YES I BETRAYED YOU!!!! (PART-10) Angel’s Breakdown


“Her condition is stable now but the next 24 hours are critical”, said the doctor moving inside the cabin. I told Martin Bhaiya the keen helper who used to do jobs which Sophia was unable to do like accompanying Sophia to grocery, washing clothes etc. He was quite loyal to all of them. The children were upset about their Aunt’s condition and they did’nt even had their supper and were continuosly yawning. I took them to the hospital café and made them eat fully because Martin must be tired and he can’t handle their tantrums. I told Martin before sleeping give them their hot chocolate as its raining and don’t let them go out and make sure they brush their teeth and cover them completely with blanket and tomorrow morning I will be there he nodded his head and carried Ruhi in his arms and the two continued beside walking . I saw an idol of ma durga in the hospital and prayed for Sophia’s good and pink health.

The nurse came to me and told “Are you Miss Sarah? Mam”she questioned for a minute my eyes opened wide in disbelief but the I composed myself and looked back at the window and said “No” she said fine but if possible call her ASAP because the patient is continuously calling out her name, Which patient? I asked and the reply which my ears were not ready to accept was Patient 23 Ward No- 3 Miss. Sophia. She told within flow and left. I headed towards her room, and what I heard when reached was, “Sarah my child listen to me don’t leave me she said in a pleading voice Mumbai but why what’s the need of going Mumbai study here.. Ahh… Don’t go” she said in a pleading voice.I was shell shocked listening to it. I tried avoiding looking at her. She began breathing heavily. I panicked and called the doctor. T he doctor in a split second came and I left out. I was extremely worried for her. I was on the verge of crying I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder which was very caring yet rough . I sensed his touch and its Abhimanyu. OMG! , I t can’t be him. I turned back and was shocked to find him fully drenched and he was breathing heavily. I shouted Kust go and tightly closed my eyes and when opened found him gone. Oh! God it was again an illusion. Then the nurse came and told we are operating her you need to sub,it 1.2 Lakhs in an hour.

I was not at all worried because I told martin to sell my diamond pendant on the way which was a precious but an ordinary one. I submitted the amount and heard loud banging of windows and when turned found the wooden doors continuously banging again and again I was frustrated I wnt near it. My waist was touching its bottom I wiped me tears and took a deep long breath and continued looking at it and thought “These rain destroyed my life forever…Sarah are 1000’s in this world and it can’t be my Sarah.. Yes she left her grandma for some reason but I found her never upset..” I went in her room and saw her shaking hands eating Corn salad with tomato soup. I told the nurse to go out and fed Sophia with my own hands and she asked “ Are the kids fine” “Yes they have reached home with Martin” “Hmm..” She was sounding normal because she was given anesthesia” “Who is Sarah?I sonded normal yet serious” My granddaughter Sarah.

She said sipping the soup, My own son married but he was very ilmannered he took drugs and got into organ transplanting..Aradhya could’nt conceive a baby so one day he got a baby girl from somewhere and adopted her. Everthing was fine but one day he had got such an extent that he was going to do Sarah’s Transplant but I stopped him and got arrested but my son put the blame on me and my Sarah believed him and called me a betrayer and I pleaded a lot but it was of no use. My Aradhya took her to Mumbai and everything got over..Aradhya and Sarah with bith of them I was staying for about 6 years and they never told me about her


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  1. Very emotional n heart wrenching episode. it’s same sarah…wowwww. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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