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It had been a week since I came here. Well, I admit that it’s a very nice place with a beautiful building positioned beautifully in a lush green garden. Our days could be spent just by drooling at the beautiful greenery. I had a big, well-lit spacious room, just like the other inmates. Apart from the main building, which was a hospital for the mentally ill, there were two other such buildings. Those are the boys’ and girls’ separate hostels. But here each room was allotted according to the requirements of the patients. Usually stable counseling patients like me could share the rooms but when I came the rooms were too full to be shared. Hence I was allotted a separate room.

These few days had made me even boring. Twice in a day, a counselor would come and check me, talk and try to instill my lost faith on humanity, especially girls. But as soon as they were gone, I used to hallucinate. Each and every night, my sleep would break due to the horrific nightmares and the nurse attending me had to come to me and pacify me. Hence I tried either not to sleep or enter into a deep sleep by consuming prescribed sleeping pills. Even then, as the sleep lightened gradually in the morning, those terrible dreams would keep showing. I refused medicines, had frequent panicked as well as violent attacks. Whenever I was normal, I kept sulking on pessimistic things and how I could never be cured and all. Gaurav, and my parents’ visits were the only times I could relish. I told them to take me away but they would convince me some way or the other to stay back.

One day, I told myself,” Why am I here? I won’t ever get cured. I can still see Kyra and Shaurya grinning evilly at me whenever my eyes are closed. Sometimes, even open eyes saw them. Then what kind of remedy is going on? I can’t feel any soothe.”
A voice spoke from the back of my mind,” Oye! You are here at your own stupid will only. Okay own half-will, but if you are not satisfied then why are you here?”
I said,” How can I go back? My parents are not willing to do so even if their heart burnt seeing me here. Even Gaurav has put on a hard face.” and pouted in disgust.
The voice said,” Who told you that you need to depend on them to take you from here?” and I felt my mind frowning at me.
“Then how can I go away from here?” I asked.


I closed the main gate behind me and stepped into my freedom- I mean on the road to home. I had pretended to roam about the garden and as soon as the security was a bit loose, I opened the gate and ran. But just as I hit the main road, something hit my mind. I don’t know the way home! I had come here sleeping in an ambulance. How could I know where I am? I started to panick now. How can I go home without any knowledge of the road? I decided to keep walking straight and then decide what to do.

As I was walking by, I saw a cemetery at my side. The signboard told me it was the official cemetery of the hospital. When the fact dawned on me that it was already dusk and I had nowhere to go, I decided to hit the cemetery. As soon as I entered, a very different feeling engulfed my senses. I felt my heart a bit cool and I apparently forgot all my woes, all my fears, and everything. Somewhere I was also wondering how someone can feel so good having entered a cemetery. Anyways, my insane mind shrugged that wonder and I sat on a cemented area wrapped around a banyan tree near the entrance. Beside me was a grave the stone of which was covered by a leafy rose brush. It didn’t bear any flower, only numerous buds. And the place was neatly arranged with rows of graves and gravestones bearing the details of the dead person inside and an epitaph in his or her memory. I sighed a little and decided to spend the night there. Moreover, I was out of my delusions for the first time.

As soon as I sat on the bench, my intuition told me someone is behind me. I heard a faint rumble of leaves behind me and as soon as I looked back, I met with a pair of chocolate brown beautiful eyes— your eyes.



“As soon as I sat on the bench, my intuition told me someone is behind me. I heard a faint rumble of leaves behind me and as soon as I looked back, I met with a pair of chocolate brown beautiful eyes— your eyes.” He said and looked into her deep brown eyes—the eyes which had been soothing him all this while.

“And then I thought, a girl in graveyard at dusk! Very interesting! I looked at her features; she had a sharp visage with innocence bound in intelligence playing within her eyes. She wore a long colorful dress which adored her and complimented her features. But I was completely afraid; and asked her ‘Who are you?’ and she replied…”

“Swara— Swara D’Souza.” Swara said with bright eyes.

“Yes.” Sanskar replied. And both chuckled lightly recollecting their first meet.
“And then, why were you afraid?” Swara asked.
“Because I thought you would do something to me. The way you sat close to me, sent chills down my spine and I felt I am gone again. Again another woman is going to lure me.” Sanskar stated with a nervous voice. Swara cupped his face with her soft hands and said,” its okay Sanskar. And now you are not afraid of me?” Sanskar understood the mischief playing within her question and eyes.

He said,” Yes, I am still afraid— but now of your tantrums and mischief’s with me.” And he wriggled his eyebrows naughtily.
“Sanskar!” she hit his arm playfully and laughed. He too joined her in her laughter.

“Really Swara!” he said as the laughter ceased a bit.” I never thought I would meet you here a month ago. And remember after sitting quietly after our introduction and enjoying the vibe of the place, I got up and my legs unknowingly took me back to the institution. There I had to face those people’s interrogation but when I told them that I went for a walk for a change, they were relieved and did not say me anything. You won’t believe that my counselor told me that I could go for a walk every day. He said he had noticed some changes in me and hence he is allowing me to go there.” He stopped and looked at his friend’s hand; entwined with his. They had become very good friends in just a week. And Sanskar felt much at peace after meeting her.

Swara smiled a little. Sanskar asked her,” Swara! Where do you live? Of course not in this graveyard.”
Swara smiled at said,” Obviously not. I live in that institution only, in the girls’ section. We never crossed each other there; hence we don’t know each other.”

“Wow! That’s great. Then how about meeting there? I love spending some time with this friend of mine.”

“Actually no Sanskar, I don’t want us to meet there. Moreover there are many restrictions. Its better if we meet here only.”

“Okay. As you wish.” Sanskar said, with a fallen face.

Swara told him,” It really pained to know about your reason of coming here. I’m really sorry Sanskar.”

“Hey! No sorry. You forgot the golden rule of friendship, which was told by you only!” Sanskar said.

“There is no sorry and no thank you in friendship.” They said in unison and chuckled.

“Moreover Swara, I didn’t recall those faces anymore while narrating you my story. And you know I thought I could never share with anyone this pain…” Sanskar said, looking at their entwined hands.

“And you said that to me. Wah!” Swara exclaimed.

“I loved it though. And now I think we should leave. Come, we will leave together.” Sanskar said.

“No Sanskar. Did you forget what I told you? I said that I will go after you go. I don’t think it would be a good sight for them to see me with you.” Swara insisted.

“Okay. Then bye Swara. Will meet you tomorrow for sure.” Sanskar said with a fallen face.

“Hey! Is that your way of saying goodbye?” Swara frowned at him.

“What’s wrong in that?” Sanskar asked.

“With that sad emoticon stuck on your face, you are saying me goodbye! How can you do this?” Swara rolled her eyes at him and whined like a kid by putting her hands on her waist.

“Okay baba! I told you are a tantrum-mistress. Good Bye!” he said with an ear to ear grin at her.

“Good Bye my sad emoticon!” she grinned back at him. He rolled his eyes at him and left the place, smiling at their cute fights.



So all this while, right from the first chapter till this, Sanskar was narrating his life-story to Swara. Everything that he felt and everything that Gaurav told him later on- he told her everything. And in the next chapter, I will give you a flashback of their meet and their gradual friendship of a week. And you will slowly see Sanskar getting fixed.

And an important note:- SWARA IS NOT THE HEROINE. AND THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY OF SWASAN. After reading these lines you might feel that Bisha is writing crap then. But I really didn’t want to make SwaSan as a couple here. Rather they will be BFF. You may stop reading this story but I won’t stop writing it friends. I know you all love me and will always do. So bear with this crappy story for some chapters. It is my first long story and hence I kept two of my firm beliefs here. I will tell you the reason behind my such a choice in the last chapter of my story.

Now, how was the chapter? Good? Bad? Tell me your views on the chapter friends. And point out my mistakes too.

I hope you like it.


Thank you.


Credit to: Bishu

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    1. Thank you Priya. I knew my friends here are very much lovely to bear with everything here. Keep reading…♥

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    1. Mujhe pata tha tu mejhe itna pyaar karegi ki tu padegi mai jo bhi vala bura likhu. Lol 😛

      Best writer? Well dont think so. Even today I felt I missed something. Phir bhi compliment kisko accha nahi lagta 😉 Thanks a looot Meher.

      Ab ye to Sanskar hi jane. Tu itna compliment isliye di?!! *rolls eyes* . Mai to phir bhi kuch nahi kar sakti. Sanskar dono ko bohut pyar karta häi. Aur mai bhi dono ko bohuuut pyar karta hu. Keep reading. Love ya. Bye

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    1. Nivi di! Thanks a tonnn. I knew you people are so much lovely. Lol.

      You noticed it! Great observation. Ya she is because.. Nah! Revealation at end. Till then keep reading and stay well. Love ya

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    1. You guessed something real sweet Ashi. One thing, did I tell you how sweet your name is! I love your name. And obvio you.

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