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After waiting for five minutes, Rudraprasad uncle and Nivedita aunty came. I forced a smile, stood up and greeted them,” Uh…Hello uncle. Hello aunty!”

“Hello beta! Now let us not waste any time and jump directly into the point. Tell us what has happened.” Rudraprasad uncle said it dubiously.
I bit my lower lip and said,” Uncle…aunty! Please listen to everything carefully. The thing I’m going to say is obviously not happy. Actually uncle, you already knew we went to Kayra’s party yesterday. And there…” I suppressed the lump trying to choke my throat and said them everything in details- how Kayra tried to get intimate with Sanskar at the party, how they gagged me, how they drugged his drink and forced him to have s*x with him, how we were humiliated at the police station- everything.

After blurting out everything, our table bore a pregnant silence. Then Nivedita aunty broke down into little sobs. Even Rudraprasad uncle’s face lost its color and lines of extreme emotions were drawn all over his face. He took a deep breath in and said,” Gaurav! Even you two are to be blamed. You shouldn’t have gone there at the first place. I know Sanskar is a bit kiddish sometimes but you are way more matured than him, right? You could have stopped it too.”

Nivedita aunty now spoke up,” No… How can we blame him for Sanskar’s follies? I told him… even he told him not to go there… But Sanskar being the stubborn Sanskar he is… had to go there… and see the consequences now… Oh! My son!…” and she again broke into cries.
Rudrapratap uncle said,” Okay Gaurav! I am calling the Superintendent of Poice of this place and will inform him of this matter in details.” And he went out of the restaurant to make the call.
I felt a bit relieved and said,” Aunty, please don’t break down so much. Sanskar is much more in pain. He needs strength now. I am afraid that he lost his faith on himself. We have to work together to return that faith in him. He is completely shaken and broken now. Aunty, if we break down then how will we be able to give him faith? Please aunty do not cry. Strengthen yourself. Strengthen your mind.” I kept my hand on hers.

Nivedita aunty nodded her head and wiped off her tears. But she was still sobbing and told me,” Gaurav beta! You are right. We should fix his broken soul. At least we can try to. But tell me something, what if he goes m-mad?” she again broke into tears. The words hit me hard. I said,” No aunty. We will consult the best doctors and rehabilitation centers and counselors for him. He will be normal and happy again.” At this point, Rudraprasad uncle returned and he said,” Yes Nivedita. We will do the best for him. I know he has got a big shock and will recover very soon. Gaurav, I have informed the local SP everything. He said he would surely look into the matter. And now, instead of flowing away tears here, we should go to Sanskar, isn’t it?”
Nivedita aunty and I shook our heads and went off to meet Sanskar. I just hope he is still sleeping. We boarded uncle’s car.


As soon as I opened the door, a horrifying scene was waiting for us. I saw Kayra and Shaurya, sleeping on Sanskar’s bed. But where is he? Nivedita aunty shouted in anger,” Ahh! Rudra, call the police. How happily they are sleeping here!” her eyes were rolled and red with anger. Uncle too dialed and shouted,” Sir! Please come to our flat now. We have the culprits here.” In this hue and cry, Kayra and Shaurya’s slumber broke. They were half-naked. They clenched the blanket and pulled it up to their br*asts. Then they quickly put on their clothes and said,” Arey! Uncle and aunty! How come you are here?” they were surprised and afraid. But they tried to act as if nothing has happened and they tried to terrify us. As if that is going to happen. I grasped Kayra and Shaurya’s hair and banged their heads with each other. They shouted in pain. They were shouting and told me to leave them. “No! Now it’s payback time. I won’t spare you. Where is Sanskar? Tell me now. And why are you two here?” I glared and shouted.

“Ahh! We don’t know! Ah! Leave us. P-l-e-a-s-e!” they cried. I pushed them on the bed and slapped both of them hard. They cried in pain once again. I need to find Sanskar. Nivedita was all frozen and standing there. I shook her a bit and went towards the kitchen.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, a heart-wrenching sight was waiting for me there. There was Sanskar- naked and almost drowned in a pool of blood and vomit. His whole body was bruised; his lips were swollen and red. His entire visage bore numerous cut marks, scratches and bruises. His left hand had a long cut made by a knife that he held in his right hand. He tried to commit suicide. And these two perverts again raped him.
I sat on the floor with a thud and painfully cried,” S-A-N-S-K-A-R!!!” all my strength melted away to see him in such a condition. Nivedita aunty had come to see why I shouted and she herself cried out loud and cried mercilessly. Rudraprasad uncle widened his eyes and said in a fragile voice,” S-San-S-Ka-ar!!” and he broke down into tears. I looked at his face and was numb. Why did you do it Sanskar? Why? My tears flowed involuntarily. But I think he is alive. He has to be… Police had already captured the two b*t*hes. I went out and told them. They immediately called in an ambulance. My heart broke into million pieces to see him in such a condition. But I have to save him, right? Here, Kayra and Shaurya were still cursing us,” You messed with us? It will cost you hell. We won’t leave you.” I simply went there and not paying any heed to the policemen, continuously. I cried,” You hurt Sanskar. For you all, he is in such a condition. God will not help you ever.” They had to be carried away to escape my raining of thrashes. I felt like killing them at the spot. But I can’t be impulsive here. I need to save Sanskar, right?

After an impatient half an hour, the ambulance arrived. The men carried away him in the stretcher and his parents followed him. I stayed back for a while. I had to help the police probe why he had to take the step. I again narrated each and everything of the cursed yesterday. As I pulled down the blanket, a packet and crumpled chit showed up. I took the packet and saw that it had money in it. Then I opened the letter. It bore:-

“Dear Sanskar,
Hope you have already watched the video sent to you. And you must have understood what we can do. Look, we can post it on the internet if we want. Well, don’t dare telling that s*xy secret of ours to anyone else. We know that Gaurav knows. But more publicity isn’t required. Do you get that?

And yeah, prepare a lakh rupee for us instantly. You are a sweet, handsome, smart, s*xy rich guy dear! 😉 . And hence, please keep it ready babe. And yeah, don’t plan anything foolish. We know that your parents are coming to visit you. You want them to come safely. Right?

We are coming within some minute’s baby.
Yours s*xily,
Kayra and Shaurya ;-).”

WHAT A NASTY LETTER. I felt like puking on it. Now I get it. I showed it to the SP who had come here with his force and rebuked that shitty O.C. of local police station. He said,” Now I get it. They tried to blackmail Sanskar for the money. And Sanskar gave them too. But being the perverts they are, they again molested him. But… for blackmailing, they need to have something. Like any CD of their previous molestation? The video has to be somewhere here. Open the DVD now. Before they opened it, I noticed the blue light blinking on the machine. I simply picked up the remote from the floor and switched the TV monitor on. To my utter disgust, that was the video. We saw everything. I wanted to kill those wretches then and there. How happily they are molesting him! The police officer was calm. That is job after all. After the nasty video stopped, he ordered his men to take the video. Their device of blackmail became the device of their ruin now. I smirked a little. The officer assured me that he will surely punish those two. Law will give them no chance to get free. Just Sanskar has to identify them once again. Let him come round a bit. With that mention, I remembered that I have to run to the hospital now. Uncle and aunty and Sanskar are alone in pain.


I reached the hospital after completing some legal formalities. I am a witness too— eye-witness. As soon as I reached there, I saw the green light in front of the operation theatre in on. And uncle, aunty are anxious sitting there with a sullen face. On seeing me, uncle told me,” Beta! Sanskar was quickly discovered, as they said. Though a lot of blood has already flown away, they have given him two units of blood already.”
I held his hand and told him,” its okay uncle. He will soon, very soon recover. Have patience uncle and help aunty too.” I put on a small smile. I can’t fall weak.

Uncle told me in a wet voice,” Gaurav! You have done much more than a friend. Thank you so much. God knows what would have happened without you. A boon for all of us. By the way, did you get to know why he did all these?”

I assured him,” Yes uncle. They had made his video and threatened him to give them one lakh rupee. They had come to take that money and again molested him. Probably he got frustrated and did this. And I am like your son. Sanskar is my best friend. I could do only this much for him. Uncle! See the operation is completed.” My eyes glowed up as the green light turned into red. A doctor came out and said,” Well Mr. Rudraprasad, Sanskar is all okay now, though he is not yet out of danger. After 24 hours’ observation, anything can be said. Well, you know the wound was deep and we need to see how much deep trauma he has fallen into. So, we will take him to the Intensive Care Unit for now. And please come tomorrow. Even if you stay here, we won’t let you meet him. He needs complete peace now. His sense is supposed to regain within 24 hours. Then only anything can be said. But do not worry. He will be fine, very soon.”

Our souls cooled a bit. We at least know that he is quite okay now. We decided to stay back that night. I pray to the Almighty to bring back our Sanskar soon.



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Credit to: Bishu

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  1. Its awesome. ..I was a silent reader…This is a very different ff a topic which perhaps was never thought neither discussed. ..its a gr8 work of urs. …u have made us aware of the reality n immense thanks for that….today’s episode was a satisfactory for me not coz sanskar committed suicide. ..its completely a wrong thing to do….but coz his parents are soo supportive ……I wish every parent is like them…..just a small request plzz make shaurya n kayra punish brutally!!!!!

    1. Thank you so very much Mitti!! 🙂 Ya! I made them supportive. Their son is such miserable. They needa stand by him and dont worry dear. Law will punish them. Let law do that and that time let me focus on bringing back Sanskar!! Keep reading dear..

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Just awesome darling. You rocked again!,
    Ahh..loads of love <3
    Upload soon?

    1. Will surely try to update soon!! Thanks Darlz!! 🙂

  3. I was very Angry on you for writing this for sanskar…..but now that twobl**dy people will get arrested I am happy for that….. At first I thought that Kyra and shourya would be humble person….. But they were like this…. Sorry for not commenting on your previous epi….

    1. I hope now you are quite happy. To let my story prove its theme, I had to do all these. And I will surely bring back Sanky!! 😉 .
      And dont be sorry dear! We are frirnds after all. Keepreading..♥♥

  4. ❤?Natasha?❤

    It was awesome….bisha……..????

    1. Thanks a lot Natasha!!♥♥

  5. I am so very happy after reading this… Kayra and shaurya deserves this.. N actually even more than this…

    But sanskar is damn wrong… No problem is big enough to overcome… Instead of attempting suicide he should kill them that would be better… I know m sounding insane but still..

    Attempt to sucide is worset thing which one can do to the precious gift of life given by almighty…

    Coming to the chappy it was osm…. N be regular ?

    1. Thank you so much Meher!! Yes! Sanskar really took a very drastic step. And you are very right. Suicide is nevrr an option to handle any situation. It means you are fleeing the situation. Strong people dont do that.

      I will try to be. Par soch lo… regular ho gayi to jald khatam ho jayega! 😉 lol. Bye

      1. Yr ye to blackmail hai…

      2. Mai blackmail nahi karti! 😛 . Mai to sirf bol rahi thi 😉

  6. Awesome chappy.. 🙂
    But I have a request dear.. Can you write something about marital rape in your faith series?? See you soon 🙂
    Stay blessed dear 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sweetie!!

      Arey! Tumne to mene dil ki bat chhin li! Mai to aise bhi likhti. Lekin tum bol diye to dedication timhe hi dungi. Wah! Our ideas match! Keep reading bye.♥♥

      1. Oh wow!! Thank you so much buddy.. 🙂 Take care 🙂

  7. When will Swara enter??????…

    1. Wait for more one or two chapters dear! 😉

  8. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode, finally culprits are caught by police…Gaurav did marvellous job, true best friend of sanky. …I hope he recover soon….outstanding narration. …love you loads. .muaaaaahhhhhh

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