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Amidst all these thoughts, Sanskar reached the institution. He walked to his room in the residence hall and freshened up. A bell rang at exact 8 in the evening to alert the inmates that it was the dinner time. Hence Sanskar took his plate, bowl and glass and marched to the dining hall. There, a few chefs and maids were serving the food to the mentally sound people. All those who were unstable and unable, had a separate system of having food. Anyways, Sanskar took his food and walked back to his room.

After dinner, he washed the plate and was sitting in his room, preparing for the sleep when there were knocks on the door. He curiously got up and opened the door to reveal his counselor, Ragini Sharma. “Hello Sanskar! I just dropped in here for a little check-up and a few talks. Shall I?” Ragini said.
“Oh sure! Why not? Please come in ma’am.” Sanskar smiled widely at her.
“Sanskar! For how long should I have to remind you to call me Ragini, not that ma’am? After all I am just a few years older than you.” Ragini frowned.
“Oh yes! Okay! I won’t call you that Ragini. Happy?” Sanskar asked.
“Yes! Now it is okay. I hope you are taking your medicines correctly, aren’t you?” Ragini questioned.
“Yes Ragini.”Sanskar smiled.
“And do you have any complaints regarding your nurse or this institution?” Ragini said, while checking Sanskar’s eyes, tongue, temples, and etcetera.
“N-no Ragini, I am all okay. Even I was thinking of joining the yoga class every morning, should I?” Sanskar asked.
“Yes! Of course! Even I was going to ask you the same thing. Well, I have a question. Where do you go for a walk every evening?” Ragini nervously asked the question. She felt Sanskar would get angry on her for that.
“Why are you nervous Ragini? Well, I go to the graveyard for the walk.” Sanskar replied casually.

Ragini’s head snapped up at this statement. She was already wondering how Sanskar was improving such fast that he could notice expressions on others’ faces, and now this. She blurted,” Graveyard? But why? You have the whole garden for that walk. Please don’t hide anything from me Sanskar. Remember, I’m your counselor. Tell me everything in details.”

Sanskar was quite astonished at her behavior. He asked, concerned,” Why are you getting so much puzzled and nervous? Walking through a graveyard isn’t any crime. Anyways, when I can’t hide, I won’t hide. Actually, almost a week ago, I was fed up of this institution. I wanted to run back home. And that evening I did that. As I was fleeing back, I just was puzzled and stepped in that graveyard nearby. As I sat quietly on a bench and thought of spending the night there, I met Swara…” and he ranted away all the things to her. She listened to every single thing peacefully and intently. Though she herself was quite amazed, she did not express her feelings. With each words of him, she felt her mind intriguing and heating up.

“Hmm… I completely understand why your progress has suddenly seen a higher graph Sanskar. Well, I don’t know who she is but once I must thank her. Do make me meet her after you get completely fine. Okay?” she said, outwardly showing relief but inwardly, tension built up in her mind.
“Okay.” He smiled widely.
“So, good night Sanskar.” Ragini smiled and bid him.
“Good night Ragini.” Sanskar said.

Ragini put off the lights as Sanskar slept. Her mind was now furiously excited and tense. Her eyebrows were knitted together almost. She entered her cabin, wondering if she ever found such mysteries in her 30 years old life. She was obvious that this Swara had some mysteries under her skin. She was the miracle after all. Sanskar was suddenly very much improving. But, wait. This name…Swara…was very much familiar to her. She was cooperating with this institute for at least seven years now. She knew many patients, some cured, while some died in spite of their heart and soul essays. But Swara? Why she felt that she knew her? Does she really have any connection with this institute? Or her? Ragini pressed her temples with her fingers and frowned, her eyes were shut. She tried remembering the source of this Swara-familiarity inside her brain. After sometime, her head began to ache and she gave up for that time. “I have to know who she is. I need to check the old records of the hospital. Maybe, she was any patient here. This is obvious that she is not anyone from my friends-circle. So, she has to be someone from this hospice. Let me sleep today, tomorrow I will definitely check the old records.” And she darkened her own cabin, sleeping with crowded thoughts inside her mind.



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