“By the way the room was in a spic and span condition yesterday night” I said hiding my laughter She kept her right palm on her forehead and made a sorry face and said “I am sorry actually yesterday I was very sleepy and tired so donno when I dosed of..Really sorry..” “It’s not a problem”I said. So you are here from??I asked, “ Mumbai.”And you “From Kolkata..” Okay..may I know why this lady doing your errands and calling you mam? And as far as I know no one is allowed to stay with students. Wait..Wait you said you are Angel Mukherjee. Aren’t you the most loved and I shall say Mr. Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s only love in his life his sister.. I was surprised as how she knew? She continued He is the chief trustee of this High School..OMG I’m living with a billionaire’s sister…She jumped with amazement..That’s why I saw two bodyguards yesterday evening… Her eyes grew bigger and bigger with amazement.. I sounded normal and said Ya!That’s why these people will help us. Us!! Are’nt you my friend I said Oh! Yes you are so naïve That I am, I said with attitude I rushed to the bathroom and came wearing a sky blue single piece I found her sleeping once again I waked her up And she held my hand tightly and said Mom lemme sleep please..

I laughed and sprinkled water from my hairs and she woke and went to freshen up And when she came back found Maria making a beautiful lace braid and making me wear a royal blue overcoat. Then I stood and said Get ready soon..If you want any help ask both of them I said pointing toward Maria and Rosy. She nodded her head. She was wearing a rugged jeans with a baby pink T-Shirt and told Rosy to help her in making her hair. Soon we both were ready. “You are dressed as if you are in collage” “Really!” I said We reached the classroom with two bodyguards accompanying us.It was the biology class and the teacher introduced me to class VIII-F. Everyone was nice there. My bench partner Sneha was a bit rude, I took the biology notes. And soon it was a free period, Then I greeted Sneha who gave a cold reply and said “You rich people are big spoilt brats I don’t wanna talk to you” I said “Your wish” I knew she was very hurt from inside. Maybe she experienced a recent ‘BETRAYAL’…..

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