I just rubbed my eyes and took a long yawn and saw it was afternoon and I was seepling under a long tree with dry leaves covering my clothes like a blanket.I got up and scattered the leaves in a fury.I remembered the last night but this time I did’nt had tears . I saw myself wearing a track suit with a royal blue shawl…. I looked around and saw some men drinking tea at a small counter they glared at me and then concentrated on their tree I coul hear their talks.They were just passing nonsense comments on my character , family and all and what was a 20 year girl doing in a deserted forest. Wasn’t their responsibility to help me or even keep quite . Anyways I was just walking and saw a cottage their and an old lady who was in her mid 70’s knitting and smiling on the antics of the three cute children playing with clay toys. I had a strange feeling watching them and slowly moved towards them…….

thanks for all the valuable comments and silent readers too….guys let me clear a thing it’s totaly a ff based on friendship,betrayal and revenge and no other emotion….guys i’m new here and just 13 years old so suggestions are welcome… hope you liked tis part….

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  1. Hmm..a mature ff…nd u r 13..Excellent..but makeit a bit long..i found it too good..

    1. Sure will make it Bisha……………..

  2. oh u r so young bt not ur is good..keep going little sis.u can make it a bit longer. .

    1. Oh…Thanks Ruby_Ryan

  3. Wt a coincidence even I’m 13 yaar,go a head Sarah lv it

  4. Awesome episode, sarah my sweeeeeet friend. ..plzzzz continue. ..u have very good writing skills. …all the best

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