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Sanskar started walking on the pavement to his institution. He remembered everything; how she became his best friend within a week. He now loved spending time with her. His time with her improved himself a lot too. He would have those nightmares a little less; those panick attacks a little less; those hallucinations a little less. And all these happened within a week only. His thoughts brought a smile on his face. He reminisced everything once again.



I sat on the cemented area underneath the tree. I loved the place with she sitting beside me. What? A girl is sitting beside me and that is making me cozy! I brushed off the thought and concentrated on the surroundings. I never thought a graveyard could be so much soothing. The calm and peace it provided to my burning heart, was like an bless showering upon me. I love it nonetheless.

A smell of rose perfume tingled around my nose. I understood it is coming from that girl sitting beside me. Wow! That smell was not irritating and heavy. It was mild and soothing. It seemed like she has just got up from a bed of roses.
Sanskar! What the hell are you thinking? My brain chided me.

Okay. I won’t think.

My trail of thoughts were disturbed by a cold voice,” Hello mister. You should return now. It’s getting cold here.” Swara spoke. It was indeed getting cold. I told her,” Who are you to tell that? I can go anytime I wish.” And frowned at her. She smiled sweetly.

” Okay. I understand. But you need to go. People at the institution must be looking for you now. Goodbye.” She suddenly got up and started walking towards the graves.

I yelled,” Hello miss. The exit is this side. Why are you going that side? And how do you know that?”

A distant voice replied,” ‘Cause I am a local resident. We know things. Now go.”

How rude. A goodbye!

So I walked back. I started walking towards my institute. But instead of getting angry on her I was smiling at her sweetness. Strange but true.

The next strange thing I noticed was when I reached the gate. I suddenly realized my reality. I have returned there. And I was shocked. I was supposed to lurk in the streets but I unknowingly came back.Before I could process anything a cold stern voice spoke,” Mr. Sanskar? Where have you been? Don’t you know going out of the institution is not allowed for you?” My counselor.

I replied with a bored voice,” I was getting bored. Hence went for a walk. Any problem?”

My counsellor was dumbstruck. She spoke,” What! You went alone without any hallucination throughout?” Seeing me nod a yes, she replied,” Okay mister. Now you can go in the evenings for a walk. Now please take your medicines and supper and please sleep. I will be coming to check you after the supper. Okay?” I nodded yet again and marched towards my room. In fact I myseof was shocked when her wirds struck me. Truly, I was out fir such long without any disturbances! I made it a point to take the answers of a few questions from her the next day. Somewhere inside my mind I was sure she would cone the next day too.


The next day I went again to the graveyard. I sat on the bench and waited for Swara once more. Again I could get that beautiful smell. Yesterday night I had another panick idea. Already the worst nightmare had struck me and I was sobbing away quietly. My heart was feeling heavy and I felt very much painful.

As I sobbed, I felt the touch of a cold hand on my shoulder. I snapped my neck to look back. There she was standing, Swara. I quickly smiled at her,” Hey! You too for a walk? Do you live nearby?”

“Hmm…yes. I do. But tell me why you are crying.”

“Umm… nothing. You need not know everything in my life, do you?” I spoke.

“That’s quite true. Leave it. So we met for the second time. By the way, wanna go for a walk?” She eagerly spoke out.

“No. I don’t go walking with strangers. Thanks.”

“What no! Listen, walking and enjoying the beauty of nature is much better than your stupid sobs here.”

“Oh really! I am happy with that then. When I am going to live with these companions till death then why to turn my face away?” I sadly spoke out.

“Sanskar please note it, pain, however big it may be, should never be carried in heart for long. Arey! You should always move on, leaving back pain and everything that causes it. New pain again new move on. And now we are going to light our mood and hence follow me.” Her speech was like a mother teaching her kid. She had started walking through the graveyard. I started following her. After all she was pretty correct.

We walked for some twenty minutes when Swara spoke,” Let us talk a bit. Tell me what do you love to eat?”

No other option. “I am a big foodie. I love spicy foods. Do you eat golgappas? I love them.” My eyes shone with the very mention.

“How sweet! Even boys like golgappas. Come let us have. Look near the gate a man is passing by with his thela full of those. We both almost ran to the gate.

“Hey! Man! Golgappa rate? He looked at us suspiciously,” Sir, 8 at 10 rupees.”

“Swara, let us have a competition. I always won at college. I bet you can not beat me.” I proudly stated.

“Challenge accepted mister. You can’t beat the Swara D’Souza. And yes if you win you have accept my friend request, walk with me whenever you come here and obviously remove or try to remove that sad emoticon from your face. Okay?” She whined and stated like a kid.

I rolled my eyes,” So many conditions for one simple bet? I won’t play like this.”

“Dar gaye?” Swara mischievously stated and wriggled her eyebrows.

“I don’t get afraid so easily madam. Accepted. Bro start feeding us like you have never fed anyone else.” I voiced out.
Our race begun. We were having real fun. We kept on gulping that spicy elixir. Umm! Aha! Were common expressions that we shared.

I squeezed my face annoyingly. Swara kept on laughing,” Yes! I won. I am so proud of me.” She almost danced. We had almost gulped down 60-65 golgappas. I sniffled,” Huh! Cheating karke jeet gayi. And you are boasting! Cheatercock.”

She rolled her eyes and smacked my arm,” What! I cheated! It was you who prompted the seller to put more spice in my golgappas. Dint you?” She parsed her lips into a thin line.

” Okay miss. I will not say you anything. Sorry babah!” I put on a sad face.
“Okay okay sad emoticon! You don’t have to be sorry. Its good that you accepted.” I rolled my eyes,” Sad emoticon?” “Yes. Now please the first clause of my win. Friends?” She brought her hand forward. I shook it heavily,” Friends. Okay, we will resume the talks next day. I need to go back. Its much after dusk.” She nodded.

“Come Swara. We will go together. On our second meet only we became friends. How cool!”

” No Sanskar. You go. I will go later. Please don’t ask me the reason. I will not say it.” I nodded and headed to return. We will talk about it the next day miss.

As I returned my hostel, I was thrilled. “Hey Gaurav! How are you bro?” I happily said as I hugged Gaurav.
“Okay bro. How are you? Where did you go?” Gaurav said.

“I am fine. I went for a walk to the graveyard. You know I have got a new friend there, Swara.” I squealed like a girl.

“You go for a walk at a graveyard? And S-w-a-r-a? Who is that? Girl friend or girlfriend?” Gaurav’s eyes sparkled with mischief.
“You! Ufff! She is just a friend. Achha okay. You come next day early. We will go and meet her.” I said laughing.

“Okay. Let me see too who is bringing such great smile on my bro’s face? Now something serious. Achha uncle sent me to know if you are ready for the identification.” He put an assuring hand on my shoulders. My smile faded away. I simply blurted a “No” and looked away. “It’s okay Sanskar. Take your time. Hope you will stay well. Visiting hours are about to end. So bye bro.” We hugged once again before he went out.



So how was it? Good? Bad? Your comments will show thhat. I will always hope you like it.

So I updated after ages. Right? Hope Swara and Sanskar help you forgive me. Really, some people spontaneously update and lazy people like me need huge nudges to finally update. Thank you to all those who nudged me.

Good News (Or Bad?)

I will also post another new story’s prologue by today:- Obsession- The Antagonists’ Love. Do read it and comment your views friends.
Your love and lovely comments have always uplifted me so much. XOXO.


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  1. Meher

    Namaste papaji…

    Where were you…. I missed you sooooo much

    N hey wait golpappe 8 for 10.. Man I want that.. Here they charge 10 for 3 ???????

    I love the way swara is becoming sunshine in sanskar’s life

    1. Pakhi

      u come to kolkata we get 8 for 10 and sometimes even 10 for 10..if we are lucky

      1. Meher

        Don’t say like this.. My mouth is watering more n more.. But my luck I can’t come there ??????

        N m sure that those must be more tasty ????

        Here I hv even 5 for 40… Urrrghhh ?

    2. Bisha

      Maine bhi bohit miss kiya. Hello bari bahu. Thank u sooo much dear.

      Arey! This isyet expensive rate where I stay. Never ate golgappa in kolkata but in my town the rate is this. Earlier it was 10 for 10. 🙁 . That is why I m upset.

      1. Meher

        If I would be there I will hv golpappe daily ????

        My friends hv seen rate list of golpappe that was 5 for 100

        Lol they just ran after that?????

      2. Bisha

        WHAATT!! 5 for 100??? Kahan hai ye dukan? Aana. Agar mai bhi us samay Kolkata me rehne ki luck rakhti to tujhe zarur khilaungi. Har roz.

      3. Pakhi

        here it is still the same..lucky us

    3. Meher

      Bishu that’s in Delhi ?????

      Don’t worry galti mere frnds ki thi… Glt jgh chale gaye th????

      N yeah I love bengali sweets too ???

  2. Balaji

    i like ur ff especially swara s entry

    1. Bisha

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Sree

    Reading this again. Kyun udar papaji nahi bula sakta na????
    Toh papaji kaise ho??
    Apko bohot miss kiya??

    1. Bisha

      Papaji To achhe hain. Lekin tumlogon ke kartute badee hi bure hote ja rahe hai. Shadi karke kam chd di sab k sab. Ruk.
      Tujhe bohot miss ki

  4. So Nice

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      Thank you shiksha 🙂

  5. Aashi

    Awesome dear!!…

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    Nice one Bisha.. 🙂

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    1. Bisha

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