My sleep was disturbed by the chirping of birds…..I found myself clutched between three cuties… They looked too too !!too!! cute while sleeping…Who were they??Were they siblings or friends like me and Sarah I remember me and Sarah used to do sleepover and had a lot of fun…The sun was up and I decided to quickly get ready.I bathed and wore a designer baby pink kurta which had chickankari work on it and a pearl white churidar which had pearl work at bottom….I combed my hair and made a neat French braid…Wore a stunning pair of ear cuffs which Aunt gave me yesterday night..Sometimes I think Sarah’s taste for clothes and style is very similar to Aunt Sophia’s.I wore an anklet which had S and A written.Those were given to me by Sarah on my 15 B’DAY I had preserved them and never removed them..I wnt out and saw Shanaya was sitting and combing Ruhi’s hair but was unable too..And poor Ruhi was groaning in pain..Shanaya in a hurry strangulated her hair with the comb..I laughed at their situation and loosened the comb from her hair and neatly made a fish plate …And till then Aunt Sophia came with hot pancakes..While having I noticed ..Ruhi the elder one fed her first bite to Shanaya and Ruhi did the same..I remember in my school days Sarah used to feed her first bite to me and I also did the same and after that only we felt contented…When the kids went to study..I asked Aunt are they siblings??She said, No,Ryan and Ruhi are siblings…Ruhi and Shanaya were besties.On a dreadful night Ryan and Ruhi’s family with Shanaya’s family were dining at a nearby dhaba (restraunt) and the car lost its break and the car met with a terrible accident. I reached the spot in the morning and saw blood and blood. I was shocked three kids were sitting and crying and I called the police and it was proved that was an accident case. Since then they are my kids. I lost my husband in an accident. My 23 year old son with his wife lives in Mumbai and me here in Kolkata. My life is in only in these three kids . There is a nearby school here they do their schooling there and my son sends money here and I too make tiaras of fresh flowers and ribbons for hair and sell fruits and veggies here. Straw is very good here I make baskets and sell in the outskirts. Oh! You are so kind!! You took care of these children who don’t belong in anyway to you!1 Yes ! like Mukherjee family did for you!Am I right sweetheart!! I nodded my head and continued having pancakes..
To be continued………….

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  1. Awesome episode, very cute n pure relationship between aunt Sophia n kids…angel is in good hands….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thanks Roma dear….

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