Angel’s POV
Abhimanyu kneeled down kissed my forehead for the last time. I too kissed him on his cheek. I could see tears in his which he was trying to hide but I knew that he was crying . I told him “Don’t you beleive me Bhai” . I am strong and people will think a thousand times before harming me. Don’t you know I’m Angel Varun Mukherjee. Sister of the big business tycoon Abhimanyu Mukherjee,I said with immense proud, which made him laugh. “Listen Angel, You are 14 still be careful it is a high school and you have stay ther and I maybe not with you when you are in danger. Yes na you know how to protect yourself..

“Yes bhai I said.. Two servants followed me with my three suitcases which had almost 40 knee length single pieces, 35 jeans , 26 butterfly tops I donno how many Skirts,Rugged jeans,Overcoats ,Night Suits T-Shirts and yes many Accessories, Hair Bands, Cutchers, Brochers, Neck Pieces ,Rings and yes a beautiful Anklet which had AA written on it in Calligraphy. I could not believe my eyes I had gone there for about 6 years and he could call me anytime home afterall he was the chief trustee of St.Teresa High School,Dehradun. I entered my room at about 10 pm in night and found a girl who resembled moon itself. She had made the room a big mess maybe she was like that I could see two to three instant noodles packet lying on the floor, socks and other stuff she had’nt even changed and had slept wearing shoes . She was wearing a loose blue shirt with black pants. She had long hairs an d she had permanent rebonding.

I changed and Rosy packed my other stuff and settled everything. She was my permanent servant who was commanded to stay with me and two bodyguards. I t was against the rules but afterall my Bhai was the trustee so the authorities agreed. I changed nin my nightsuit and found everything settled and red sauce pasta ready on my table Rosy might have cooked as she had the permission to enter the hostel kitchen. I preferred to make the girl remove her shoes making her appropriately sleep with bedsheet covering her smooth body. Rosy cleaned the room and I while eating the pasta told her to make something Indian the next day and yes make it 2 one for my roommate She nodded and went the room beside me which was for my care takers. I returned from my jogging as soon as I enterd the room I found the girl still sleeping but after sometimes she woke up and found me removing my shoes and I said, “So you woke up dear”while removing my earplugs and suddenlg Rosy enterd and gave me my clothes and accessories and told “When you are ready call me Mam . My roommate was a lil surprisedby this I guess. I stood and forwarded my hand and said “I am Angel Mukherjee and you??” “I am Sarah..” she said.


Credit to: Sarah

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