HELLO FRIENDS!! I am back a bit late. But now I am quite free. So regular updates are possible. Read it please everyone and help my boring story to cheer up. LOL.
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The juice given to Sanskar was a drugged one. So it is clear that Kayra and Shaurya hatched this plan to trap Sanskar. They wanted to ruin him as he is the topper and they grabbed this opportunity when Sanskar told them that he wants to break his nerd-image. They had planned everything and some more plans are still on the agenda. Wait and watch friends.
Meanwhile, Gaurav was abducted somewhere else too. That will be unfolded properly in Sanskar’s POV only.
And the last thing we saw in his POV was that he was being raped- both by Kayra and Shaurya. Yes, you all will think how a man can get raped but I will only say that whenever anyone forces himself/herself on you and performs s*x against your will, you are raped- irrespective of the gender of the victim as well as of the rapist. And not only that, they filmed him too.


The blazing rays of sun hit my face as I woke up. Today no alarm is there to wake me up. My butt is paining like hell. So is my head. The tearing sensation in my head cooled up as I remembered what happened yesterday night. It all happened against my wish. They took away my self-respect, faith along with my virginity. How am I going to face everyone? I felt tears running down my cheeks. God! What did I do that you punished me to this extent? My life is cursed. But now I have to return to my mess.
To my utter surprise, not a single bastard was there. The farmhouse was completely deserted. I am limping. They have hurt me so much. I could never imagine these people can stoop to such low extent! They are my friends after all. ARE? NO! WERE! Their act snatched this label from my heart. Now my body wanted to tear apart. But I have to reach home, get out of this hell.
As I dragged myself towards the gate, I heard some gagging sounds. Following those sounds, I reached the parking lot.
“Oh My GOD! Gaurav!” I shrieked with a tearful voice. Gaurav was struggling there on the floor, to release himself of all those bonds. I went towards him as fast as I could. I untied all those ropes.
Gaurav started panting heavily. And he faintly said” S-a-nska-r” and hugged me tightly. I too responded to that. We both sat there, embracing each other and mentally consoling each other, probably.
After we broke the hug, he looked at me and his eyes widened. He took a deep breath and said with worries in his voice,” Sanskar! What happened bro? You are all topsy and turvy dear! And- and you are all in wounds! What happened? Tell me!” and he cupped my face.
His warm touch melted all my hardness and I broke, “GAURAV!! Kayra and Shaurya! It’s their entire plan. They kidnapped you so that you can’t help me anymore. And…” I fumbled.
“And what Sanskar?” He was eager.
“..And they raped me Gaurav.” I couldn’t control any emotions. I just broke out into loud cries and hugged him again- tightly. Help me Gaurav. Can you understand?
“WHAT? Raped? They raped you? What do you even mean?”
I told him everything.
He listened patiently. At last he said,” Sanskar. Okay. Come. Let us go to the police and file a case.”
I frowned,” No Gaurav. I want some rest. I am so tired. Please?”
He stiffened and said,” No. It’s now or never. So come. Or this will not end.”
His voice seemed to affect me a bit. I cooled down. He isn’t wrong after all. Truly, we need to file a case. I have to go to the police station.
“Come Gaurav.”

I know it’s a short update. But I have to ask you people something before the next part. I know I am going slowly. Should I increase the pace? Actually in this phase, to show how Sanskar is suffering the aftermath, I have to go slow. I have really a lot of plans to portray that stage. I know you all are eager for Swara’s entry. But let me tell you, slow pace will lengthen her entry a bit. And if you all say, I will cut short his extreme mental sufferance scenes and directly take him to next part. One thing, Swara’s entry will also mark the beginning of the end. So tell me your suggestions.
And how is this short chapter? Share your views. I am always open to polite and logical criticism. So feel free to do that.
I am sharing the links of my earlier one shots, in case you want read them. Here they are-
And Yeah! I uploaded FAITH! FINALLY!! *big sigh* So do have a look at it friends.
Thank you for bearing with my rant friends. Hope you all like this story. Your love and support through the comments have really uplifted and encouraged me a lot. 

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  1. Osm dear…. No one Can even imagine of this concept…

    Hatts off to u dear ????

    1. Thank you so so much Meher!! :-* ♥ 🙂 but not that. It has been as its a real thing which truly happens. And after I started writing it, I got another story based onthis theme in WattPad. Lol. Coincidence. But plot is entirely diff. Keep reading.

  2. Fantastic dear!!….don’t go fast….we will patiently wait for Swara entry… Upload soon!

    1. Thank you so much Aashi!!♥♥

  3. Oh my god!!!!

    This is really a unique and taboo concept… A very good venture….

    Never mind the pace….Write what u feel bisha… That will be more than enough!!!


    1. Thank you so so much Anjali di!! But you forgot my request *pouts* . Will you give the link di?

      Thank yiu di. I will surely update asap now. Keep reading♥♥

  4. Hey bisha, the concept is nice and what I loved is you showed a man instead of poor sanskar..

    I agree with anu about entry..we welcome your every idea and also will be with you in every decision.

    I have created a wattpad account recently to make myself more busy than I was…lol and found a similar one there too, about best friends I guess. That’s the only one I read.. But yeah, I don’t say that yours is similar..

    Love you was your exam.

    1. Really?? *jumps excitedly* . Arey yell me the ID!! I would love to follow you.

      Just after I uploaded the first chapter of yellow rose, I got by chance another story on this same idea. Hence I was like, WOW! Same thought! So theres nothing to mind. I would be all happy. I even vote for that story regularly.

      Thank you so much for this encouragement. This tinge only leads me to success I mean writing this story.

      I too fell sad for Sanskar. But I had to do it. And after I read a news this thought popped up from my subconscious mind and I thought to give it a chance.

      Keep reading. Bye♥♥

      1. Exam sucks. It was good just. I am relieved.. ufff!! To complete the formalities it took up much time. Foolish officials!! 🙁 Anyways, phy was tough but overall good.

  5. Amazing concept………
    Do as u have planned.
    U possess a very good felicity , so even if the pace is slow ,it wouldnot make any difference.

    1. Thank you so much for encouraging me. I will try heartily to keep up your expectations. Kep readind dear 🙂 ♥♥

  6. This was so emotional again. It made me cry. I can’t even imagine anyone in his place. Poor Sanky. And the concept is totally new and loving this story. Go with your pace dear. We want you to portray everything that you’ve thought of. So please dont even think of skipping anything ?

    And yeah, how was ur exam dear? Heard that physics was tough x x

    1. Aww.. Sorry for making you cry. But i couldnot help. My story is such!!

      Thank you very much for encouraging me and loving me so much. And yeah, I wont skip anything.

      Dont tell me harder thing was to complete all those formalities. There were so many that it ate up much time of tge exam. I was horribly angry inside. What the hell!! 🙁 Ya physics was tough. I couldnot do much. But overall good one. Just relieved. Uffffff!!.. 😉

    2. Happy dear. And honestly if ur bio was good enough you’ll surely become a doc. Haha Dr. Bisha. Sounds so cute <3<3

      1. Not much hope about that but would love it.
        And cute?? Dont tell me.. lol

  7. It was really emotional

    1. Thank you so much. Keep reading dear. ♥♥ 🙂

  8. Hi bisha,my sweeeeeet friend. …I just loved the way you narrated each n every details of the situation. …it’s true, the gender doesn’t matter when someone force you against your wish, then it pains equally, physically n mentally……poor sanskar n Gaurav too very helpless…but their decision to file the report is correct but as usual at police station they will have to face problems too, as it’s very rare…keep it up honeyyy. …your pace is good..I love it…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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