YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-19) 15TH Birthday


I got up and found my room messed and found my self on floor with just my head on the bed. I hadn’t changed into my night dress. I stood infront of the dressing table and looked myself into the mirror and my hair all puffed up and the corner of my lips bleeding profusely.I got a glimpse. I ran behind Sarah and fell and then came to my room and I cried,I supposed and donno when slept. But then I realized Sarah hadn’t return and that Rosy..What the Hell…where’s she???I waited for about half an hour then got ready in a zebra strip short top loosely embracing my tummy and black pants . And tied a side pony tail and let the rest curled up. I settled the room and was famished. I went to my personal kitchen and took out two breads and cooked a simple toast. Took my books and entered the classroom. To my surprise there were no bodyguards and noise of the students in the boarding.

I reached my classroom with heavy footsteps I felt as if there was no one in the boarding except me. I opened the door and Boom…The classroom ceiling burst out flowers on me. On the blackboard it was written “WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY 15 B’DAY SARAH”I looked up and saw all my teachers, staff members, bodyguards and Rosy and specially Sarah and Abhi standing there trays with tons flowers giving me a Super Happy smile. The teachers took me to the desk and it started there was a big hot chocolate cake with millions of brownies as I love them very much.. Honestly. I forgot everything and hurriedly cut the cake and Oops..Ate the first bite myself. OMG..I was shell embarrassed at my act and everyone burst out laughing. Everyone gave me a It’s Okay type look. As a practice rather a tradition first bite to him that I have been following since last 10 years I fed the first bite time and in return he gave me a pug dog as a gift. I was delighted I wentinto flashback. After our gardening class when we were relaxing in the garden there came a pug dog and Sarah chuckled seeing it and said. Aww.. My Baby got tired…She caressed its hair and cuddled I in her arms and lap and tickled it and it seemed noth were having great deal of fun. My thoughts were disturbed by Sneha’s voice who said Hey Sarah Here… Wish you a very happy b’day dearo. Thanks I answered receiving the fresh bouqet of blue orchids and white jasmine which still had dewdrops on it. I smiled smelling the fresh fragrance.

Shasley came with her group. I showed attitude and hugged her and said “OMG, I cannot believe Shasley the great came to wish me Omg..i chuckled. I must admit thet she was very clever to understand my sarcasm that too very easily. She smirked and said… Believe it. Here, take it she gave me a grape wine chocolate and the others Dark chocolates. I hated dark chocolates and that too grape wine Eww.. Is this a gift to give someone.. “Oh! You must be thinking about its taste Actually I gave it to you purpously as it will constantly remind you of that you are the worst and shall remain.” “ You know my name starts with A, In ours A symbolizes sweetness and purity so as I will receive it in my hands it will be sweet enough. And coming to the gift it will not remind me of you it will remind me of a girl who gave me such a bitter gift. Get that! You told I am the worst I am happy that if I loose you too don’t win or be the best either.” She was ashamed rather embarrassed and I gave her a deathly look and left from there. I was waiting for Sarah’s wishes as she disappeared donno where? I was going to the garden but Abhi stopped me and said “Baby I have organized a party in the banquet hall Be there on time and Ya I met Sarah and she said she will meet you directly at the part. And yes Doll please wear a mask as it is the theme for today’s party Okay? He patted my cheek and went away.. I was going to my room and was missing Sarah badly.

Rosy What the hell You told a lie Just get out of here Don’t ever show yourface.She was crying and I felt like pushing her but stopped considering her age. Abhi came into the room listening th commotion and said What Happened Angel? Abhi this lady created misunderstandings between me and Sarah..” Abhi lost his temper and glared Rosy with blood shot eyes and said Get your payment done and get lost….After an hour an elegant lady came and introduced herself as Eliza, my new helper. I wore a White gown with neatly pleted till my knees and the shoulder part had golden creepers. I made a side braid with a jasmine to one of the side. I reached the party and saw all the people present men in tuxes and suits and girls in fancy attires and boys in denims. I reached and Abhi introduced me to everyone. No one was clearly seen due to the mask but one was clearly seen My Sarah I ran to her but she too ran She reached the same garden and looked back to see if I was gone but I cleverly hid behind the long tree and ran and held her elbow and said, Sarah stop hiding! What are you doing… I almost cried but Sarah said I forgave you quite early but Rosy told me that I can be the cause of your troubles so I decided to be away from you. Oh! Don’t Worry Rosy is not here Eliza replaced her today..Oh we both had an eyelock for a minute. Then we both embraced rather it was a passionate hug. I cried on her shoulder and she cupped my face and said Birthday girls don’t cry and she wiped off my tears. By,the way baby pink suits you and Wow! I examined her she made a small puff and left the rest straightened. She took out a beautiful anklet chain which had S&A written it was very beautiful we both sat on the ground and she made me wear. We both poured our legs into the water and stared the beautiful moon which was blushing seeing the two beautiful angels.
Hope it was long..

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  1. WOW!! WOW! WOW! aN awesome birthday party. Great!! I missed as I had an exam. And right now I went back and read all the chappies!! You are lovely girl. Awesome chappy. Has to be.. You are truly blessed. Everything about it is just stunning!!

  2. Now no words to express my joy..You are truly my encouragement dear..

  3. Awesome episode, just loved it to the core. ..very well narrated…..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thanks sisso… I’ve uploaded the next part here’s the link-

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