Oh! I forgot ! You were telling about your 7 B’DAY PARTY said Aunt…Yes it was a party in my mansion the whole house was well lit with lemon fragrance in the air There was a a huge frame which had my, Abhimanyu’s, my mom Preet’s and Varun my dad’s pic hugging me it was the center of attraction. Soon the lights were on the stage Yes! It was the time for me to enter. Abhi gifted me a baby pink gown. I had wore sparkling stone shoes with a pendant and a beautiful tiara. I came down with fairies surrounding me. It was the idea of Abhi. Dad came and told I am the princess of the palace and as it is my B’day. He will sign a deal with K&M GROUP. The million dollar deal was signed that day. The cake cutting ceremony was over and guests left but someone was still awaiting for a chance to destroy all of us. There was a pool outside the backyard. And then I heard the noise of shooting pistol and me and Abhi came from the room and were shocked men in black clothes shot my mom and dad and then they were floating in the pool with excessive blood flowing. Soon the neighbours came and called the cops. They came to know who were they. They were the goons sent by MM COMPANIES OF GROUP who to wanted to sign the deal with my dad but dad came to know they were fraud so he rejected their deal and signed it with K&M GROUP. Their Director was furious so he decided to revenge the rejection by killing my dad. So overall it was a business rivalary which led to my father’s death. In the process of savimg my father from the goons she came in between and was shot. That is why dad always used to call her Jhansi ki rani (the brave one). From then onwards my 20 year old bhai (brother) protected his sister.We lived in Calcutta. Fortunately, life was good for us as the property was on our name and my brother still continued dad’s business and took it to great heights. My dad’s group Preet and Sons. We had many relatives but nobody’s evil eye landed on our business because of my brother. I studied in St.Teresa High School. I had a gang ‘ROCKSTARS’ and my bestie was ‘SARAH’.

Credit to: Sarah


  1. Bisha

    I m commenting after reading back to back two episodes..thy were short but SUPERB…AWESUM…U R A VERY GOOD WRITER

  2. Roma

    Hi sarah…I’m following this story from very first episode.’s really superbbbb. ..I’m little behind on these FF’s but this story is very heart touching.’ll see my comment in your each episode.’s very beautiful n well described very beautifully narrated story. ..plzz continue n don’t quit….i really want to read this unique amazing awesoooooome story ….love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.