HELLO FRIENDS! I thought I would include this story in my “FAITH” series. But then an idea of expanding it into a mini-series popped up in my mind. As soon as that popped up, I thought to write it as a fan fiction on SwaSan- One of the most popular couples of the telly industry. This story will be on Sanskar’s POV. So, let’s start with the first chapter.
I woke up as soon as the alarm roared into my ears. Who invented this stupid machine? I curse that person like hell! Well, one more boring day. I got down from the bed and washed my face. Okay, I live alone. And that means make your own food. I went to the kitchen and made a toast for me and simply gulped that in. I looked at the calendar. Suddenly, something struck me. Oh! How could I forget? Today night is the great rave party!
The phone buzzed. Its mom. I sluggishly picked it up and said,”Hello mom. Good morning!”
Mom:” Good morning my boy! What’s up? And did you have your breakfast? Did you even freshen up?”
I:” Ughh..! Mom I am big enough to take care of myself. And answers to all your questions are a big YES!”
Mom:” So tonight is your rave party! I don’t understand what for all there are! Just to spend your money on useless things. Why to go there Sanskar? What happens in such parties? Please don’t indulge in bad friends and activities. You shouldn’t ruin our respect dear. “
I now get impatient, “O mom! Are you talking to your daughter? Don’t worry. Chill. I will be alright. Just let me go and I assure you from my side that I won’t get involved in wrong activities or with wrong people. Moreover, Kayra is throwing the party. She may be rich mom but she is such an awesome fun-loving girl. No problem at all. My best friend Gaurav is also going. So be sure of my safety. Okay, mom. I will call you tomorrow morning. Today I have lots of work to do. And now its college-time. Bye.” And I hung up.
I took my bag and rushed to catch the bus to my college. I know I am a nerd. Actually I love studies. But my friends often taunt me that I’m not a true man. So, tonight I’m going to Kayra’s party and drink and dance and hence, prove those silly guys that I’m no less. I am a valiant man. Amidst all these thoughts the bus reached the college and I got down. Someone hugged me. It’s Gaurav. My bestie and the one who understands me the most. I broke the hug and asked,” What’s up boy?”
Gaurav:” Nothing yaar. Are you sure you will take up the challenge placed by Kayra and Co. just to prove yourself as a man? Is it necessary? “
I: “O Gaurav! It’s just a game and I just want show them that Sanskar Rathore is a true man. And you please don’t stop me. I want to go. Don’t give me that same lecture. I’m bored.” I make a puppy face.
He laughed and slowly nodded his head, “As you wish. But I don’t think that would be very good for you. I don’t feel things are right there. For only you, I am going. Okay?”
Ufff! This world has so many philosophers for a small creature like me! That he is going is the most wonderful news I can ever have. Good for him. LOL. And we headed towards the class.

Okay friends. This much for today. And yes, this story and “FAITH” will not be updated before 18th April. I have one of my entrances. So you people have to wait. I really can’t be regular.
Kayra: Roop Durgapal.
Gaurav: Namish Taneja.
How was the chapter? I will continue it no matter what. And Swara’s entry will be in a much later episode. This is Sanskar’s story. So Swara will not come now. Do comment friends. I would definitely enjoy your views. And please, healthy criticism is well accepted. Couldn’t read the whole document properly. I’m so sleepy friends. So please pardon my typos.

Credit to: Bisha

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  1. Updates soon plz

    1. Thank you. I will try.

  2. Awesome, very interesting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much Roma

  3. Nice Bisha… Its really interesting… 🙂

    1. Thank you so much G_S. I am glad tgat you found it interesting.

  4. Bisha !! This was amazing. First of all. I loved Sanskar’s character. I could relate to it. My friends call me a scholar and so I sometimes you know do things which aren’t expected from a girl like me. I mean, not attending rave parties or such. Just some stupid pranks like a shaken up soda can fir my teachers to spoil their mood and stuff. I know I’m silly. All the best for your entrance. I hope you rock them.

    Till then will be waiting for ur ff.

    1. Thank you so much Anu. Now you see, tragedy will strike here. So I really dunno I will ne able to live up to the mark or not. And really such pranks are so funny. Thank you once again for reading it. I totally more than happy.

  5. Hey bisha!!!!

    I’m so glad anu mentioned this in her ff chapter….
    It was just superb…. I loved ur raped as well….
    And I swear, I like this side i
    Of sanskaar a lot…
    Its very different from what I’ve usually seen!!

    1. Thank you so much Anjali. But tragedy will strike. i told its a bud off Faith series. So tragedy strikes and gaining faith follows. Lets see if I can live upto the mark.

  6. Love u bisha ur raped one short story nd dis one too love you dead nd ol d bst nd God bless you

    1. I am so glad and thank you so much Akshii.

  7. I don’t know why I reread this. I can’t really wait. Why do exams always have to come on such a perfect time ?
    Ik I’m bad at sarcasm ?

    1. Lol. Totally so. But really writers like you, Anjali, Sree Harini are reading my story is a great encouragement fr me!

  8. Nice start

    1. Thank you very much

  9. Awesome start Bisha. I came to know about it from Anu. I like faith series as well as Sanskar’s character in this.

    1. Thank you very very much Dhara.

  10. Finally I read it now. Maybe I am the lady one but I don’t know why I have a strong intuition that swara and sanskar end up as friends, you see yellow rose is for friendship. Now don’t blame me for that. Lol. I already started loving this guy. Expecting a truly interesting and unique story from you dear and all the best for your exams.

    1. I am trembling and so happy that you, one of the most accomplished writer has read my story. yes, ending will be friendship but There is a touch of fantasy in it. And I am not blaming you. Anyone will guess that. You know I have never been much accomplished for story writing in real. In online world I am stunned to see people are complimenting me so much! But as Its a bud off Faith series, its gonna be tragical and faith regaining. And its a short one. So you wont get much insight into Sanskar’s character. But I surely try to write upto your expectations. Lets see if you like my work. Thank you very much.

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  12. Damn it so osm. !! Ahh i hv opened this in tab n today when i saw chap 2 i finaly manage to read this … n ur FAITH god thats the bestest series of stories i hv never read better one shots than urs….
    Luv u loads !! 😉 😉

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