HELLO FRIENDS! As promised I am back after 18th April. Read the Author’s Note below to know a little more about this stupid writer! 😉 .
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As I stepped into the classroom, dramatic sighs and “The nerd is back!” hoots filled the air. Well, these are common and I completely ignore these. Moreover, my “Nerd” image is going to break today! Oh! I am more than excited! I will definitely show them how cool Sanky is! I will dance, drink, flirt and do what not! After all it’s a rave party! Do all fun. Yes, I have never gone to such a place before, but no problem, I will adjust and eventually throw my nerd shell out.

My exciting thoughts were interrupted by an annoying nudge. Gaurav again! I came out of my utopia and saw everyone staring at me like I’m an alien! Oho! You are in a class Sanskar and the professor has entered. The professor smiled and said, “ Hey Sanskar! Dint you see I’ve entered? This boy thinks so much of studies that he forgot he’s in the college now. Students. Be like him. This man will brightly shine in your batch. Now return to your books. And Sanskar, do come out in the real world sometimes. Else, life won’t always spare you. Books aren’t your only possession my boy.”

I giggled to myself. For this reason I love my teachers. I’m always in their good books. So they think my thoughts are always overly pure! Let me enjoy it. 😉

The class ended. A high-pitched female voice said,” Hey Mr. Nerd! Ready for the party? I’ve so much on the agenda for you. You are my special guest you know. And I am so lucky that you are going to come out of you oyster-shell through my party! Excited, am I right?” it’s Kayra. I nodded and condescendingly said,” Listen Miss Kayra! Don’t fly too much and don’t call me that. It’s just for a night and I am going to go back to my shell. It’s a safer place you know. Moreover, I am going because I have never attended a big party with my friends only. Yes, I am. And thank you so much for giving me an honorable place in your party.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “ Oh! Well, that I will definitely see.” Her face lingered into an unknown awkward smirk. I frowned. Is there really something to bother? Having seen me frowning, Kayra quickly said,” Okay friends! See you all at my farmhouse sharp at 7. I’m not going to attend any more classes, for I have to prepare everything. My car must be waiting.”
Wait. What did she just say? I stopped her, “ Wait Kayra. Why the party is at your farmhouse?”
She gave me a ‘what a stupid boy you are’ look and winked, “O Sanskar! It’s a party with friends. I don’t want the elders ‘ control over us today. Now, let me leave. Bye friends.” And she left. And others who had crowded around her, too left. She’s one of the most sought after girls in the college.

Gaurav, who was silent throughout, suddenly buzzed, “ Listen Sanskar! I think you are an awesome person the way you are. Why to change yourself for a stupid name? You needn’t show how much cool or hot you are. You are my best friend, irrespective of any such things.” UFF!! Not again! I was now annoyed,” This same record is being played for the last 24 hours. We can close the topic, can we? You don’t need to be my mom. I’m not an orphan! Come on, man, be Sanskar the greats’ best friend!” and I gave in a ‘What the hell’ look.
Gaurav looked surprised and muttered something under his breath and sadly sighed. Finally he said, “ Okay bro! I won’t say you anything. Just be careful. And please be you. Okay then, I think we needn’t do any more classes. Let’s go home and get ready. I will come to pick you up at 6:30 pm sharp. Okay?”
I pulled him into a small hug and dramatically said,” Thanks a lot bro. Don’t get offended. I too will meet you.” We broke our hug and left for home.

I am now standing in front of my wardrobe and looking with despair at my whole lot of dresses. Which one should I wear? This ? Or that? Thoughts keep coming. I am the centre of all attraction today. I need to get ready in the brightest and hottest way possible.

I chose a blue suit and black trousers (A/N- I don’t have much idea about fashion!) Well, let me go all mysterious with blue and black. Finally, my dress is chosen.
I brushed my hair and ran my hand over my clean shaven chin. Perfect. Sanky, you rock in this look. Girls will surely drool over you. Wait. What am I thinking? Girls drooling over ME! What an unexpected dream! Come out of it, boy. It’s your day today. I felt such excitement only during my birthday family parties. I chuckled to myself. Then I locked my room and went out, not before spreading my favorite perfume all over my body.

There stands Gaurav. Whoa! I gaped. How hot he is looking! Super dashing in his all black semi-formals. He unexpectedly started to chide me instead of welcoming me,” Sanskar! Are you a girl? It’s almost 7, boy! I told you be ready within 6:30. I don’t like lazy people. You know that.”

‘A complete package of professor he is going to be. Even my first position couldn’t take me away from being late and all and look at him!’ I curled my lips in disgust while I thought this. But I said, “You know me way more than myself. Please, pardon me and start your car. Want to get more late? By the way, you look so s**y Gaurav.”

“You are impossible Sanky. Still, thanks!”, he smiled and started driving. After 10 minutes of silence, we reached the place full of hullabaloo. I gaped in astonishment.

I’m damn sleepy now. It’s 3 am. Still, let me tell you a bit about myself. It’s all on the question of my friend Anu.

Well, I’m a pure rural based town-dweller Bengali girl. Within a few days, I will turn 18. Excited for this transition. 😉 . Well, I love spicy, sour foods and on the top is- CHOCOLATES. I’m mad for them! LOL. I have many crazy wishes and want to do some adventure sports and travel over the whole world including my country. Obviously.
My passions are- dance, music, painting, reading. And now, I find I’m writing stories too! Well, I couldn’t learn dance properly due to some reasons but I would still love to if I get a chance. I want to become a doctor. But I don’t find my studies are up to that mark. LOL.

I have never been so much praised as I’m getting here. In real life, stories would come out of me only during exam time. But TU and Watt pad has affected me so much through their awesome people that I started writing. And now many accomplished writers are reading it. I was totally on infinities’ cloud reading your comments on my previous chapter. People like Anu, Mandy, Anjali, Sree Harini, and all my readers really encourage me a lot. Thank you so much even if I get only 16-20 comments. That’s enough for me.
And thank you once again for bearing my boring talk and story. I’m really nervous as it’s my first fan fiction and its getting a hype. So my responsibilities have increased. I can write much better if you all comment me your views. Rotten tomatoes, eggs are also accepted only if you are polite and reasonable enough! 😉 .

Hope you liked my chapter. Another exam on 24th April coming up 🙁 . So again you have to wait. But I promise you an update on my b’day come what may. Comment your views please.


Credit to: Bisha

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  1. Aww! This was awesome. Specially Sanskar’s portrayal as a nerd cum hunk ?

    I can relate to him a lot coz I also think the same sometimes. Idk why but ppl call me nerd and stuff. But now I dont care about that! Ur such a great writer. First I was a big big big fan of your one shots and now this fanfic. Waiting for ur desperately. I hope u do well in ur exams. Study hard ♥

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, most of the people have a yendency to call a brilliant girl or boy a nerd! Loving books means being nerd! Thank you very mich for your wishes. I am totally glad that you could relate! I will try to come back soon.

  2. It was really nice…u know…it seems sanskar is really different in ur ff and waiting for the next chappy
    All the best 4 ur exams and an advanced “HAPPY BIRTHDAY To YOU “???

    1. Hmm.. he is. Lets see what happens. Thank you so mich for the wishes and for reading it. Keep reading.

  3. Hello bisha..I was all jumping in joy seeing your fiction and sanskar is just awesome I mean he is like a typical teenager nerd. I really don’t understand why are you so nervous when you are blessed with writing skills girl. I really don’t know about your OS but this one joined in my favourite list..hmm turning 18.. Wow. I was also the same when I turned eighteen you know, right to vote and I spoke so much but all the best dear.

    1. I dont know after the tragedy strikes, what you people will say. Actually I am never satisfied with my stuff. Hence alwats nervous. But right now i am in the ninth cloud. You people encourage me so much. Thank you very very much. Keep reading.

      1. And yes, 18 means a new door opening. Lol. I am excited too to give my first vote. Some of my friends have already given! How unfair! Lol. And I feel totally that you included in your favorite list just in the second chapter! I am so happy!

  4. Hey bisha I must say u have a great writti g skill and I really find it interesting and different and realistic … And where r u from… Even I am a Bengali and even I am April born … And a many happy returns of the day in advance hope ur wish being a doctor fullfils

    1. Half Same pinch Ujjayini! I am from Medinipur. I hope you know the name. And you? And ya, thank you so so much for your comments and for your wishes.

  5. It’s very different and unique… Sanskaar character was very elaborately explained and you potrayed it really well… A rave party!! I hope this journey would be an awesome.. And the name of your ff is really very attractive!! …. Best of luck dear!! ?

    1. Thank you so very much. I feel so much encouraged. Hmm…lets see.

  6. bisha are you indian or bangladeshi

    1. I am a pure Indian bengali. What about you?

  7. Itz osm !! N it actully happens ppl usually wants to break their so called builded image… i luv the way u portray innocent sanskar trying to break his nerd image… n happy bday … dear u hv amazing writing talents… m big big big fan of ur os… n the FAITH series is just osm… plz update that too…
    Loads of luv… keep writing dear…

    1. Thank you so so much. Keep reading and see what follows next. Wilk his attempt to get rid of his image be succesful? Lets see.

  8. Awesome episode. ..loved it very much. …I’m so excited for this story. …loved your intro….bisha your stories r so powerful n I love them to the core….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so so much. Keep reading to see what follows next.

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