YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-14) Suicide??

Angel’s POV
I woke up by my alarm and saw two hands not letting me go I said “Baby leave me” l said and switched off the alarm and saw her stretching her arms and said Good Morning and I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was Rosy so I said Come In I said and she came and said Ma’am here is your dress it was a Royal Blue dress covering 3/4 of my legs and it had a glittery silver overcoat and Sarah’s face gleamed seeing the dresses she admired it and I said Give me an another dress This is for Sarah. She exclaimed “Wow! Seriously! I nodded Soon we came in the classroom She wore the dress with a side fish plate and I wore a baby pink crop top with white pant and pink sandal with a high pony… All boys and girls were like Aww.. Then came Miss.Minnie our English Teacher she was quite strict and soon she continued Good Morning Boys and Girls so I am Miss.Minnie and yes as you all have seen in front of houses there is written ‘Beware of Dogs’ so same with me a boy giggled and said You are not less than a dog even… Ahh..a moan came and the poor boy’s ear was swollen as she had hit him with a chalk There was pin drop silence and I turned my head in agreement what Miss did was justified.. The boy looked at me furiously the class got over and soon it was the time for recess we both had fries and then I went to my desk and saw a letter on which it was written Please come to the Auditorium I have to tell you a very important thing if you will not come I will suicide.. I seriously burst out laughing because I have read it in novels and yes in movies but when I turned the page I saw something written like “ PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY DEAR” and a thumb impression probably his/her blood OMG she too laughed but said maybe some mad guy is after you..See a mad is after a mad I ran behind haer and said “Am I mad???” We both shared a light moment and then I saw we were in front of Chemistry Lab I told her that let’s check we poured DNVJ Chemical and it was proved to be human blood.. I swiftly reached the audi and saw Sam (THE BOY WHO POKED FUN ON MISS)standing there with a evil smile So you came… Now you will get the result of that smirk…He said he pulled by my hair and threw me on the floor I said “What you did was wrong “ and “He said my wish” and leashed my skin with his belt before the 5 leash there the door burst open and came Dean, Bhai and Sarah they all took away that idiot Sam and I cried and hugged Sarah and she caressed my wounds and with her magical touch my pain was gone She felt my pain she cried and washed my wounds.. I touched her cheek and she said “I knew there would be something wrong so I called all of them and luckily Abhi Sir was here on his visit today”.. I came forward and he hugged me and said “I am sorry..I could’nt come on time” Soon he called my bodyguards and they dared nit to speak a word and Bhai kept on scolding him I stopped himand said “I ordered them not to come” so….But next time don’t repeat the mistake darling” he kneeled doen and kissed my hand and then I introduced Sarah to Bhai and he cupped her face and said Today bcoz of you my Angel’s life is secured..Thaank you..I will give you what ever you ask me.. “Sarah said can I call u Bhai he smiled and said Why Not…

Soon it was night and I thanked Sarah and She said “In Friendship No Sorry And No Thank You” I told Can you call Rosy please I want an Oil Massage I am really tired and she said Sure And to my wonders she came with a cup of oil and said “Would my Majesty Accept a nice Oil Massage from Miss.Sarah.. I said Okay and I kept my head in her lap and she massaged very gently and we soon both fell asleep… I slept on her lap and she on my shoulder….And coming to the massage it was the World’s Best….

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  1. Another emotional chapter. You are constantly improving sis. I mean i am falling in love with it dear! 😉 haha.. keep writing.

    1. Thank uuuuuuuuuu… Sis

  2. Awesome, wowwww it’s really very heart touching n emotional. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thank uuuu..Roma SiS Love You Loads…….

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