Yes I betrayed you, what will you do now! (RagLak) os


“Whenever I remember you, I feel like hating you, cause you broke my heart into tiny pieces, which can never be mend together!” “I hate you forever, till my last breath!” “My life is better now, without you!”

That’s what I tell myself everyday, since she left me, cause she cheated on me!”
“Oh, I’m such an idiot, I forgot to introduce myself!” My name is Laksh, but people call me Lucky and yeah this is my story about my uncoditinal love for a girl, who was selfobsessed and cheated on me with my ex best friend Sanskar!”

Now to my flashback, how our story started and ended too
“It was an beautiful day for me and my friends we went to an club to celebrate our success of our band!” “The members are: Swara our lead singer and guitarrist, Sanskar our pianist and me the drummer!” “There in the club my night to shine, we three unseprable best friends met an beauty with dark intentions and she was: Ragini!” “She was breathtaking!”

“At that time SwaSan were together, but not for long, cause Sanskar and Ragini would hangout together more often then me and her!” “After a few months I asked her, if she wants to be my girlfriend and she said yes!” “We were happy together, but SwaSan’s relationship was breaking, they would fight a lot, insult eachother and they weren’t the lovey dovey couple anymore!” “One day me and Swara met eachother in Caffée to talk about Sanskar, she told me that she thinks that Sanskar is having an affair with another girl, Sanskar saw us together and assumed that we are having an affair, so Swara said at that time: “no, Sanskar, Lucky and I are best friends and nothing else, if you don’t belive us then it’s better if we break up!” “Then she cryingly went out and I left as well!”

“That night I talked to Ragini about the whole thing that happend and she told me: “Laksh don’t worry about them they will solve their problems themselfs!” “Do you want something to drink?” She asked me and I answered back: “Water please!” “Ok!” Then she went and after a few mins, ahe came back and gave me a glass of water, I felt dizzy and I fell unconscious!” “The next morning I woke up and saw the media and they said: “you are alleged of raping Ragini Mishra, without her consent!” I was very shocked and so needed time to diggest the fact!”

“What I never ever would rape someone and Ragini is my girlfriend!” I told them. “The truth is that he raped me yesterday night, while he was drunk at that time, he pushed me on the bed, then he ripped of my clothes, kissed my neck, lips, every body part of mine, then I felt his private part inside mine going in and out like so many times and I felt dissgusted, cause he wanted only an one night stand and not a girlfriend!” Ragini stated and my heart was broken into pieces, when she said: “Sanskar is my boyfriend and not him!” The police came and took me with them.

Swara was the one who bailed me out of the jail and allways was beside me as a friend! “Oh, I feel sorry for you Laksh!” Sanskar said. “Yes, I do too!” Ragini said with fake pity and I answered back: “I don’t care about you guys anymore, I have my bestfriend with me!” “Oh yeah, you guys are invited for our marriage!” Sanskar said with full arrogance!” “We won’t come!” Swara answered for us. “Oh, then you will miss out a lot, cause we have a surprise for you guys!” They said and went.

Their marriage was coming nearer, we still didn’t want to go, but we did and infront of us they were making love like there isn’t any tomorrow, then Swara took my hand and married me infront of them!
End of my flashback

“Now I’m happily married to Swara, I never ever again met RagSan, cause they ruined my life and Swara made my life worth to live!” So guys this was the end of mine and Ragini’s story.

So here is the list of the characters!

Ragini Mishra is played by Helly Shah

Swara Singhania is played by Tejaswi

Laksh Maheswari is played Varun Kapoor

Sanskar Gadodia is played by Namish Taneja

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  1. Sindhura

    Lol after reading characters i was shocked

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot

  2. Characters are confusing a bit.but plot was good

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much, I only swapped the actors

  3. awesome crazy loved it amazing story i was quite confused u have both pairs raglak and ragsan

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you
      Read the list of characters and by who they are played???

  4. A.xx

    nice but why did u swap the characters round xx

    1. AMkideewani

      Cause people allways show Ragini bad in their stories, so I thought why can’t I swap the actors instead???

  5. Thanks u so so so much in fact all raglak ff writer bcoz ur ff give us imagination of our favourite raglak yaa it’s awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing incomparable plZzzzzzzz be regular don’t be late we miss raglak and ur ff are the way we raglak

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot???
      You didn’t mind the fact that I swapped the actors?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot

  6. Astra

    hahahhaahaha….even i’m confused about charesters..! owow..!!1 great surprise at last..!!!! hehehhehehe

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks dear???

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much☺☺

  7. Haha I was shocked after seeing tha characters….. Awesome

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  8. Unexpected pair
    It’s awesome

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      Thank you ???

  9. SRSL

    But still couples are hemish and vate…its very confusing….but this is a raglak is na…then…its Awsm anyways..

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear
      I actually just swapped the actors

  10. Akshata

    omg!!!! are you serious????? you have given me the biggest shock of the day, you just swapped the characters? fantastic os. loved it so much

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear????

  11. Babydoll

    Hahhahhhhh. ????first time reading an os like this. I thought I was lost… Hahahahahh. Very smart… ????? …you swapped the characters.. Hahahhhh. Meri jaan. Love you.!! ..awesome updates

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot di???

  12. Fairy

    hahahahah omgggg my creative queen..u swappped d charecters hahahahahhaah…m litterely laughng ..story is soooper amazngggg…littterlyy loved it sweetheart…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😀 love u 😉 😀

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much Fairy

  13. G.Chandu

    awesome…!!lol at the end…!!! But your story was soo nice…!!

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you so much

  14. Awesome
    Lol yaar u switched the characters in the end

  15. Shambhavi

    Whoa! Fresh idea. Good job!
    I liked how you named it as a Raglak one shot even though the final couples were Ragsan = Helly and Namish; and Swalak = Tejaswi and Varun!?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear, I just imagined it like that?????

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  17. Asra

    awesome didi….i was shocked after reading ur swapped….it’s really a big shock didi….tkcr didi….

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  18. Jazzy

    Amazing dearrr

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    after i read your ff i was confused with the characters.but awesome dear.really the total story was different concept.go ahead.

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