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“Leave me! I don’t want to do this. What are you both doing? Fie on you!! L-E-A-V-E M-E!! AAAAAAAHHHH….”I screamed loudly and opened my eyes. I was drenched with sweat and I am feeling thirsty. So it was a dream. Didn’t seem to be one. I need to drink some water.
DING…DONG- the doorbell rang. I opened the door. A courier-man. He said,” Courier for you sir. Please sign here and take it sir.”

I took it and slammed the door shut after he went away. Having unwrapped the covers, it revealed a CD and a letter inside it. First let me check the CD. I inserted it in the CD player and tapped the ‘Play’ button on the remote.

“W-Hat are Y-You do-doing? L- leave m-me! Pl-ea-se.”
“ Tonight it’s our night sanskar. Your virginity and image- both will break down boy and a cry-baby will become a man. You willl be a man sanskar.”
“NO! You w-w-won’t d-do Th-that. LEAVE ME!”
“Leave me! I don’t want to do this. What are you both doing? Fie on you!! L-E-A-V-E M-E!! AAAAAAAHHHH….”

Laughter, slurps, bites and all those horrible sounds and those nasty dialogues filled my ears again. I sat on the couch, numb. I can see myself, Kayra and Shaurya- ruffling on the bed. I can see myself getting screwed up, my whole body shaking violently. Three naked bodies hurling on the bed- one was trying to escape and the other two was f**king him up with all their might. I am getting screwed up, once again- not only in that screen but also in reality. Those memories came rushing up again.

I broke down.
I cried, cried, shouted, clutched my hair and tried to pull them off. I thumped on my chest helplessly. Everything was again visible, right in front of my eyes. WHY ME? AAAAHHH….!!! I wish the ground opens up and pulls me inside it. When my cries reduced to painful sobs, something dawned on me- The Letter!

I quickly fumbled for the letter on my bed. Having found it, I anxiously opened up the letter. The words froze me again.

“Dear Sanskar,
Hope you have already watched the video sent to you. And you must have understood what we can do. Look, we can post it on the internet if we want. Well, don’t dare telling that s*xy secret of ours to anyone else. We know that Gaurav knows. But more publicity isn’t required. Do you get that?

And yeah, prepare a lakh rupee for us instantly. You are a sweet, handsome, smart, s*xy rich guy dear! 😉 . And hence, please keep it ready babe. And yeah, don’t plan anything foolish. We know that your parents are coming to visit you. You want them to come safely. Right?

We are coming within some minute’s baby.
Yours s*xily,
Kayra and Shaurya ;-).”

I crumpled the paper into small ball. I sat on the bed, with despair rising up my body. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. They are blackmailing me. What can I do? Mummy and papa are coming. If they can really harm them? What will I do then?

I swiftly wiped off the tears. Boys shouldn’t cry! Note the sarcasm.

I have to prepare one lakh. I need to shoo them out of my life as soon as possible. Probably I can live happily again then. Hope this money shushes them up. And they leave my ass forever. I probably have it in my locker. Dad transferred it to my account and I took it out to buy some costly books, savings and commodities. Yeah! There it is. I smiled a fragile smile and took it out.

Just then the doorbell rang.


How was it friends? Good? Bad? Your comments prove that. And silent readers (if any), please write up a few lines so that I can evaluate myself and rectify my mistakes.

And sorry, I know you people might be angry on me for letting your Sanskar go through immense pain. Bash me politely. No problem. I am Really Sorry. But good times WILL come. I will end it in a good note. Sorry for the short updates. But I thought to stop here.

The next chapter will be posted again on tomorrow morning. So by afternoon, you people will get the 8th chapter too. Hope you all are liking my efforts. Your love and encouragement has really helped me a lot to write my stories.
Love u all.


Credit to: Bisha

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  1. Ugh! I have no words. And if people bash u dear, it means they are feeling the pain which Sanskar is going through.

    So bashing also has its positives.

    As for this chapter, I have no words dear. Splendid job! Waiting for next

    Keep smiling and writing ♥

    1. Yeah! Bashing also has its positives. I am super happy!! First comment by you!! And Thank You SO SO much Anu.

      Keep Smiling, reading and writing 🙂 . Love you Loads. TC. BYE

  2. Nice & what about swara’s entry?

    1. Thank You Very Much For liking it.

      And for Swara’s entry , you will have to wait for some more episodes. Till then, Happy Reading!!♥♥

  3. Bisha.. Sorry dear .. I missed the 6th episode. I told you the reason… Coming to the 7th epi, I am surprised. How can that b**** h and her partner in crime moron stoop so low? They made a video of that shitty act of theirs? And now they are blackmailing our guy with that video for money ? Disgusting. He must not give them money. If he does, they will demand for more. Finish this mess soon. I can’t see our Sanky baba suffering… U are a wonderful writer dear. Continue soon..

    1. Its okay dear. I too posted bith the chapters within a few hours. Hence its obvious to miss. Anyways, Thank You So Much for reading and liking it.

      Yeah, they are being too b*t*hy and they are doing this. Unfortunately.i too hate them. But bear for some more episodes dear. Then definitely he will regain his self dear.

      Keep reading and love ya!♥♥

  4. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Bisha……..u srsly have magic in ur hands…….u display of sanskar’s felling is soooooo real……….pls update sooon………

    1. I dont really know that! Lol. But Thank You So So Much dear!! It was awesome to learn that you felt those feelings to be real 🙂

      Keep reading dear♥♥

  5. Bisha! Now read all d chaps! I am speechless! 😀
    The imense pain!! 🙁
    Waiting for next! 🙂

    1. Learnt from you!?!! Hahaha. I inspire by your writing dear. Well I planned all this from beginning only.

      Thank you Sso much!! 🙂 Keep reading dear.

  6. Seriously yr it’s awsm……

    1. Thank you so much Ruhi. keep reading dear♥♥

  7. amazng..:)

    1. Thank you So Much Kumu!!♥♥

  8. Heyy! I commented a loong one but I think it was too long for posting. So anyways, I am going to shotern the length now, Amazing update!! Super short tho…I need a bigger one????? Write more!! Oh and also, when are you going to update the next part of Faith?! I am dying to read the ending of that….update soon na! Love ya loads!!

    1. Hahaha!! Okay! Next update will def be a bigger one.

      Dont tell me! I’m so pissed off!! Sonething happened with TU or my net. I am unable to post anything. Darn it!! *pouts in anger*

      Anyways, Thanks a lot♥♥

  9. Hello Bisha,
    Just now read all the 7 parts at one go….Sorry yaar couldn’t reading afternoon itself….was lil busy……
    It is an unusually unique story…..
    Was crying literally seeing sanskar state and saddened by the cruel part of the world u r portraying….
    Waiting for the next one eagerly dear….

    I know am the very last person to wish u a very *happy birthday*….
    Anyways belated wishes……coZ I didn’t know u on 23rd April ???
    How was ur results???? I think u might have rocked them…..
    And also a request yaar….could u plzz send me the link of ur faith stories coZ I searched a lot but didn’t get them….

    I wanna say this : *u r an wonderful writer*

  10. Awesome episode, bisha the pain sanky going through we can feel it through your expressive words…it’s really awful n very shameful act n those cruel ppl now blackmailing him…sanky shouldn’t get in their trap n expose them….this is only my opinion….I’m know you’ve already thought this unique n amazing story…..plzzzz continue dear…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh. …you’re amazingly awesoooooome


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