“You Idiot..Leave my hand..You are hurting me..Ah….. “ Shasley groaned while I continued twisting her hand extremely tight.. “You tried killing me huh??” I almost yelled.. “What the hell? Do you have any proof.. “ but will surely have and mind that..” I was disturbed by.. “Ah who is it Sarah leave me today I will teach her a lesson and “Chalo leave her.. “ Sarah said pulling no rather she was literally dragging me like a stubborn child who is in a no mood of going to school lol.. “Yes Yes take this monster”

Sarah commented “Haww monster so then you witch, ghost cannibal, “Haww, cannibal” “Let’s leave”Sarah pleaded. I stood there with my hands folded near my chest and my nose was puffed red and face boiling with anger…..

Guys it was just the breif of the next chapters… Now my vacations are starting so continuous updates..

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  1. Awesome preview…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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