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We boarded a cab and went to a nearby police station.

As soon as we went in, a pot-bellied officer asked with a boring voice,” What happened youngsters? Barged into the police station in this morning time? Drunk-driving or what?”

Ufff! Can’t he listen to us without presuming things? Gaurav nudged me and indicated me to tell him the matter.

“Rape. Officer, it’s a case about rape.” I felt a little embarrassed.

The officer now became attentive voice,” What? Rape? Whose rape? Where’s the girl? Bring her in you fools.”

What the heck!

“No. Actually sir, th-there’s n-no girl in it. Actually, I-I- a-am r-raped.” I was stuttering.

The officer’s eyes widened. He said as he fell from the sky after hearing me,” What the hell? Are you joking? Subah subah tang mat karo! God knows from where do these people come from?” and he glared at us.

JOKE!! I am raped and he thinks it’s a joke!! I am astounded.

Now Gaurav took over the situation. Thank God he did. I was feeling hopeless and helpless and was again on the verge of another breakdown. He said,” No sir. We aren’t joking. He is really raped. Yesterday night we went to a rave party and…”

The officer started laughing,” Huh! Cooking up stories won’t help. I have seen a lot of dumbos like you in my life. How can a man get raped? HAHAHA. And I have to believe that! Don’t tell me. HAHAHA!!”

What is he telling? A MAN CAN’T GET RAPED? Is that so? But why? Don’t we have emotions or what!
Gaurav slapped on the table and said,” Arey listen to the full thing. And we aren’t cooking up anything. What is this sir? Can’t any man get raped? He didn’t agree to what was happening and hence it is a rape sir. Actually it was a rave party organized by Kayra. There they had gagged me and drugged Sanskar’s drink. When he was out of his senses, she and Shaurya took him to a room in that farmhouse and had s*x with him- both of them sir! They abused him too. Please take the diary of the complaint sir.” He seemed impatient by the end of his speech. My already aching head seemed to hop up and down by now. Arghh!! It would be better if someone cuts it off.

The police officer smirked dangerously and smiled. He whispered,” So what Sanskar? It was good only! You got pleasure from a girl and a man- that too on their wish. So it’s a casual s*x! Why are you making a big fuss out of it?” you should be happy and feeling manly by now!” He laughed. A very bitter laugh I tell you.

And that’s when my head started to spin. What’s happening I don’t know. But it’s not at all good.. My limbs are trembling like anything, body is aching like hell. I want Sleep.

The police officer now shouted,” Over now! Just get the hell out of here. You foolish men. You ate up my morning.”

I am unable to hold up myself anymore. I looked up at Gaurav and told in a trembling voice lowly,” Gaurav! Please take me home. I can’t stay anymore up now. I want to go home. My head’s spinning.”

Gaurav shot a death glare at the officer,” Dekh lunga tujhe officer. Let me first calm down this boy.”

I don’t know how I could come back home. The drugs were of a heavy dose, probably. My body, head wanted to get ripped open. AAHHH!! I shouted.

Gaurav was holding me like a strong pillar- my safest support. We entered the room.
As soon as I reached the bed, it seemed to call me. I simply stumbled on it and my heavy eyes were finally closed, leading me to a deep slumber.


How was it guys? Boring, right? Well, in the next part Gaurav’s POV waiting for you.
But I am afraid I may not be able to update soon. Ask why? ISC boards’ results today! I am hell tense. Fingers-crossed. Pray for me guys!! 😉 well, nothing to do. Jo hona tha, ho Gaya. Ab fal bhugatna hai sirf!!  :’( .

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Credit to: Bisha

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  1. Arghhh!! Stupid me and stupid net. Howw can it get posted in humor section when I clearly remember posting it in fan fictin section!!! 🙁

  2. It was nice dear…but to short!! ?

    1. Thank you very much Aashi. I know its a bit short but next episode I will try to make it longer. Keep reading ♥

  3. Just read this after my match. OH GOD! Can you please tell me the officer’s name? I want to slaughter him RIGHT NOW! Foolish man! Feeling really really bad for Sanskar. This story seems so real. Just waiting for the day when Kyra and Shaurya will be behind the bars. That punishment wouldn’t he enough but still that’s the most I can think right now.

    Again I was spell bound by your writing dear. You’re so amazing :):) Cant really wait for the next part;)

    All the beat for your results. Hopefully you get what you want x x

    I’m really knackered so dozing off to sleep. See ya! Bye! Love ya! ❤

    1. I wish I could give him a name. But I didnt personify him ro show him a representative of people of such narrow minds. I wish I could do it too!!

      Wow! I felt I was writing trash. Your writing pulled me up. Thank you so mich anu ^_^ feeling real blessed to have you guys as my frind. Keep reading and have a nice peaceful sleep bye. ♥♥

    2. Hey Bisha! Couldn’t sleep much x x

      Anyway, yes I agree people with such sick mentality still exist and that’s a shame to human race. Have seen so many men misbehaving with women who are raped. They show it on news. I know in news stories are blown out if proportion but still we can’t deny this truth. Thanks for showing this harsh reality.

      1. I am always showing harsh realities!! LOL 😉 . But yes, and it’s still done with women. They still get justice. but what about men? Hence through this story I tried to show that face of society which still thinks men can’t get raped. Instead it should be a thing of pleasure for them! HUh!!
        Thanks a lot for supporting me!

  4. awesome.. your concept is entirely different and brilliant .. keep going

    1. Thank you so much Rithu!! Keep reading dear!!♥♥

  5. Damn it was so real n heart touching

    That idiot office… I mean com’on yr guyz too hv self respect hw can he say lyk this that he gets pleasure disgusting ?

    But again u nailed it with ur writings n hwz ur result ? if u want to tell me!??

    M on fb n twitter currently ?

    1. Meher dear! Thank You So Much!! Yea, they really do have such sick mentalities. I hate that sick mentality

      Result was just an okay. Expected better though. But let me tell you I got between 85 and 95%!! 😉 Now guess. LOL

      Tell me your ID if you wanna become my friend. I don’t have a twitter account.

    2. I guess 92% then ?

      Lol it my result actually ???

      U can search mugdha Johri… I don’t share my name with anyone on fb? m only mugdha Johri there

      1. Wow!! Brilliant result!! But thats not mine unfortunately!! 🙁

        Congrats from me after many years of your result 😉

        Okay! I will def search!

    3. Hey hold on… M just 18 I passed my 12 last year only… What do u mean by many yrs ????

      1. E baba!! I thought you are much older!!

    4. And y u think so ?????

      Sabko ye q lgta hai… Yr.. M just sweet 18??

  6. Hey Bisha.. U r writing this fiction?? I didn’t know. Very different concept dear. By the way I’m on wattpad…

    1. Yep! I think so I am writing it 😉 LOL!! Thank YOU So Much dear! I love your story too. Nice concept too!

      Tell me your ID then. Let me follow you!!

      1. Well.. I didn’t start publishing anything on wattpad yet.. Will start soon.. My id is jyothimenon630.
        And yeah don’t get confused by my id. My real name is Jyothi Menon. Niveditha is my pen name. My friend suggested that.
        OMG for the first time i’m revealing my true identity to someone other than my two besties…

  7. loved ur concept..its very different..:)

    1. Thank You So Much Kumu!! Keep reading ^_^

  8. I was feeling like slapping the police officer…feeling bad 4 sanskar

    1. I too hated that officer for his sick mentality. But people like him do exist HUH!!
      Really I too feel bad for letting Sanskar go through such hell! Hope the latter episodes help him rise up again 🙂 Keep Reading dear..

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