The pillows were torn and 5-6 blankets were crumbled , rolled and rugged while some on floor and some on bed. I gave a shocking look and my mouth fell wide open , because as far as my memory go I cleaned the whole house, mopped and in spic and span condition. By evening I cooked porridge, sandwiches,fresh raspberry juice made from the berries which I collected but yes my favorite sandal broke still I got it from the forest because Shanaya believes that if we have pink chubby chubby cheeks then everyone will adore us..I mean really she always imagines herself in whit frock with curly air, wite tiara and her PINK chubby cheeks.. Aww..her sweet sweet dreams make me feel like Aww..How cute na. Well coming back they had cheese rolls, chips all and all and then I cleaned their room and they slept .No!No! they were acting. They probably had a pillow fight the food was spilt all over and I had to clean it all over.

After doing all these I heard a sobbing sound and it was Sophia I ran towards her she was sitting in the balcony on her chair and found Sophia continuously weeping and streams of water flowing through her eyes. You know angel I had a granddaughter I never told you but sob.. I rubbed her back her voice was hardly clear and audible . She was weeping as if she lost her everything. Still she continues speaking in a husky voice and she began. Dear I had only one son my strength, my everything Arjun..But you had a son who lives with his wife in Mumbai. He is also like my own son but my foster son. Dear you know na relationships are made by humanity and kindness and not by blood.. Tears were also falling through my eyes but still I nodded my head continuosly pacifying her. He married a very beautiful girl named Aradhya who was filled with care and kindness but something happened and the blame was put on me and I was called a betrayer but I after 3 months got the news that Aradhya gave birth to an angel Sa.. before she could contine she well down unconscious and she was holding her chest and we reached the nearby small or rather very small hospital and the doctor informed she had cardiacarrest attack and then I was numb.

Sorry for the late and incomplete part next part the revelation would be complete I was busy with school. Take Care Everyone!

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  1. WOOO!! Is she Sara?? Her granddaughter?? update asap plz..i waited so much for it

    1. Thanks Bisha…Will update by today..

  2. Awesome episode, love you loads, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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