HELLO FRIENDS!! As promised, I am back on my birthday with a new chapter (WISH ME… LOL 😉 ). I am really afraid of this chapter as this chapter is going to be a major turning point in the story. And I don’t think you people will like the way it will be executed. Let’s see.
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So this is a rave party! My jaw wanted to get detached and get buried inside the earth. I don’t know for how long I was staring like that but my hypnotization was cut by vigorous taps on my shoulders. And with it Gaurav’s annoyed voice buzzed,” Arey Sanskar! Are you in your senses? Come, let’s go in.” “Yes! Yes! Let’s go,” I replied with a dreamy tone. That place! I must say Kayra is an awesome host! How beautifully she has decorated everything! I patted Kayra mentally for that. Everywhere, lights of every color glittered. As if this world has no darkness tonight. My eyes were getting bewildered with each and every moment. Colorful lights hovered over everyone’s face and lit them up like thousand watt bulbs. The lawn of the farmhouse was meant for formal dinners with barbeque stands and all ready to eat foods were available. It was a buffet system and anyone can have anything. Smoky blue and white tablecloth wrapped tables and the same covered chairs were placed in an unseen order. Each table had four chairs. On one side, arrangements for rain dance were done. People are dancing under water rained by rain-machines. “That’s so romantic!” I said. “Yeah bro!” Gaurav replied.

The whole farmhouse was decorated with series of blue and white bulbs. This blue and white combination has made the entire vibe a smoky, illusive and magical one. Hat’s off Kayra. The farmhouse was a one-storey mansion, and completely white in colour. The elegant front door was open and many other windows too. Booms of loud music hit our ears. A big party with many people were reveling and enjoying as if there’s no tomorrow. A cool, gentle breeze was flowing outside and the trees in the garden shook their heads along with the winds. I felt there’s no need to go inside. This cool and calm nature is enough for me to revel. Okay, I don’t like loud music much but today’s star is Sanskar Rathore. So you have to enjoy it to the core. I am already highly astounded. What more was left God knows!

Suddenly, a familiar voice shrieked,” What a pleasant surprise! Sanskar! Gaurav! You all have come! My happiness now knows no bounds.” It’s none other than Kayra. Her eyes were shining profusely and an unknown happiness was written on her face. Why on earth am I feeling uncomfortable? I shrugged away that uneasy feeling and decide to jump into that pool of enjoyment. I scanned Kayra top to bottom. She was wearing a body-hugging red gown with smoky eyes and dangling ear-rings and red, rosy lips. “How s*xy and hot are you looking girl! And today’s party rocks buddy!”, I said, hugging her lightly. She laughed,” Great Sanky! Change is already visible. Thank you so much Sanskar!” She chirped again. She began to tug my sleeve now,” Come Sanskar! Let’s do a bit of rain dance. Oh! Let me introduce you with my boyfriend Shaurya.” And she pointed to a tall, handsome man beside her. He instantly shook hands with us. “Hi bro!” We both told him. “Hello Mr. Special Guest and his best friend!” he gave a meaningful smile. Gaurav told,” Oh! So you also know it.” “Why not buddy? After all my girlfriend’s best friends you all are,” saying this he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
Gaurav frowned,” What! BEST FRIEND! No, no! You are mistaken buddy! We..”
I quickly interrupted to avoid a commotion,” Leave boy! We are her besties. Let’s go for the rain dance.” I am really excited to do this rain dance. Never did before. And we walked towards the dance-place.

Gaurav whispered,” You are being too desperate to do this dance and all. I told you I don’t want any fuss. Remember what aunty said. Why dint you say him Kayra isn’t our best friend?”
Irritating! Uhhh!! I replied sternly,” Look Gaurav! She is the one hosting this party. So obviously I don’t want to ruin her faith on us. And regarding your and Ma’s lecture, I remember it word by word. So don’t take tension dear. You best friend is safe. Moreover, you are here to guard me, right?”He smiled at me,” You are truly impossible boy!” and gave me a side hug. My irritation melted away. Our conversation was interrupted by a voice on the microphone.
Kayra started,” Good evening everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this rain dance to the core, isn’t it?”
A loud chorus came from among the audience,” YES!”
Kayra again started,” Awesome guys! So this auxiliary part of the party. The primary party is going on inside guys, as you all know. But before saying anything else let me introduce you all to our special guest. Mr. Sanskar Rathore.” And she pointed towards me. A white spotlight fell on me.
Kayra indicated me to come to the dais. I glanced at Gaurav once before going.

As soon as I stood on the stage, facing the crowd, Kayra gladly said,” As you all know that he has come here to break off his nerdy nature and show his handsome hunk parts to us. Ready, are we?”
“YES!” the crowd cheered. Kayra told,” So first of all. He is going to do a rain dance with the host- me.” I felt a little embarrassed. I have never danced with a girl ever. And here’s a beautiful, s*xy lady waiting for me to dance with her. But before I could do anything, Kayra pulled my hand and we reached the rain dance floor. Cold water started to fall and drench me. Perfect rainy vibe, isn’t it? A slow romantic number started. Kayra’s deep brown eyes locked mine. Am I falling into some hypnotization? Her eyes! OMG! They seemed to devour me up. I quickly averted my gaze. Then I felt my hands being dragged and placed on a soft, silky cloth-piece. I saw Kayra placing my hands on her waist. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and we involuntarily started to dance with the rhythms. I had to look at her. I was getting mesmerized. Her soft, silky body- fully wet. This was making her s*xier and hotter. Those drops of water on her face, her soft lips, her wet cleavage and the water running through her cleavage, seemed like a river flowing through a dry valley after years. I couldn’t help staring at her.

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING SANSKAR! My brain chided me. Realization struck me when drops of water fell on my eyes, blinking them for a second. What am I doing? I can’t really do it. This much isn’t needed to break my image. I tried to separate myself. To my utter shock and disgust, the more I was trying to separate myself, the more she was pulling me on herself. In between this tug- of-my-body game, the song ended. And she held my chin and moved it towards her face. Again those deep, hazel brown eyes started to lust on me. Her wet face, soft and longing rosy lips started to come towards me. She is trying to kiss me! NO! This isn’t possible. I can’t be so much free and lose my self-respect. I pushed her and angrily said, “ What is this Kayra?”
For a second, a flash of annoyance played on her face. Again her normal self chirped, “Nothing man. I was just trying to help you.” And she raised an eyebrow at me.
“I don’t want this. I can do it in any other way too. Dance is finished. Now let’s go inside.” I was still annoyed. She has a boyfriend, right?
“Okay babah! Come. Let’s go in.” She pulled my hand. I took it away and started just following her.

Whoa! This is so much awesome! Inside the main party was on. The DJ was set on at the right corner of the party room. The bar counter has been set at one side of the room. The bartender is ready with at least ten shelves full of various wines, beers, scotches, whiskies, and all. I don’t know which is what. The floor was full of colorful disc balls and lights. Colorful people were present, too. I must admit, blue is a husky party color. People are dancing as if there is no tomorrow.

“Where is Gaurav?” I asked Kayra.
“Oh! He is over there, you see,” she pointed towards a corner. I saw Gaurav chatting with some of our college guys. I went to him.
“Hey buddy! When did you come?” I asked.
He said with a boring and sarcastic tone,” I was getting bored as I didn’t dance. So came inside. Enjoy?” And he pointed towards a table at his side.
Three people were sitting with a girl on one of their laps. All four were busy drinking a brown liquid. Probably all are drunk. Their gaze was dangerously yellowish. Those three men were lustily hovering their hands over the girl’s body. The girl didn’t notice anything. Or probably her drunken state prevented her from doing that. My anger knew no bounds. What is this going on? How can someone do this?
I pulled up one of them and started to beat him. The other men were angry now. Even the girl shouted with a fumble and narrowed eyes, “EII!! Wh-what is th-this haan? Spoiling our m-mood? KA-KA-KAYRAA!!”
Who will listen to her? She is not in her senses.
“No bro. No Sanskar. You will not do it.” Gaurav pulled me from behind. I was in my full rage now. Kayra too joined him,” Leave him Sanskar!! It is a RAVE PARTY. And this is common here man!”

My hands stopped. What did she say just now? COMMON! Drinking and drugging and playing with girls are COMMON here? I turned towards her with my red eyes. She seemed to get afraid but then only her eyes cooled and she signaled something at my back. I saw those men going away. The girl too was gone. Now she coolly said,” Look Sanskar! It’s all common in a rave party. And drinks, drugs, s*x- everything is casual here.” And with this I looked around myself. All the dark corners were filled with such nasty scenes. How could I see only the lights when this place has so many bluish dark corners? Blue is also a color of filth sometimes.
Gaurav snapped at her, “ What ? you mean girl! These are your plans. Let’s Leave, Sanskar. Now. “
Suddenly Shaurya appeared from nowhere and said, “ Hey Gaurav! Chill. Please come. You want to go home, right? Okay man. Come with me. I will help you take your car out. Till then let Sanskar be here and enjoy a bit with Kayra. By the way, he showed an awesome side of himself today. Thanks bro.”
I kept mum. Anger is boiling inside my blood. And he says to chill me. Gaurav was cooled. He is always so. And visibly relieved, he went away with him. Kayra looked at me and slowly said,” its okay Sanskar. But you couldn’t much show yourself. Never mind. Come. Have a drink.”
“Thank you so much. But I don’t drink.” I said sternly.
A wave of disgust danced in her eyes before she quickly cooled up again. “Okay then. Have this orange juice at least. I can’t let you go without having anything.”
I took that juice. Just a juice Sanskar. I finished it in one go.


Has lights’ intensity increased? Why everything looks brighter and like a dream land? The people looked so hazy. As if I am in a colorful world. I am floating. How can I float? Have I been—DRUGGED?
No. I tried to shake away that haze from my eyes. But of no help. I tried to shout. My voice fumbled and my speech jumbled. I felt two soft yet strong hands holding me and I am being taken somewhere. My head is spinning. Yet I tried to widen my narrowing eyes and understood that it was Kayra. Where is she taking me? Out of the house? No. I am being taken inside another room. Silent from that commotion full room. I can’t walk anymore. I want sleep. But I can’t let myself get driven away too. My brain is still working. Gaurav must be looking for me. Where are you Gaurav? Tears started to flow out from my eyes. I tried to relieve myself but to no help.
I am finally thrown on a bed. I hear some familiar male and female voices. KAYRA AND SHAURYA! All their plans! And I stupidly fell prey to their trap! NO! Try to get up Sanskar. I can’t even do that!

I felt my hands and legs being tied up. “W-Hat are Y-You do-doing? L- leave m-me! Pl-ea-se.” tears were constanly flowing out. I felt so much hapless, hopeless and helpless. Oh! God! Where are you?
“Baby!” a husky female voice said. It’s definitely Kayra. She has started to unbutton my clothes and hovered over my bare chest. She planted a kiss on my bare chest and said, “ Tonight it’s our night sanskar. Your virginity and image- both will break down boy and a cry-baby will become a man. You willl be a man sanskar.”
NO. “NO! You w-w-won’t d-do th-that. LEAVE ME!” I shouted with all my might.

Who will listen to me? Kayra and Shaurya laughed devilishly. And then till I lost my senses, the things I could feel was only I was being kissed, bitten, tossed, turned and pounded from both sides. A lady and a man both pushed themselves inside me and broke my so called “virginity”. The room was filled with their moans, laughter’s, slurps and all that can’t be mentioned. I am getting wet again. But this time with tears, and fluids. I dint want to do all this! The night took away all my lights. I only feebly shrieked a big NO before losing my senses.

So friends how were it? My birthday special chappy? So very special to me. Bad, right? Your Sanskar doomed his life. I know you people will bash me. And I was very afraid to write this integral part of my story. Thanks a lot for bearing with me. But please, bash with politeness and sensibility. In the next chapter there will be normal POV, just to show you what was actually happening.

Okay, whatever. I will complete this story no matter what. And a good news, to make up for my delay, next week I will upload two stories in FAITH series.

Hope you like today’s chapter. Provide me with your valuable suggestions. I feel really ecstatic when I read all of your comments and answering all of them is always my pleasure. So keep reading. No prediction. But next chapter will be uploaded after a week. Stay tuned friends.

Credit to: Bisha


  1. Firstly happy independende day… lol.. actully we wish our frnds hapy independence day rather than bday on their 18th… 😛 … n this is another part beautifully written by u… m eagerly waiting for faith.. update soon.. n when will u post nxt part of this ?? Any way keep writing.. stay blessed…

    • INDEPENDENCE!! 😉 Kinda!! lol. Thank you so much! ♥ yes. This week I will do one or two updates of Faith. But if only time permits. And this one will be on next week. You know a big exam the AIPMT is waiting for me to devour me up! Lets see. Keep reading.

  2. Anu

    Happy birthday Bisha. And about the chapter. It was emotional for me. You made me cry :'(

    That usually never happens but today it did. And what about birthday plans? Anything special? Love ya ♥

    God bless you ?

      It’s really a different feeling for me that I could make you cry. Keep reading. More emotions waiting.

      And I dont really have any such birtday plan. I never celebrate my birthday in a grand way. Just a bit ore love n concern from my family is enough for me. Let my cousin vome here on her vacation, I will have a mini family birthday party comprising only 5 people. Lol.

      And nothing special. But this time it’s special as I am getting wishes from my readers and propke whom I dont know personally. Credit goes to TU and Watt pad for giving me so many online friends!! Never felt so much honorable n happy.
      Yes. Everytime I gift myself something. This time I am gifting myself time by spending this beautiful time with you people who make me feel so special for the first time. And also by reopening my Fb and Whatsapp accounts. Well not a online butterfly but still would love to keep in touch with friends online. Thank you once again dear.

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    • Anu

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      • Anu dear u r so sweet.. n indeed we are a family… a big fat happy family… 😀 😉 luv u lods dear..
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      • Yeah! Anu and Meher! I am really too lucky to have myself got in here. Only a few months and see the love I am getting! Thank you so much!! I feel really blessed to have so many sweet friends here. I wish TU does a readers’ meet every year so that we can meet these awesome people!! Thank you a ton!!:-) ^_^

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  3. priya

    First of all wish you a many more happy returns of the day…and about today’s epi I like… and the first time reading a boy been raped ,though that sounds odd that’s what you have been writing…and ways a different taught and different story line…waiting for your next regular yaar..feeling sorry for sanky…


      I wanted to show through this story that men can be raped too. Not only females. Because rape occurs irrespective of gender. And it occurs when you dont support the things being done to you.
      Thank you so much for reading n commenting. Keep reading.

  4. Aashi

    Happy birthday dear!! It’s fabulous dear!!….. I haven’t read your faith but would surely love to read. May you provide me the link?? This episode was awesome….i was like wow…something really different and unique!! Upload soon!! ?

    • Just one story posted in faith. So in my next update you will definitely get the link. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!♥ Keep reading…

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    It was really emotional and unexpected…looking forward to it…and a really “HAPPY BIRTHDAY To YOU ” ?
    Congrats on the 18th birthday

    • Lol Bresh!! FIRST, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! And yes, Swara is there is an important prt. But she will come a lil bit later. And there the fantasy will start. So keep reading!♥

  6. Roma

    Hi, many many happy returns of the most precious day, happy birthday to you my sweeeeeetheart bisha….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …I wish you get all the happiness n success in your life. ….the chappy was really very heart touching, I felt every bit of it, so sad for sanky, so cruel n nasty filthy people were Kayra n shaurya….I really hated their planning n unfortunately sanky fell into it very badly…no, it was very bad….I was hoping him to meet to his soul mate in this party n his love life to get started but what happened with him very awful n disgusting. …bisha my dear you Really did marvellous job presenting the dirty face of this ugly society….so brilliantly narrated n all the details of a male pov made me so gloomy n in tears that not only girls but guys could also face such disaster. …well done, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    • THANK YOU SOO MUCH ROMA!!♥ Yes. Because rape happens whenever this thing is not hapoening by your wish. I mean whenever you are forced and it is irrespective of gender. So feelings will be like that. Sanskar doesnt want to do it. But it is happening. Anyways, keep reading to see what hapoens next.

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