:yes…onlu students with id card have the ryt to enter the college

Swara:what nonsense…why did this new law passed. .I havnt ever heard about any id card issuing here

Hari:if not u should go and take that..its the order of new dean


Hari gives a letter to swara without anyones notice

Swara goes inside and silently opens that


swara was shocked reading the letter

Swara:what the hell he thinks…

She remember what sanskar said yesterday

Swara:he said that he is going to make me lose everyone

She goes inside tensedly…

She sees raglak talking

Swara goes and hugs him much to ragino anger


Laksh:stay in ur limit swara…im laksh..not lucky..lucky is only for ragini

Swara:u r calling me swara…

Laksh:yes ms swara bose..

Swara remember

Swara:hii lucky

Ragini:hii lucky

Laksh:look ragini..only my shona have the ryt to call me lucky..I hope u understand

Fb ends

Swara left from there with teary eyes where as ragini smirks

Same happens with sahil shay aryan..

No one mind her..all talks with her with much irritation

Swara storms towards dean cabin…

She goes inside and finds sanskar smirking at her..

Sanskar:jaan…I was waiting for u only…

Swara:what u want..y r u doing this with me..I knw u must have blackmiled them…only because of that they behaved so

Sanskar:I need u jaan..I hate it when u give importance to other boys other than me…u can take it as blackmile or anything…I just dont care about that…

Swara hold his collar

Swara:what u think about urself..u can do whatever u think..then its wrong..whatever situation I will never come to u pleading that plz marry me…and one more thing, if they font talk with me I dont have any problem..I knw how to live and spent time alone…

Swara goes towards the she fails to open the door..

She turns when she feels hot breadth on her shoulder. .she was shocked to find sanskar standing a inch before her…

Sanskar:y do rush jaan..

Swara pushes him and bang the door and opens that and goes outside

Sanskar gets up and smirks evily…

Swara:(I knw what to do)

She calls laksh

Swara:i knw u all are doing this for pity on u guyz..and lucky..sorry laksh, im so sorry for what I have did..even though I dont knw y u all behave..I just dont care…u said that..I should go away frm ur life naa…im going laksh..and sahil , u said that im like ur sister I understand how to dissown a sister when she needed her brother the most..aryan, u said that im showing off my richness..believe that only…im going far away frm u all…and ragini, I always wished u and laksh should be one, atleast that happened…thank god…I will never allow that sanskar maheswary to reach me..I going away….I will never ever come to u..I knw u all will be haply hearing this…once again goodbe…

She hangs the phone and throws that and walks away frm college..

Laksh sahil aryan ragini and even sanskar are shocked to hear all these…all have tears in their eyes exrpt sanskar, who is smirking seeing the situation…

Precap:a dead body of a girl is found..all college start to blame eachother and themself for the situation

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