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It had been one month since Sanskar started his yoga classes. He found yoga very soothing and his mind would always forget all its sorrows as soon as yoga was instilled in it. And then there was Swara, who polished his mind and kept him happy just by her endearing words. Life had never been so wonderful for him since that mishap. He felt this was the real Sanskar; he always had this Sanskar inside him; not that foolish nerd or that foolish cool hero. This was he— serene, perspicuous, and gaining confidence inside. He still would get nightmares, cold sweats, but they had decreased in numbers. Now, his nights of sound sleep ware more in number. This made him look brighter in the mornings.

Sanskar sat on his bed, contemplating about Swara. He went into a flashback as he remembered the day he slept peacefully for the first time after the incident—

[Sanskar walked as usual to the graveyard, in the evening. But that day, his face was evident of some inner happiness. His face looked brighter, more glowing and a cute smile adorned gracefully from his dimple on the right cheek to that on the left cheek. He walked, or rather danced to the tree and sat, waiting for Swara.

As usual, a smell of roses filled his senses, before he heard Swara talk in a surprised tone,” Sanskar! You are looking so graceful! What’s the reason behind it?” she playfully wriggled her eyebrows as she peeked from the other side of the tree.

‘Oh Swara! I will definitely tell you. But first you sit here,” he said enthusiastically, pointing to the empty seat beside him. Swara though amazed, followed his words and sat.

“O Swara! I just cannot tell you how happy I am now! You know last night was the best night ever in my life. Ask me why?” he said, brimming with ecstasy.

“Chill down boy! Why?” Swara asked.

“This is because yester night was the first night after three weeks of that ordeal that I could sleep peacefully. Can you imagine Swara, p-e-a-c-e-f-u-l-l-y!” Sanskar stressed on the word with joy oozing out from his every pore. He shook Swara’s shoulders as he uttered those words.

“Okay Sanskar! Calm down boy. See, I knew it. I knew that one day you will overcome everything, every phobia and every depression. And see, you are already on your first step. No worries, you will soon come round the others too, won’t you?” Swara said, with confidence and encouragement exuding from her expressions.

Sanskar nodded his head, quite hesitantly,” I hope so Swara. Pray for me so that I can come over everything soon, very soon. And do you know who helped me in this?” Sanskar asked.

“Who?” Swara knitted her eyebrows.

“You, Swara you helped me in this. Last evening you only told me not to remember any woes of the world and just sleep. You told I need to sleep, only sleep and nothing else interfering it. Hence I switched off all the lights, thought of no hell thing, meditated for a longer span of time and drifted off to sleep. Result? I got no nightmares. I did not shriek. I did not writhe on my bed in pain. None had to run towards my room to pacify me. I am so happy Swara. Thank you so much Swara.” He said all these in a breath and then deeply sighed.]

Even now, as he remembered those words, a smile crept up and shone on his face. Just then, something crossed his mind and his smile faded away again. He remembered yet another incident. That very morning only Gaurav had again visited him, as usual. He came almost every day, just to spend some hours with him, which was equally blissful like the moments he spent with Swara. He came and grinned as he said,” Sanskar! What am I listening?”

Sanskar dubiously raised his eyebrows, “What are you listening mister?”

“What else? It’s the news that I was dying to hear. You are improving. That’s the most important news of all these days,” he brimmed merrily. Sanskar too smiled at his zeal. He shook his head and said,” Oh! Yes, even I feel much concordant nowadays. It’s a fresh feeling for me Gaurav.” His eyes glistened with happiness. “And I think…” Sanskar restarted when Gaurav completed his words instantly,” You think Swara is behind this, right?” “Yes bro. After you, she is the other angel in my life who is upgrading me slowly. She is such a shade where you will get peace after a whole tiring day. She is really someone out of the world. She is my best friend.”

Gaurav raised his eyebrows,” Hey! Don’t dare to give my place to anyone else, do you get that?”

“Okay bro. I know that. She has taken another place, equal to you. You should talk to her someday. You will definitely find out how enchanting she is,” Sanskar said dreamily.

“Come out of your dreamland now. I have something important to talk,” Gaurav now said in a serious voice.

“Please proceed. I am in a good mood today,” Sanskar said.

“Umm… actually, I…I came to…ask your…permission on…” Gaurav stuttered. He was clearly hesitant.
“Don’t hesitate bro. tell it. Speak our heart out.” Sanskar said.

“Actually, it’s about the same thing. After two days another hearing date has been fixed. So I was just asking if you could come on that day to give your statement. After all you are the complainer. Your statement is the most important. Don’t worry, the judge is enough compassionate to excuse your health. But you know what, if you go and face them, you will feel better. No, this is not because of facing them, but because you are strong enough to face them and show them that you are no more afraid of them. I hope you understand what I mean, right?” Gaurav hesitatingly said these. He was actually at a loss of words to explain why Sanskar should go to the court. He wished someone could help him in this struggle for words.

Sanskar eyebrows were frowned intensely. He looked pensive for some minutes after which his frown ceased and he faced his friend,” Gaurav! Let me first tell you, you did such tough a struggle for my sake, but when it comes to explaining stuff, you become a dumb! Well, I am at a loss too. See, I have thought something. Let me talk to Swara about this. Then I will confirm you, okay?” Gaurav’s face lightened up a little. He said,” Okay Sanskar! But try to tell it within tomorrow. You can use Ragini’s mobile if you want to call me. By the way, remember one more thing, if you come on that day, and be fine throughout, then you will get the official permit to finally leave this place. What say?” his eyebrows wriggled.

Sanskar laughed,” Yes! I know it. Anyways, will you leave now?” his face again fell. Gaurav cupped Sanskar’s face in his hands,” Bro! Why is your face losing its color like a lady? Are you my girlfriend?” Sanskar rolled his eyes at this. He said,” What the—“and he lifted his pillow and threw it at Gaurav. Both started laughing hilariously, rolling on the bed as they laughed their hearts out on that lame joke.

After a while, their laughter ceased a bit. Gaurav got up and told Sanskar,” Bro! After like ages, we laughed so heartily, genuinely, isn’t it?” Sanskar nodded his head in positive and said,” By the way Gaurav, something flashed upon me when you mentioned the word girlfriend. Did you get any girlfriend recently? You had some hilarious break-ups in the past, remember?” Sanskar once again started giggling. Gaurav rolled his eyes at this,” I know. Well, no such yet. But I have to say, your psychiatrist, Ragini is very intelligent and zealous lady. She has almost sworn that she will cure you completely. I like her attitudes,” Gaurav said in a dreamy way. Sanskar silently giggled at this. Then he naughtily winked at Gaurav, snapped his fingers in front of his eyes. Gaurav’s dream connection with Ragini got disconnected at this. He threw him a ‘why-did-you-break-my-dream’ gaze and told,” What? I dint say I like her. I was just…” Sanskar wriggled his eyebrows mischievously and said,” You were just, what?” he sang the last part, jeering at Gaurav. He again said,” By the way Gaurav, when did I say that you like her, haan?”

“Damn!” Gaurav muttered under his breath as he got caught and shot him a death glare. Catching him off guard, Sanskar now again broke into fits of laughter. He kept his annoyed look fixed on him, then said with a pout,” You are taunting me. Okay fine. I am not going to stay any longer. Bye!” he got up. Sanskar held back his right hand and said,” Okay, okay! Chill down dude. I was only joking.” But just then a bell chimed. Sanskar pouted,” Oh no! Our sweet time is over. Let’s go Gaurav. Let me leave you till the front gate.” Gaurav nodded in approval and they both left the room.


Sanskar was walking towards the cemetery. Today, he was quite confused. He was musing over and he couldn’t but admit that somewhere inside, he dreaded that meet too. He was now walking as fast as possible to reach the place. As he reached, his nose again sniffed that soothing smell of rose. He called out,” Swara? Are you already there?” She replied,” Yes, come here and we will talk.”

Sanskar reached the banyan and saw Swara sitting there. As soon as he reached, she got up and both sat down. Sanskar looked at Swara and said hesitantly,” Good evening Swara!”
“Good evening sad emoticon! Today you have come here to talk about something that is eating you inside, right?” Swara said.

“Yes Swara, I am directly jumping to the point. Today Gaurav came to the hostel. He told me that after two days, the judge has placed the date of my testimony. And…” he said, fidgeting with his fingers. He found doing this was calming him right now.

Swara immediately said,” And you are dreading the situation you are to face, right?” Sanskar just nodded his head quietly. Swara said,” Well, see, there’s nothing to worry about. You give the testimony, and come back, simple.”

Sanskar was still hanging in the balance. He slowly said,” I know. But do you think it is that easy? I don’t think so. I am actually not willing to go.”

Swara sighed. But she placed her right hand on Sanskar’s shoulders and said,” Look Sanskar. One day or the other, you have to face them. You know what my mom used to say?” Sanskar looked at her,” What?”

She said,” She used to say that in life we should either face our phobias, or run away from them. And cowards always run away from phobias. When you fight back looking in the eyes of your fear, fear will have no escape but to go away. Likewise, if you face your fears, then only your fears will go away. And do you know why you have been said that you will be permitted to leave the institution if you agreed? This is because, if you go there and face your fears, you will finally win. You will face many terrors. But if you strengthen your mind power, you will be able to overcome every phobia of yours. You will be actually cured.”

Sanskar was puzzled now,” Why? Am I not getting cured now? Should I have to face them to mete out my phobia?” Swara smiled calmly,” Yes, you are getting cured. But to get the actual recovery you need that. You will get your medicines, and other things here, to calm down your restless brain and cure you physically. But that dread inside your mind will stay put because you are still unable to face your nightmares bravely. That timidity in you will cause your health to degrade only. Do you get my point?”

Sanskar said,” Yes Swara, I get your point. You are quite right. I know I will be afraid of the consequences. But we need to face our phobias at some point in our life, isn’t it?” Swara nodded in agreement.
Sanskar proceeded,” Then why not face them now? Yes, I will face them. I will go day after tomorrow to meet you Kayra and Shaurya.” He stated the last lines quite dramatically which made Swara chuckle.

She said,” Do you know what the other name of adrenaline hormone is, which causes our body to react during the emergencies?”
Sanskar nodded in negative. Swara again said,” It is known as the ‘flight or fight’ hormone, interesting, isn’t it?” His eyes widened in amusement at this. He said,” Yes Swara, it is really interesting. Even its motto is to make us fight or flight in tough situations.”

Swara hummed and asked,” Yes, so what do you want to address to your adrenaline? Fight or flight?”
Sanskar threw his fist in the air and said,” Fight.” They then chuckled at his action.

Sanskar was now a bit calmed down. He felt Swara was right. In the deep dark corners of his mind, fear still sat and mocked evilly at him. But he decided to give it a chance. Moreover, Ragini said while conversing with him after Gaurav left, that she would be there with him in the court too. She too had told him to give his strength a chance. He should give his will power a chance to kick out fears. He was mentally strengthening up.

He told Swara,” Okay, Swara. Now it’s pretty dark. We did not walk. Come fast.” He got up and they started strolling around the park. Swara told him,” see Sanskar. If you go, it’s all your gain. And it’s in your hands. Think again about it patiently at home and then decide. Hasty decisions are always destructive, you know.” Sanskar hummed positively at her statement. But he was already quite sure that he would go for the testimony. Suddenly, he noticed something and tugged at Swara’s hand,” Look there Swara. Over that grave near our three, the rose bush!” he exclaimed. The rose bush was full of little green buds of rose. He thought that tree was infertile. But he was quite surprised to see so many buds. Swara smiled,” Yes, I saw. I was also happy. I thought this shrub was never going to bear flowers. Let’s see when they bloom into sweet roses. What color do you think?”

Sanskar was dazed. He muttered,” I am more shocked than surprise. You see, even yesterday it was empty. And today, just within twenty four hours, the shrub is full of buds. Well, I want red roses. I love the color, and you?” he looked at Swara. She replied,” But I want white ones. It is symbol of peace and I love white.” “Okay, let’s see what happens,” Sanskar said, and again silence engulfed them. They resumed walking and finally when they were almost unable to see each other, they stopped by the tree. Sanskar said,” Well, it’s time to say you goodbye. Goodbye and good night too.”

“Goodbye Sanskar!” Swara replied. Sanskar started returning to his hostel.
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