YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-13) The Embrace


Soon the bell rang and some girls were burning with jealousy and envity and gave me a cheap look. Moreover they all came to know about my identity. Sarah came up to me and glared into my eyes with her usual bubbly face and spoke So wanna see the boarding She raised her left eyebrow I nodded and we wnt to the corridor and sawa a girl around 8 hugged a boy of 14 and was continuously sobbing and soon they bid bye. Probably they were siblings. I remembered me and Abhi and got lost in thoughts. We sat on a staircase from which sunlight could fall on us. I said “You know Sarah the first time a human experiences love in his life his through life is through their family..Hmm…I sighed I wish Mommy would have been here…” “I agree but when they only break your trust …” She looked the other side and tried not to cry.

To change the topic I asked about Sneha…I told her everything and she sighed and said Ya I know she hails from a small town of Bengal and from a middle- class family and came here an year ago and failed in class VI and that is why is with us.. She became a friend of Nikki who is from a well-off family and then Nikki came to know about Sneha’s intelligence..and wanted to destroy her life ..At such a tender age she tried drugging her with help of her brother and Sneha in her sub-consccous mind wrote her exame and failed..Nikki loved spoiling people’s dream as she was from a rich family she need’nt worry much about studies..Sneha’s parents came to know and they had amedical test of Sneha and found alcohol traces in her blood and thus her family broke their ties with her but still she pleaded Mr. Abhimanyu and since then she is studying hard and keeps distance from rich people..

After a couple of minutes someone patted my back and I found Sneha standing with teary eyes and I stood and wiped her tears and she said “I am so sorry I thought you would be like Nikki but I came to know u are the Sister of Abhi Sir who gave me a second chance.. I smiled and wiped her tears and pacified her and from then we were friends… It was night we both were in our night dress and did our homework and it was night and I sighed and said Ah!!Finally finidhed and saw her desperately finding something and she took out a couple of horror movies and my eyes widened and I said “No ways Sarah if Miss comes to know you know our TV time is over then she said you faint hearted we keep the volume low.. We hid ourselves in blanket and shouted Ghost and all and soon we ourselves don’t know when we slept…in a hugging position and embracing each other…..

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  1. After soooo many days U are back! Hipe you dint forget me! I was the regular commenter. Then I lost your track.just now I read all the former 2 missed epis. U are so/0 awesome dear! Please be a bit regular. I mean if not everyday but try to lessen that gap! Anyways a very beautiful chapter. Angel’s life can be so much angelic! Keep writing and too good!♥

    1. Thanks Bisha and I did’nt forget any of you and I know I wrote after sooo many days but yes I’ll be a bit irregular till 19th April but till Tuesday will surely give all 4-5 Updates PROMISE SIS….

  2. Hi…missed you sooooo muchhhh. ..thx for updating this story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma SiS…..Missed you too!!Next part will be uploaded in a few hours…

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