YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-18) Don’t You Dare!


“Sarah! Sarah! What the hell where are you! I am not going to leave you!” I said running in the corridor in my night dress like a mad. She took all my belongings that I got for tennis . I was pissed off because jokes and pranks one way and punctuality the other. It was 4 AM in the morning and I was very upset. It was my first tennis class. And I love tennis. Rosy was standing like a statue waiting for my command. And I was moving here and there biting my nails and waiting for my bodyguards to come and tell me where is Sarah. The came and nodded in no. My anger was boiling and I yelled. And after 5 minutes She entered casually and said “Oh! Still not ready! I came back from my jog even and….before she could continue I shouted on her “Shut Up! Are you mad! Took my clothes and ran!” I must admit she was shell scared and was numb. Answer me you idiot” She was hurt and said Yes but for…before she could continue I said You dare not speak!! I yelled loudly” This continued for about an hour and at last Rosy said, “She is not rich so wanted to benefit it from you ma’am” she smirked as she never liked Sarah. Sarah was on the verge of crying and saw me with pleading eyes which were hoping that I would scold Rosy for the taunt. But no way I was’nt in mood. Little later a servant returned with new tennis clothes. I glared at Sarah who wanted to speak something and I rushed in. I came back from tennis class exhausted and turned to Rosy for a glass of juice. I got ready in blue skirt and a silver top that was rather full of glitters. I got upset as I scolded Sarah so much for such a petty issue. I asked “Where is she??” The bodyguards told “Ma’am she’s in the library” I went to the library and found her standing in a beautiful knee length red frock with net sleeves and a fish tail. She was biting her nails reading the book and thinking standing near the shelf. I came and sighed and said “Come have breakfast!” She ignored at first but then sighed and said “I had with Sneha” she said normally yet sounding a little rude. I continued” Okay see I know you Are upset Babes but it was your mistake and but you are…”
But you what ha! I felt the emptiness in me gone and you did so much for me…Angel I liked you so much and wanted you to feel special so I told Rosy to give you a new tennis dress with a SA embarked on it. I had to come and blindfold you and take you the jasmine park as I specially arranged breakfast for you there in open. But when I came I saw you still not ready I knew it was Rosy’s mistake rather an intentionally committed one. You did’nt even gave me a chance to keep my POV. She cried and was very hurt. I was feeling very guilty I tried to pacify her but she ran I did’ nt blinked my eyes till she was away from my sight. My Sarah was away from my sight.
Next- Sarah’s Accident
Sorry for the short 1 but next will be a longer one.

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  1. nice dear but make it a little long

  2. Awesome episode…precap is scary…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thanks…Next Epi posted..Will be uploaded tonight Dear…

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