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Well, I had written a birthday gift for Eva, my choti bahu on her birthday. That was also a special update of FAITH.
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I was walking through a dark, very dark corridor. I couldn’t see anything. I threw my hands in all sides to feel anything but they only brushed the air and returned back to me. I kept walking because I have to reach its end. After some minutes, a bright dazzle almost blinded me. I saw two silhouettes blocking a source of bright light. Perhaps that’s the end. I started walking with hope filling my soul again. The more I was approaching my so- called exit, the more prominent they were becoming. Almost there, my eyes widened in utter shock and terror ran down my spine. There were those two turn-points of my life— Kayra and Shaurya, grinning ear to ear. Their grin shortened into a dark evil smirk and just then I heard voices,” Sanskar! Come baby! We will play again. Come?” As if someone is sitting inside my ears and telling those. I thumped my hands on my ears and shouted,” NOOOOOO!! AAAAhhhhhhh…” I woke up with a scream.

I then felt two strong hands holding me and comforting me. As my eyes adjusted to the lights, I saw papa, holding me firmly. Then I saw mom, Gaurav and a doctor as well. I saw tubes attached to my hands. And my left hand was throbbing with pain. I realized I am in a hospice. Papa told me,” Sanskar! Don’t worry beta. That was a bad dream. You are my brave son, right? It’s okay. Nothing will happen to you. Hum sab hai Na! (We all are with you) “His words soothed my soul a bit. I was about to say,” Yes. Papa, I am br…”, when my eyes fell on the doorway.

There was Kayra and Shaurya, grinning evilly at me. My eyes widened and I grasped my papa’s arms and shouted at them,” How did you come here? What more do you want?” I turned to papa who was staring at me bewildered and said,” Papa, see they have come again. Tell them to go away. Tell…” I kept shouting.
Gaurav came by my side and held me,” Sanskar! No one is there. Who? Who have come? “
How come they can’t see them? Again their voices were ringing inside my ears. I kept saying,” Arey! Why can’t y’all see them? Kayra and Shaurya are here again. They are telling me to play again with them. Tell them I don’t want to go. I want to live. Tell them…” I think I should go and push them out of my sight. I attempted to open those tubes and rush towards them, still howling at everyone to leave me. They are holding me like I am some mad man.” I am not mad. Leave me and tell them to go away. Can’t you see them? Look they are standing here. Look at them.” I kept shouting and jumping. Amidst the tussle, I felt something prick me and after some minutes, I fell into a deep slumber.



When Sanskar opened his eyes, we were happy. He had shrieked in response to his nightmare but we were happy that his sense regained at least. I was enjoying that little father-son moment with an emotional aunty standing beside me. But just then, Sanskar did that loud shriek that wiped off our happy grin. He started howling and cursing at the blank doorway. He claims he can see Kayra and Shaurya. But they are in jail. That means he is— Hallucinating? Oh Gosh!

I and uncle kept holding him firmly and kept assuring and calming him that there was nothing like that. But he was getting violent with each passing moment and finally the doctor had to push a sleep-inducing injection through his vein. He finally cooled down and fell in a deep sleep.

We looked at the doctor with a mixture of emotions in our eyes. He sighed and said,” Sanskar is physically quite okay now. But mentally, he is going through a deep trauma. Those incidents have left a lasting impression on his mind and he is hallucinating.”

Aunty asked,” is there no remedy?”

Doctor firmly said,” Yes! But you can’t do that at home. He needs to get admitted in any counseling centre or rehabilitation centre.” Aunty gasped and said,” No! My son is not mad. He will take rest, sleep well and get well soon, doctor. Please, I don’t want to get him admitted there. Please …”

The doctor interrupted her and said,” No madam. We can’t take such a big risk. Love is not everything. He needs proper medication and care. If not now, he may get bigger psychological changes or disorders. You won’t be able to control then. Please trust me; I will refer him to the best clinic here. Your willpower and trust can save him.” Now before anyone could say anything, Rudraprasad uncle spoke up,” Yes. we will take him to the institution. I believe under proper counseling, he will definitely come round soon. Please doctor, lets proceed with the formalities and give me more info about the centre.” The doctor was relieved and took uncle out. He was scheduled to be taken there tomorrow only. The sooner, the better, you know.

Auntie’s eyebrows were still knitted to a frown. I put my hand on her shoulder and said,” Aunty! Look at Sanskar. Don’t you want him to get back to normal life?” she did not say anything but nodded her head, looking at her son’s face longingly. I continued,” Then aunty, please don’t keep any grudges. Welcome the decision with open arms. After all, it is all for his betterment. You see you really can’t control him when he will get violent attacks. And if really his condition worsens then? We should let him go. Now aunty, smile- a little. At least for me?” I made a puppy like face. She smiled a little and said,” I really don’t know how to thank you beta. If you weren’t there, we could have never been able to get back our son. Thank you so much. The lot you did is not done by even blood-brothers.” Her eyes wailed up. I rolled my eyes,” Am I not your son? No formalities aunty, please. I am his best friend and so is he. If we don’t stand by him then who will? And it’s you who brought him back. After all you are his mom. And now he will again become our Sanskar.” We both smiled looking at the sleeping Sanskar. Don’t worry bro. you will be fine very soon. You will.


The next morning, we headed for the rehabilitation centre in an ambulance. Sanskar was made to sleep again. Yester night he was quite okay. Still we didn’t tell him we are going to take him here.

The place was away from the din and bustle of the city— it was a very pleasant vibe. The centre was a big beautiful building surrounded by a lush green garden. A picturesque place it was. It had a cemetery as well as cremation ground of its own. Those were for those patients who stay here till death— most of them get cured but their relatives do not take them home. Hence they become their member till death. Whatever, I was enjoying in spite of the tensions surrounding me.

We reached there. Sanskar was woken up. He was informed of his new stay. He immediately protested,” Why? I am not mad after all. I still don’t make out how only I can see them. How can they be in jail when I can see them?” He is not mad yet. So I made an attempt.

I took him aside and said;” Bro, you want to get cured, right?” he nodded in positive. I said,” That is why you are here. You will be counseled and finally you will stop seeing them. Just have faith on yourself bro. you will definitely get back yourself. They will just induce that faith in you. They will just stand by you as you fix yourself (A/N- SORRY ANU FOR USING A VERSION OF YOUR LINE BUT COULDN’T FIND A BETTER LINE THAN THIS. 🙂 ). Okay? And just a few months’ deal, Then you will be a free bird again. And we will keep visiting you bro. you will be all okay.” His face was still flushed but he nodded in approval. I showed my thumb to the people there as he agreed.

He was admitted. After a long list of dos and don’ts, and a tearful moment, we parted. Sanskar is going to be fixed now. He will be fine again like before. Hope filled our hearts.



So, after a long time I am back to y’all. Please guys don’t get angry on me. I admit whatever happened with Sanskar wasn’t destined and needed. But I have planned it in this way. So guys, I am sorry for showing you such extremities. You can bash me for that.

Just wait for the next chapter guys. A surprise waiting for you there, and also the next chapter marks the beginning of the end guys. Keep reading till then.


Credit to: Bishu

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  1. Cm’on who will bash you for such osm story…. A taboo concept.. Well written

    In next episode swara will come.. N story proceeds towards the end ???????

    I don’t want this to end bishu do something

    1. Nah! Mere family k rehte hue mujhe kaun bash karega? I am the eldest one after all 😛 . Anyways, Thank you bahu!! But sorry dear! I really can’t help this ending. At the end you will know why I can’t help this ending. And if then you have any idea then please, give that to me. I will write it’s second season then. But for that you need to read the end. Stay well bye dear!

  2. Marvellous dear!;
    N who will bash you!!…’s just amazing….

    Really loved sanskaar parents who are supporting him through out!;

    And ending…umm….i don’t want this to end yrr…but still everything had an ending……

    Loads of love dear!!
    Upload soon!

    Acha have you read my short ff?
    A ghost love story?

    1. Ahaan Ashi! No one will bash me. I have such sweet readers here. 🙂 Thanks a lot dearie! . Yes! I too loved his parents cause they supported Sanskar throughout. Every thing has to end. And I really can’t help this ending nor can I give this a cheesy ending. Fantasy will be there but no conventional route. After reading the end, if you have any ideas then tell me. I will write its 2nd season then. But u needa read the end of this. Keep reading. Stay well, Bye!!

  3. Ohoo Bishu.. Ask those bashers to stay away. If not I will definitely kill them for bashing you. You are gonna end this?????? don’t do this..Aeww.. Our heroine is entering the plot in the next episode na?? Update soon.. Now I can’t wait for her entry.. Love you..

    1. Umm.. Nivi di! Pehle Thanks bol du nahi to mar padegi mujhe bad me. Thank you soooo much for reading this story di.

      Now, I am afraid but Swara is not the heroine. She will be a big support for sanskar as he fixes himself. Sanskar’s story completely. Started with him and end in him. And I really can’t help as I planned the whole story like this. So soon ending will come. Baki bhi nahi hain kuch. Sirf Sanskar ko fix karna hai. Though that’s a big task. But yeah! As I told the others, if u have any idea after reading the ending, then tell me. I will write the 2nd season then. But u needa read the ending. Thanks a ton di. Stay well. Bye

  4. Yeah! Yeah! Swara will come in the upcoming episodes…… ??????

    1. Hmm…Lol. Thanks a lot Jaf 🙂

  5. Loved it…the concept is awesome..n different..plz upload frequently..

    1. I try but I can’t do that always u know. But Thanks a lot that u r loving it. Keep reading. Bye 🙂

  6. Hi papaji..kyse ho aap??Do u remember this son of urs?

    Coming to the story…hell with the bashers…keep them aside…this concept is’s not necessary always that the main lead always be like a hero…!

    Per mujhe bohot bura lag raha hai…..after all i am sansker in ur family! 🙁

    1. Lol sanskar ji… ???

  7. Tujhe kaise bhoolonga! Mera Sanskar hai tu. Mai thik hu. Tu thik hai to?

    Thanks a lot Chaitali. No bashing cause mera itna sweet family hai or usme Sanky hai 😉 Mujhe koi bash kar sakta hai bhala?!!U r very right dear.

    Awww!!( Baba telling Awww!! How funny!!) Yeah beta! Lekin tu chinta na kar. Tera to shaadi ho gaya hai na! Wo bhi do-do baar. 😛 So no chaap of being that. Tu aise bhi ppisega dono ki Tug-of-Sanky mein 😉 😛 . Achha, stay well. Bye!

  8. amazng..:)

    1. Thanks Kumu! 🙂

  9. Papaji…apko bash karneki kisiki himmat hii nehi hogi….apka puura parivar jo hay yaha…bohot accha episode tha yeh… u papaji…i even commented on that Eva special thing….to read it….thank u once again for that.. 😀

    1. I saw that comment bahurani! And you are right Evu! Koi nahi karega aisa kuch. Thanks a lot Eva!♥ TC BYE

  10. Hi bisha today when i read this chapter….one question came to my mind… it was that oh god why havent i read this ff earlier… i m such a fool…… its too good… amazing…..
    U have an amazing talent to write…. awesome ………. u know after saying all this still i m feeling as i praising less…. be happy alwayss bisha… i am waiting for next…

    1. Really so??!!! Hahaha! Thank u sooooo much Manu. I actually don’t think myself that capable. Butcompliments sabhi ko accha lagta hai. Right? Lol. I am so much glad that you liked this story. Keep reading. Bye

  11. Hi Bisha,How are you?? Episode is awesome as always.. Who will bash you for such a lovely story yaar?? If anyone did that means they did not understand the essence of this story.. So no worries.. 😀
    I’m waiting for the next episode.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Hi Sweetie! I am very much fine. How are you dear?Thank u so much Sweetie. Yes. None will bashme cause i have such wonderful friends here! Keep reading dear. Stay well. TC. Bye!!

  12. Papaji aank me asu agaye. Suddenly i came up with ur ff in wattpad and started to read it. I had already read 2 eps but then i didnt continue cuz i forgot to(sorry for that)
    Look now its 12:40 and i was awake till now reading ur ff. Its awesome. U have potrayed something thats not found anywhere. Papaji hats off to u. U r a great writer.
    This ep was also very nice. It seems that Swara is gonna make her entry(finally). I am very eager to read nxt ep. Plz plz try to post nxt with in 2-3 days. After that my school will reopen and i would be thinking about this. So plz.
    Love u papaji?

    1. Hello Laksh. I posted it. Hope you luke it. And no sorry sisso.. i mean beta lol.

      Thank you soo soo much. Keep reading dear.♥

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  14. Bishaaaaa, marvellous episode. …brilliantly penned…just loved it to the core. …muaaaaahhhhhh

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