Yes im a Don, and underworld Don:so y cant I love u..?? (Part 1)

Im ur salluzz with new ff

A small introduction:

Sanskar:an underworld don..don’t have any mercy towards anyone..can even kill or harm anyone who comes in his way..

Swara:a college student.. Heart trob of college….have many friends most commonly boys…loves to see fights..cares for everyone

Laksh:swara best friend..both were together since childhood.. Loves swara very much(as frnd)

Ragini:jealous of relationship between swalak..loves laksh very much..possessive about him..

Sahil:another frnd of swara…he consider swara as sister…

Shay:another frnd of swalakil….

Aryan:frnd of swara…at first he doesn’t like swara;thinking that she is a spoiled one..(swara is very rich)

Arun:right hand of sanskar..

These all are the major characters of my new ff..

Let’s see what happen when the underworld don sees swara

Swara was going to her college by her scooty..suddenly she loses balance and scratches the old model car that was parked over there…

Arun:ohh my god…what will we say to bhai..when he finds that his father car was been jammed by someone…

Arun looks out side and finds swara lifting her scooty….

Just then sanskar comes out from near by shop.. He is shocked to find the scenario..

He comes and grabs the girls hand

Swara turns…

Sanskar was lost in her beautiful blue eyes

Swara:I’m so sorry sir…actually it was by mistake

All his gang members were shocked thinking about her fate..

Sanskar sighs her to go

Swara leaves


Sanskar:arun…get her all information ryt now..I need her

At college

Laksh comes and hugs her

Laksh: why are u late shona
Swara:a small accident lucky

Laksh:(concerned)are u kk shona

Swara:lucky don’t worry..I’m completely okk…

They reaches classroom.. She hugs all her frnds..

Ragini:(tauntingly) how can anyone hugs these many boys…mmm they are rich;they can do anything naa

Laksh: hello miss ragini;
[5:51pm, 5/31/2016] Thakkilii: Don’t dare speak against her…its ur eyes problem that whenever u find her;u underestimate her wrong..I hope u can clear that warnaa

Swara:guys stop it…we are not strangers we are classmates…

At a mansion:

Arun:bhai..her name is swara


In classroom swara feels someone calling her

Arun:she is in xyz college

Sanskar: what about her frnd circle

Arun:laksh sahil Aryan shay

Sanskar: only boys

Arun:yes sir…she spend all her time with them..especially with laksh..they are childhood frnds…

Sanskar:get the college at any cost…I need it…and swara

Arun:bhai..are u punishing her

Sanskar:no arun…I love her..and I need her till my life ends…

Arun:bt bhai..what if she rejected ur propose

Sanskar:no arun..u knw me naa…if I wish to get something.. I will gain it at any cost..same way I will get her either by hook or crook…
He smiles evily….

At road

Swara was returning back when she was surrounded by many cars…
She stops her scooty

Swara:what the hell…why are u blocking my way

Sanskar comes out


Sanskar:look swara…I have not come here for any fights…I think is I love u…and I need u

Swara was shocked

Swara:what the hell u r talking…

Just then she gets a call

Swara:Haa laksh..

Hearing that name sanskar fumes in anger

Laksh:have u reached ur home

Swara:no lucky… I’m stuck between some mad people..and one Person is blaberring some thing…I will reach there and call u…

She hangs the phone

Swara:look Mr..I don’t like plz give me my way..I think u have heard what I have said..

Saying she rides of her scooty

Sanskar:(shouting)I need her..go and get hold of her…

They again blocks her way..and drags her to sanskar

Swara: leave me…

Sanskar:I said swara…I need u…do u think that I will leave u easily u reject me…sanskar mahwswary

Hearing that name swara stands there in shock

Swara:u..u a..are s..Sanskar

Sanskar laughs like an insane…

Swara slpa him hard on his face

All open their mouth in shock

Swara: u know because of u my laksh lost his frnd…

Sanskar was controlling his anger BT it was all gone…it’s for the first time some one is slapping him…

Sanskar holds her face angrily

Sanskar: how dare u to slap me…I will show u what I can do…u said ur laksh lost his it’s u who is going to lost all ur frnds…and I promise within 7 days u will come to me..and plead me to marry u..

Saying they all left leaving swara in shock..

precap:sanskar in college….rape attempt

hope u liked it…dont forget to comment. .and one more thing by next day I will submit my new ff
can love happen twice
Love or hate in revenge

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  12. Areeba nasir ishaqui

    Nice ?? looking forward bur plz try 2 post regularly

  13. Areeba nasir ishaqui

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