“You Idiot..Leave my hand..You are hurting me..Ah….. “ Shasley groaned while I continued twisting her hand extremely tight.. “You tried killing me huh??” I almost yelled.. “What the hell? Do you have any proof.. “ but will surely have and mind that..” I was disturbed by.. “Ah who is it Sarah leave me today I will teach her a lesson and “Chalo leave her.. “ Sarah said pulling no rather she was literally
dragging me like a stubborn child who is in a no mood of going to school lol.. “Yes Yes take this monster” Sarah commented “Haww monster so then you witch, ghost cannibal, “Haww, cannibal” “Let’s leave”Sarah pleaded. I stood there with my hands folded near my chest and my nose was puffed red and face boiling with anger.. “Why you pulled me from there..” I questioned. Sarah calm down Abhi said na that a team of cops will come to investigate then y do u wanna be the cop.. Sarah said.
“But I’m sure she was the one..” I continued
Shhhh!!!!! Keep quiet now come its time for lunch come… We went to the canteen and I was still angry and I kept looking outside the window and Sarah stared me for a second and then I saw something in my muth and to my horrors she was feeding me. I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that after Preet there’ll be someone who’ll feed me….
Umm.. Urgh..Yum! What the hell Sarah what are you doing
Feeding a 14 year old KID Oh sorry 15… She stressesd the word kid
I hit her playfully After a heavy I mean really heavy lunch we went to the temple as it was the time for the cops to arrive. Shasley and her group and all 40 students were also present but someone seemed nervous. I mean really nervous she kept fiddling with her fingers to ignore her nervousness.
“Sarah” I poked her arm
Hey Shasley What happened? You seem nervous
Uhh.. nervous not at all just um..
Yay! I’m listening Just what?
The whole temple was like a crime scene… I mean seriously there were all yellow stppers ehich read CRIME SCENE DO NOT ENTER…
The whole area was silent but then there was heard a laughter.. No.. not laughter but Sarah was laughing her hell out…
Everyone was looking as if she was from Pluto. I tried to stop her but Gosh! She was holding her tummy and laughing
OMG! Seriously Crime scene..
“Sarah!!” Dean said sternly and she stopped but my girl was silently giggling and I shook my head in disbelief.
The bell’s rope was hidden above roof that is next floor where there is detention room.
So let’s go to the detention room. The officer said looking upwards. Abhi nodded and kept his mobile in his pocket.
Yeah! We all marched out with serious faces and someone was nervous.. hell nervous

~ Detention room ~
The room was unused as the grumpy old man who used to sit there was killed in this room by a mosquito which carried the guts to kill the 99 year old short-tempered man. He died suffering from malaria. As we opened the room there was a horrifying site infront of us there was all dust dirt and what not small rats and lizards.
Ugh! What the hell what my staff is doing..Abhi said being disgusted
Shah! What’s this?
Shah was the head of the cleaniness management.
Actually… he fumbled
I told it will be locked after his death not it won’t be maintained
Lazybones! Abhi muttered
Wait a minuit! Umm..bracelet what’s this? Said the cop
My heart skipped a beat as it was of none other than…
Guess?Guess? Who’s It 
So sorry guys actually being honest I was very upset with the response so was not feeling like posting.. So soory.. I’ll try to post ASAP
Till then TC!!

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