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DING…DONG! The doorbell rang again. This time I froze in my spot. So they are already here? I was sweating profusely by now. But have to open the door. I opened… and there stood those two crooks- Kayra and Shaurya.

“Hello Sanskar! Won’t tell us to come in?” Kayra said, winking and smirking.
No. Get out. I thought, but ended up saying,” Yeah! Come in, take your money, and get the hell out of here.”
“Cool boy.” Shaurya chuckled a bit.

As soon as they entered, I handed the packet enclosing the money. I said,” Here, take this money and please don’t blackmail me anymore. “
Shaurya grabbed the packet and chuckled evilly,” What do you think of yourself? We will leave you so easily! Huh! Never dear. You need to cooperate with us for another session boy, oops…! Man!” and they chuckled sarcastically. I felt so annoyed and disgusted to see their shitty face. God save them. Little did I know that I should have said god save me. I slapped Shaurya hardly. Shurya’s eyes were red in a minute with anger. He grasped my hair and started beating me black and blue. Kayra held him from the back and said,” Ugh! Shaurya, wait. Stop it. We have many other things to make him pay for that slap.” She winked at him. “Oh Yeah! How can I forget babe?” he winked. They chuckled again.

After their chuckle, Kayra suddenly grasped my collar and said,” Listen Sanskar, spend one more day with us, why don’t you? Let’s relive that excellent body- adventure of ours, what say?” she smirked and winked. Her eyes were red with- lust or passion? I hate that look. I tried to shake her off and said,” No. please leave me. Why are you all after me? I did not do anything wrong with you.” But before I could push her away, she locked her lips with mine. I tried hard to push her off my lips, but Shaurya grasped my neck from behind and forced me to kiss her back. She forced open my lips and forced her tongue inside; she bit my lips and sucked it like any hell thing. It was a hell of an experience when you don’t have your consent. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and eventually the salty liquid got mixed with that saliva of dirty passion. I hate each and every bit of it. But I was helpless as Shaurya held my neck in an iron grip. Ahh!!
She let go of my lips when she couldn’t breathe anymore. How I wished now to carry on with that shitty kiss so that she could be asphyxiated and killed by the kiss. But more was on the show for me. After the kiss broke, Shaurya suddenly grasped tightly my arms and threw me on the bed. Are they again..? I shouted,” Hey! What are you doing? Leave me. I said, LEAVE ME. Let me go. Why are you doing? I will call police now. You are again trying to do that blo*dy shit with me. You bastards, b*t*hes, a*sh*les, imposters, rapists, perverts! I won’t leave you. Leave me.” I cursed and shouted at them. Why won’t I? They are again trying to do that shit. I started to shout, cry. But Shaurya gagged my mouth. Hence only some muffled screams came out.
Then Kayra started tracing her fingers- from the forehead, through my nose, smudging my lips sensuously, down my throat, through my chest, stopping at my stomach. My body was tightened and I was sweating profusely. The she started kissing me- everywhere. I am unable to bear this stiffening. Why can’t God let me go? Let me die. And they again copulated with me- scratching, smooching, kissing, pushing- doing every hell thing that they can do. I could do nothing but crying. I never thought a woman can fall so shamelessly low. I respected this s*x so much and this very girl led all my high thoughts to perish in a single day. I am being used- like a pr*stitute by these two perverts. A male pr*stitute- Incredible! Right? But it’s the reality. And I can’t deny that. My head again started spinning and my muffled screams subdued slowly as they were close to end of this act and finally my eyes closed, probably unconscious.


My consciousness regained slowly as I tried to open my eyes. Each and every part of my body was paining like anything. I slowly opened my lids, the sides of my forehead throbbing with the pain. Then I discovered a nude Shaurya and Kayra happily sleeping like a devil kid beside me. I felt like thrashing them and knocking their ass out then and there. But I was too much painful to do that. Instead I quietly got up and pulled my body towards the kitchen. I was naked too. But I didn’t bother. I have to wash my face first. I suppressed every little pain and went towards the sink and started drenching myself madly with the water. As if those splashes of water could wash away my pain. Suddenly my gaze fell on the reflecting glass in front of me. I could see that broken Sanskar standing there. There were bruises on his lips, cuts and scratches across his face. I suddenly felt I am a sl*t and the man standing in front of me was a shitty person. I simply shoved away the mirror and it smashed on the floor with a crash. I was about to shout when I realized two rascals were sleeping on my bed. I blocked my mouth with my hand to stop that shriek. Instead, I helplessly crashed down on the floor and cried miserably. Tears rolled and rolled and wetted my face. I sobbed quietly and kept cursing my fate. How happy I was. Had I not got on my nerves to change my freaking self. I remembered Gaurav saying me,” … I think you are an awesome person the way you are. Why to change yourself for a stupid name? You needn’t show how much cool or hot you are. You are my best friend, irrespective of any such things.” Yes, he was my best friend- even in my previous self and in my present misery. He didn’t leave me. Even my parents will not leave me when they get to know what their son had been through. Then why did I do all these shit? How I realize that I really needn’t change myself for that silly nerd cause. This wasn’t needed. I kept shaking my head at the thought.

Suddenly I remembered all that I am going through. Kayra and Shurya’s ecstasy kept haunting me. I felt like puking. I could not resist myself and puked on the kitchen floor. Tears kept rolling. And that policeman- What did he say? Pleasure! I am getting pleasure! This all casual s*x! Casual kept haunting me. I looked at the yellowish white liquid and realized that I am doing wrong with everyone. I am doing wrong with myself. How much pain will those people suffer for me? I am a black sheep. I must die. Yes, I have to die. My eyes widened and I took a broken piece of the mirror. “I am sorry everyone but I quit.” I mumbled and slit opened my wrist with one blow of the glass. Before losing my consciousness, I heard a door click open and a shout. I then fell into a pool of darkness.



I once again beg forgiveness for using abuses and slangs today. I know it was the extreme point of dirty shit that I did. I am sorry friends. And if y’ll want you can bash me today.

I am really sorry for not updating all these days. But right now I am coping with some tough situations and I am completely broken now. But I need to write the story for y’all. Hence, I beg forgiveness. I will be back shortly. Well, inferiority complex has eaten me up always. Do you all really think I am capable of writing?
And guys, I found that the little comments I used to get are suddenly vanishing. So please everyone tell me how the story is going. If you all want, I can stop writing stories altogether. Well, faith is also updated.
And yeah! I am thinking of starting a new SwaSan fanfic here and in Watt Pad (there it won’t be and also it will be SwaSan 😉 ). The working title is ‘Conned Love’. The prologue will be posted as soon as you all tell me I am capable of writing or not. I hope today’s chapter was good and you all enjoyed. Be frank to say how you all felt.

Thank You.


Credit to: Bishu

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  1. It’s nice and plzz do start a new Swasan fanfic

    1. Yup! I have one story in mind as said.
      Thank you very much.

  2. Are you out of your mind.. Who says u can’t write… Idiot u r one of the best writers I know.. . Pgl ladki..
    But ya I will definitely punch u for not posting regularly ???
    N what about faith.. M dieing to read that…
    N u know some readers will remain silent no matters what… I know this cz m one of them ?

    Now coming to the chappy.. It was not at all bad those abuses were indeed needed… That cheap kyara n shauryaa urrrghh.. Sanku shokh kill them instead of killing himself

    1. How I wish he could kill them. Lol. I told you. You have always inspired me soo much. Love you always for that. And I updated Faith in the morning only. Dhundo mil jayegi. Thank you soooooooooooo much. And I try to be regular but its impossible for me. Anyways love ya loads n keep reading.

  3. U r gr8 man… U just openly said abt d true society.. Every stories r not filled wid colors and happiness…… World is grey..

    1. Thank you veryyy much Hope!! Keep reading dear.♥♥

  4. Just fabulous… much abuses or slangs you may have used.. But it was used to describe the situation… are just wonderful writer!!….looking forward for your new ff…..

    Just feeling bad for sanskaar!!….it’s really good to accept the way you’re…. It us miserable to see sanky in this state…..n this kyra and Shaurya what kind of person they really are??…blo*dy bastards!!……

    It was awesome dear!!….n don’t dare to stop your writing…i haven’t read faith but I’m in love with this ff….it’s uniqueness, plot are just mind blowing!!

    Btw from where do you belong Bisha??
    Loads of love dear…? ? ?
    Upload soon!

    1. Thank you veryy much.

      Even i felt like punching those two wretches for doing some extreme bad things!! Yeah! I wont stop writing. You all have instilled that Faith in me. I am glad tgat you found this such interesting.

      I am from West Bengal and you?

  5. It is painful but it’s really Good yaar. Ra*e is gender neutral no one should say that a man can’t get ra*ed agony they feel is same, the pain is same, whether it;s for a boy or a girl. Its most disgusting crime in this world worse than the murder

    1. Thank you sooo much Ria!!♥♥

      Yeah! You are absolutely correct. Rape is a gender neutral crime. Tge pain n the extremity is all same. So keep reading and Thank a lot for this encouragement.

  6. The person who thinks ur not a good writer is the biggest idiot ??

    As for the chappy ??

    He needs strength

    1. Omg!! Is that so?? Never knew that coz never wrote before na. Thank you veryyyy much.

      U all have encouraged me soo much. Love you.

      Now for the chappy, he will get strength and that too veryy soon. Stay tuned♥♥♥

  7. Bisha you’re awesome dear. How can anyone bash you for this piece of writing? You are the writer and you must write everything that comes naturally into your mind. It is something that only a born writer can do.. Uff these a*sh*les… I can kill them for this act of theirs. Again they are using Sanskar for their pleasure. Why can’t the go to a “professional pr*stitute” than using our Sanky if they are so desperate for this.. Any ways it was nice and continue soon..

    1. Nah! None can bash me when so sweet people are around me!! So you are reading this!! Thanks a loooot.
      I too felt such kinda hatred for them after writing it. They and those in reall should be punished veryyy hard. Pleasure can never come at the cost of anyone elses’ pain. Thats brutality not pleasure.
      Thank yiu once again.keep readong dear♥♥

  8. nic epi..
    u r an awesome writer..plz dnt stop writing..:)

    1. Nah!! Wont stop. Thank you veryy much dear.

  9. Amazing story line.. 🙂
    How can you even think you are not a good writer?? You are a very good, infact an awesome writer.. The story line which you’ve chosen is really beautiful.. From this FF everyone will get to know that r**e is gender neutral and also the trauma people go through after the incident..
    Stay blessed and keep writing 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot sweetie!!

      Yeah!! I too hope people understand that rape is a gender neutral crime. Keep rrading dear!!♥♥

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  11. Ahhhh, bisha, it’s very heart wrenching n very hurting chapter…the immense pain of sanky. …brutal act of those filthy ppl….ufff…you nailed it my honeyyy. …your narration n flow of words is fantastic. …I really cried over the scene on sanky’s helplessness……is he going to commit suicide??? Noooo plz don’t dothis…we need justice for him…Shaurya n Kyra should be sentenced to death…….so sorry for late comment. ..keep it up honeyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 keep fighting with all the odds of your life…we all r with you. ..keep writing. ..n smiling. … 😉

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