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I locked the door as I saw Sanskar sleeping like kid on his bed. Drug had a terrible effect on him. But now I need to get to that blo*dy policeman. I have to file the complaint.

I reached the police station once again. The ugly policeman was sitting like the ‘Laughing Buddha’ on his chair. Disgusting.
“Err… Sir,” He looked up at me. “Will you please take our complaint?” I said with a big grin on my face, suppressing all my anger under it.

“Tu phir se a gaya? Smacking you once wasn’t enough for you or what? Should I lock you up and beat the hell out of you?” His eyes boiled with anger and disgust.
“E Officer!” I was now vulnerable. “This is too much now. Why can’t you just take a complaint sir? He is raped sir. Can’t you see that agony in his eyes? Can’t you feel even a single percent of that pain sir? Please officer.” My voice seemed to break. But I need to be strong- for Sanskar.

“Constable!” He voiced out in a cold baritone, looking all coldly at me, “bring the General Diary register.”

“General Diary? Why not a FIR?” I asked.

“You don’t have to teach me my duty.”

The constable arrived with the register.

“Write as I say. Write that a group of youngsters headed by Kayra Singhania and Shaurya Shekhawat launched a rave party yesterday Date: – XX/XX/2016. They used drugs illegally in the party. And they hired pr*stitutes to entertain themselves. They forcefully gagged a friend named Gaurav Raizada in the parking lot. Then they drugged the juice of another man named Sanskar Rathore. Kayra and Shaurya took them to a room and tried to behave wrongly with him. But the actual case is still unknown.” (A/N- I don’t have much legal ideas. So pardon me folks)

I was flabbergasted. What does he mean by “tried to behave wrongly”? “Officer, please take Sanskar’s statement. And this case is being framed wrongly sir. Why are you doing this?” I blurted out with anger and disgust in my voice.

He poked his ear and coolly said,” Listen boy. We are none to challenge the mighty business diamond’s daughter Kayra. Will you take the responsibility to keep my job intact or what? I am not going to do that mistake. This much is okay.”

Now the hell broke loose. I pounced upon him, holding his collar and started growling,” Saale! Tu itna gira hua admi hai? You have fallen to such a damn level! You are arranging the case such that those bastards will definitely get an easy bail. I may not know much. But I surely know this much. You wretch, mean, rascal, bastard!!” I tried to punch him. But two constables held me tightly from the back and tried to hit me. They grabbed my neck and pulled me out of his body. That nasty man held up my chin with his stick and crookedly voiced out,” Tiger! Tu mere rajyapat me ake mujh se hi panga le raha hai? Sher banega haan? Wanna become a tiger in my own den? I shall sue you. But you are relieved just because you are the complainer. Push him out.” Those men pushed me out of the door, kicking me. Aahh!! It pained so much. But bear it my boy. “I will go to the higher authorities. Kisi ko nahi chorunga!” I howled before I came back.

But it was crossing all limits now. I have to inform Sanskar’s parents. I dialed Rudraprasad uncle’s number, Sanskar’s dad.

After a few rings, a baritone voice cracked,” Yes. This is Rudraprasad Rathore speaking. May I know who is on the line?” His calm and serene voice made me shudder. What will happen when I tell him everything?

“Err… Uncle it’s me, Gaurav, Sanskar’s best friend?” I tried to sound as normal as I could.

“Oh yes! I can call you up. What happened beta? Actually I and Sanskar’s mom are coming to Sanskar’s place to pay him a short visit.” He said.

I gasped,” What uncle? You are coming here? Actually I want to tell you something. Can we please meet at the restaurant near his apartment? Please uncle, before we meet him.” I was anxious now.

“Is anything serious? Uh! Okay! I will go with your aunty.” He hung up.

I hurried off to the restaurant. I have to tell him everything.


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  1. That was shoort!! I am maddd…just joking! It was soo good, sad it is over so quick!! I am dying to know what happens next, write more for the next one! and also, when will you update the nikhak one for faith?! I can’t wait to read the ending, don’t tell me you already posted!!!! UPDATE BOTH SOOONN!!! Love yaa and tc!!

    1. Yup!! Nikah will probably be updated by afternoon. i will type and post in the morning itself. and the 7th chapter of this is already updated here. just now. So keep reading dear. I had to make up for my missing. Hence back to back 2 chapters.

      Thank you SO SO Much for the love you ave showered on me. 8th chapter will also be posted asap but within 2-3 days. Keep reading dear. Bye TC.

  2. It was amazing. Loving Gaurav a lot here x x

    In a hurry love ya take care ?


    1. Thank you So SO much showering that love on me!! Love you loads.

      Yes Gautav was really adorable here. Take care. Bye.

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    1. Thank you so much. Do read the next chapter dear.♥♥

  4. Awesome episode bisha…I lot was really noce…Gaurav fought with inspector was good scene…I hated police taking it easy as Kayra is business man’s daughter…n made case as tried to misbehave instead of raped. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

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