Soon we reached a huge mansion it was not less than a palace which I saw on Disney I exclaimed… Abhimanyu wrapped me in his arms and told so if it is a Disney palace so you are the princess…..

I was spellbound when I entered it had a huge red carpet with well lit walls two to three staircases reaching different floors.. He took me to a room and called a servant who changed my clothes . He told by the next week a room with ink and white walls with a huge photo of his and mine in middle … I hugged him and said I love you Abhi…. He told I luv you too my princess and he hugged me and we both slept in his bedroom…. Soon I was seven it was my birthday huge function was organized and….

Ryan,Ruhi and Shanaya arrived and my eyes widened seeing their mouths and faces full of mango juice…It looked as if someone had splashed mangoes on their faces…Their faces ,hands and clothes were full of mangoes and soon Aunt Sophia and me burst out laughing … They exclaimed we aren’t we looking cute they giggled Aunt Sophia asked me to help them change and she will listen my story later….
I helped them change and the three slept like three small angels who came to earth to just fill colours of happiness… I LOOKED AT THE MOON AND SAW ME SLEEPING IN ABHI’S LAP I SMILED LOOKING AT THE MOON AND CARESSED THEIR HAIRS LIKE ABHI USED TO DO……..


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  1. Awesome episode Sarah my sweeeeeet friend, it’s so beautiful n lovely narration. ….all three mouths full of mango juice….lol….so chweeeetttt

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