I suddenly felt some tiny hands around my waist and I had a huge grin on my face .Those three kids then lifted their faces and I could only see INNOSENCE sparkling on their faces . A cute 8 year old girl I guess pulled me along and said “You will sit here, and we will go to the nearby forest and get the most juicy mangoes…Then a 10 year old boy told we shall surely get it for didi ASAP but you better stay here as you always get tired after a short distance .Then a girl of around 9 said “C’mon Ryan you always keep troubling my lil sis Shanaya” “See na Ruhi di he always pokes fun on me and says ‘a couch potato’ or a big clumsy watermelon’ “OKAY!OKAY! my cute sisters stop blaming now let’s go and get something for di”said Ryan.Then aunt (Sophia) came with two cups of hot coffees..I stood up and helped her giving a chair and taking the tray..She had the most serene face with kindness and justice written all over it..She calmly asked my name and I told ‘Angel’ “Oh! such a nice name,dear” she said while sipping the coffee. So what happened that you landed here. My eyes welled up and I told

“ I am an orphan granny ,I was brought up by Mukherjee family who were so kind and loving . I was not of their kith and kin but still they did my upbringing . I was left on a beach in Goa by my cruel parents who thought I was not less then a bane for them because I was born when my so called Dad had a great down fall in business my grandpa expired and my granny was suffering from Blood cancer. The pandit (priest) was called (because I was an pure Indian from north west India) to know about my future happenings. The priest was a conservative one or I shall say someone bribed him because he said “I was a curse for my family I was born on a very inauspicious day and due to birth of the first girl in the family it caused so much misfortune. I was just 5 years old. Just imagine what could a 5 year old child do or bring so much misfortune to it’s own family. I only remember the teary eyed red face of my mom and tensed face of dad. My parents abondned me and soon standing on the beach I met with a boy who cupped my face and questioned who u are little one.. I told ‘ANGEL’. He said good and where are your parents ?? I said they abondned me….His eyes had tears … He requested his parents to take me along…I was on cloud nine.. I hugged his no my mother we all had a family hug and their names were Abhimanyu the one who I could do anything..Preet my overprotective mom and Varun my dad who was daring and always motivated me …The held my tuny fingers and my new journey with my new family began…..”


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