Soon the night went on and on. We two slept on the grass entangling our fingers with quite relief. Our legs were soaked in water that was cold but soon became warm. The anklet in my right foot was the symbol of trust and of course friendship. The moon to slept witnessing the reunion of the two sweethearts. As they were still 15 Year Old KIDS they could be called as Childhood Sweethearts.

Ah! My back aches. Omg! Its terrible. I found Sarah and me on our bed. I woke up Sarah and she too groaned “Ah! My neck it seems someone has twisted it very hard. “ Ah! Oh Sure might be feeling pain both of you are so small thet fell asleep so early. The cake ceremony everything was left donno where were you both. After the dance donno hoe you both reached the garden I was super tensed but then Eliza told me that she saw you running here. When I came saw you both sleeping.” Abhi sounded annoyed.

“Oh!” We both said very casually. “Now get up girls dress up fast today there is a very big function in the Krishna temple in the campus.And Ya dress code is saree for girls.” “Ya Abhi Boys won’t wear saree .”I taunted him. “You Oversmart get ready fast” Abhi left with a funny expression. What!I don’t have any Saree. “Don’t worry.. I’ll give you one.” “Buddy you are a super saver” “That I am” We both chuckled. Angel came back wearing a lemon yellow crop top which had pretty chickankari silver embroidery and the sleeves reached her elbow. She had worn a red lehnga and a beautiful red dupatta making her dress a ‘look alike saree.’ “Shortcuts,Shortcuts and Shortcuts… Instead of saree this… You are unbelievable.” “That I am..By the way how am I looking? Elegant…Gorgeous..”Sarah complimented. She curled her flicks and made a side fish plate. The beautiful jhumkas enhanced her beauty and elegance even more. Now here same lehenga style saree for you. No ways Give me a saree Okay I gave her a light green saree. And she two had worn the green crop top eith silver embroidery and sleeves perfectly embraced her elbow. She came struggling to wear the saree. I was thinking of her hairstyle but her look was a shock for me.

Sarah! What is this.. What what? can’tyou see now help me I sat and tried to make plate they would either be loose or in a very non uniform manner. She got very irritataed and shouted which made me very annoyed . This continued for an hour finally I told her “ Sarah I am helping you and you are shouting..Kiddo close your eyes and then my glance got to the dressing table and there was a photoframe of Preet and Varun. Preet was looking gorgeous in the saree. I remember when Preet would wear saree. I would run to her and forced that I will help her. But with my tiny hands I was unable to do so so Preet taght me how to do… I remembered and closed my eyes and her angelic voice creeped in my years. “ Baby first hold the end firmly and then then slowly entangle one of your finger then second and third. Very good no hold the other end and take a round. Now slowly collect the plates with your fingers and yes see it’s done baby..” Wow! Sarah exclaimed. I opened my eyes and saw her saree tied Oh! I tied it keeping my eyes closed….What genius I am.. Oh Miss genius now help me in my hairstyle. I made lace braid on both the sides and left the rest of her hair straightened. She was looking very cute in the light blue and green saree .. I made her wear her jhumkas and she was too exited to go. We reached and everyone looked at us. Abhi looked dashing in his stylish royal blue kurta.

The priest said to Abhi these two will always be there for each other I have this feeling. Their relation is much more than friendship. Abhi smiled at this We both stood and priest said You two will do the Aarti my children. Sarah told me to start as she has to go to collect flowers and will join her shortly. I started the aarti and Shasley and group was quite happy There was surley something fishy. I rang the bell and continued the aarti and prayed for welfare of everyone, Sarah returned but her eyes caught something and that was the bell I t was tied with a rope and Shasley and group were eyeing Angel evilly. Sarah was sure that it was the work of Shasley. She ran and pushed Angel but instead the bell fell on her and Ah! She screamed as her head banged on the floor tile and the heavy sound bow crated a bump o her forehead. She fainted and Angel screamed at the pitch of her voice “Sarah!!” And took her head in her lap.

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