YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-21) Dammit..!!


Blood was oozing through her head and was falling in my lap and hands. Her groan was the witness of the pain she had gone through for saving me from the terrible consequences that could happen if it had fallen on me. Abhi took her in his arms and started running like anything in the midst of the crowd. We reached the hospital and she was admitted in the ICU.I was sobbing keeping my head on Abhi’s soldier and he was pacifying me. The team of doctors marched out and said “ No need to worry the wound on her hands and neck have been dressed but yes a lot of blood has oozed from her forehead we immediately need a donner who could give us AB+ blood otherwise it would’nt be possible to save her. As far as I know it is very hard to get a donner for AB+ in Kolkata. Oh! Dammit..Abhi kicked the chair and I stood with a jerk and said “Abhi what’s your blood group??I asked widening my eyes.. No angel both our blood group is B+ darling” Ma’am a familiar voice called and when turned I found Rosy standing I gave her a deathly glare and she said I know you are angry at me but I forgot to collect my bag so came back but then Eliza told me that Sarah Ma’am…For the first time she addressed Sarah as Ma’am. If you don’t mind my blood group is AB+ so I want to rectify my mistake so … She was crying and I said doctor she’s the donner take her in ….

After an hour Rosy came back with a bandage on her arm. She joined her hands and said “I’ll take your leave now” “Rosy, I am thankful to you..Hope you’ve realized your mistake… What was the need of all that…?? By creating misunderstandings you don’t weaken the relationship but you increase the trust factor between them and strengthens if the relationship is truly pure.” “ Hmm..”she nodded and she folded her hands and left… Abhi kept his hand on my shoulder and gave me an assuring smile..

The doctor came and said you can meet her now..I came inside and saw her head bandaged and she was sleeping like a cute baby who has no worries and is free from all the tensions. I sat beside her and caressed her hair and said “Dimwit.. Pushed me off..Didn’t even think for a minute…You always want to be the savior first from that Sam and then in cooking class..Darling sometimes give mr to the chance..

“Okay wish granted!!” My Sarah awoke . I laughed off and the nurse came with salad and told her to have it. I said “Make sure no pepper is added she is infected to it. And the food you bring should be hygienic. Make sure.”
“You know me more than my mother..” Sarah said
“Hmm..I laughed off the issue and then my baby eating salad like a baby asked Donno how the stupid bell was about to fall??”
Then nurse took Sarah for changing her dress and then our chief trustee came with some papers and without asking I signed it and then sir told that these are some legal papers that you needed to sign regarding the Sam case but I forgot with load of work.
“I know sir.” As soon as he left.. Abhi said that “Baby Sarah’s discharge is done noe let’s come”. “Hmm..” While going back I took a glance of the temple and saw the bell fallen and prayed to god for Sarah. How the bell fell?? The question arose in our mind…
Shasley or Sam who might have done it..??

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  1. Very nice episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

    1. Thanks Roma SIS..

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