Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 7


Hey guys sorry I m pate but I m back !!

Scene 1
Sammy n others r in d canteen n their faces r dull n sad !!!
Sammy: Wat yaar y r we sad again ??
Nick: our eggs boiled !!!
Sammy: wat , pls nick stop with d joke !!
Ayan: joke wat joke I mean our eggs r really boiled !! Coz Ms Vashisht is really …
Moni: oh baby wat can we do she is really coming n …. D alert speaker !! Dean is saying in a shocking n stumbled way : Mahi n her group now in my office !!!

Scene 2
The wonderful cabin of Dean is shown !!
Mahi: sir u called us any problem ??
Dean: S there is a big problem !!
Sammy: sir wats d prob ??
Nick: Valentine ??
Dean: no !!!! Its actually v..v
nick: vinnie is coming ??
Dean: no !! Hey who’s vinnie ?
Mahi: ohhhhh sir !! Forget abt vinnie !! Tell ??
Dean: wat
Mahi,moni,sammy,ayan: d PROBLEM !! N nick says banana insted of him to say prob !!

Scene 3
A lavish n decorated (with marigold flowers ) car cums on d entry of d college n car gives a honk !!

Scene 4
Dean: she came!! In a scared n shocked way !!
Mahi: who came ??

Someone outside d office shouts WOH AGAYI (SHE CAME) AHHHHHH !!!

Dean: V…v.
Nick: Vaishali Vashisht ???
Sammy: pls yaar we r not in d mood of jokes !!!
Dean: joke,, its not a joke even though he used it as a joke its TRUE !!
Sammy; Wat
Mahi: Oh god
Ayan; oh shoot
Moni; OMG
Nick: HI !!
Mahi,sammy, ayan,moni,: Huh ??

Scene 5
D students r running into their rooms to change bcoz she doesnt like any girl dat wears short dresses bcoz she thinks dat any girl dat wears short legs n hands exposing dresses d girl is not trained well n is not capable of studying !!

Mahi n moni also runs to d room to change but mahi forgets her phone somewhere so she goes out of d room without changing her short dress !!
Moni: mahi pls close my zip yaar !! !! She turns n she sees no one so she calls ayan but ayan is not picking bcoz he was chatting with sammy !!!!

Scene 6
Ms Vaishali cums out of d car in a embroidered saree n sees no one there exept watchman n d driver !!
Vaishali: CHI-N-TU she says loudly n all students gather there !!
Dean: Didi u r here I m very happy !! So hw ur plane ??
Vaishali: oh ho chintu ithna pyaar (so much love) ok my plane was first class n hw is my home(college)
dean: didi u can see hw u left it dats how it is !!
Vaishali: Achha(oh really) !! Ok lets go!!
Dean; whr didi ??
Vaishali : chalna , ab muje chalne kelie teri ijazad leni paadegi (lets go, now I hv to ask permission to whr I m going ) huh chintu !!
Dean: no didi jus…. !! Didi pls dont call me chintu in front of evry1 na…
They r walking n going inside d college 4 a view !!

Scene 7
Mahi is looking 4 her phone evrywhr n murmurs dat I jus dont hope ms vashisht comes !! N still looking 4 d phone !! She says again oh may be its in d reception area !!

Ayan sees his phone dat moni called him 17 tyms n I dinn even c !! He calls her back n she picks !!
Ayan: hey so many missed calls wat happen is everything ok ??
Moni; no not at all mahi is not here with she went to find her phone n dat to in mini skirt !!
Ayan: wat ?? Ok dont worry I will do smthing !!
Ayan tells sammy while they walking towards ms vaishali n coincidentally mahi is also there looking 4 her phone !!

Sammy spots both mahi n Ms vaishali n tells ayan !!
Ayan: oh shoot if they both cum in front of each other it will be a ……
Sammy; dont worry I have a plan jus go n distract n stop ms vaishali from cuming dis way !! Ok go quickly !!
Ayan: goes to her !

While sammy tries calling her but in a low tone bcoz ms vaishali is jus there !!
So mahi finds her phone !!
Mahi: ah ha ur here my phone !! She checks d tym n she says oh god I shud get going !!
Ayan: is unable to stop her 4m coming dat way n Ms vaishali starts going !!

Sammy says no !! I hv to do sth n he find a veil on d ground so he takes it n runs towards mahi !!
Dean saw him n he tries to distract Vaishali n he is able to so sammy goes towards her n jus ties d viel around her n he makes d veil a saree on her ! Sammy n mahi hav an eya lock !! Mahi’s phone rings n d wye lock breaks its moni’s call !!
Ms vaishali is now there asking wat r u three doing here ??
Mahi: hello ma’am I was actually talking to my frd n these guys also know them so they were also talking to her !!
Vaishali: oh oook n yeah lyk ur saree !!
Mahi: thanq ma’am ! Even ur saree is cmndable !!

Scene 9
Evry1 goes whr all were gathered n mahi is still mesmerised by sammy’s act n starts feeling strange n is looking at him !!

Sammy turns n nods dat wat happened ??
Mahi nods dat nothing !!

Ms Vaishali announces a puja in d college on d day of Diwali !!
Mahi is wearing a pinkish blue lehenga n is lighting diyas for diwali !!
Sammy is amazed looking at dat attire !!

Hey guys hope u all lyked it !! Hey guys pls cmnt yaar even though it’s bad !! I jus want free frds !!

This is 4 u all my frds !!!!!
Milna bichdna sab kismat ka khel hai,
Kabhi nafrath to kabhi dilo ka mail hai,
Beek jata hai har rishtha duniya me,
Sirf dosti hi yaha “NOT FOR SALE” hai…..

Tell me hw it is !!!

Written credit- Mansi(Mandy)

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  1. Hey wat hapnd to u, der was no post 4 a lng tym. N happy to read the stry.. . Updt nxt part soon <3

    1. Thanq liya !! B reading !!
      Will post as soon as possible !!!

  2. Hey dr how r u longtime so good dr

    1. Thanq hayathi !! B reading bud !!!

  3. Hi mansi (mandy) dear, it is really nice update…I like the way Sammy draped the veil on Mahi and vaishali mam said good sari. cute…keep it up buddyyy…I loved your shairee(poetry) too…love to be your friend…love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode. Take care deariiiiiiieeess

    1. Thanq yaar roma it means a lot to me yaar !!!

      Thanx 4 d tight hug yaar !!
      Hey I jus love u !!

  4. Wah wah. Kya shayari hi. After long time but happy for long one. I am in love with the clg. Dean is amazing.

    1. Thanq so much yaar manha !! Pls b reading dr !!

  5. finally update kiya…chinnu asked abt ur story..thnx for update dr…sammy and mahi gng to fall for each other wow…superb

    1. Thanq ruby !! Yup they hv already !! Jus need to brg it !!

  6. Hey mansi (mandy) dear, wow, superb buddy.

    Loved this story . mahi and sammy sweet characters . Very interesting and cute love story just like u.

    I love the shayeri what u said in last.

    There is so much depth in it.

    Milna bichdna sabhi kismat ka khel hai
    Kabhi nafrat to kabhi dilo ka mail hai
    Beek jaata hai rishta duniya me
    Sirf dosti hai yahaan not for sale hai

    Really fine words with lots of depth in it.I loved it totally. Keep going dear. Really feeling nice to be here. And spend some time with u. Love u dear. Always . Once a friend always a friend . Keep smiling always.

    1. Hey nisha yaar !! Thanx I mean really I was waiting 4 u !!

      Hey no need to call me mansi(mandy) jus call me mansi I will no dat ur referring to me !!

      Hey thanx yaar 4 d shayeri inspired by Ms Nisha !!

      Hey nisha if u dont mind can u tell me ur real name !!

      Pls b reading my story n b writing ur story !!!!! L♡U
      For ur story ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  7. Hey mansi waiting for next part dear.

    And ya this is my name itself.

    Someday visit at my page dear. Waiting for u also. U are the main reason for writing . Who caught me first when I start writing by hiding my name . U make me convince to write. So , I wait for u dear . If u come at once.

    luv u always dear. By heart. Keep smiling dear. And yaa Always smile mansi dear.
    Once a friend always a friend.

  8. I am Really really really really really SORRY di..i didn’t know that u posted ur story..Di I even replied to ur comment on some story that pls di post ur story..i doesn’t know that u have posted earlier itself..
    When I saw ur comment I immediately checked for ur epi..i am really sorry di..Pls forgive ur Small Sis..I am Sorry..
    This is the last mistake..i won’t repeat it..
    Coming back to epi..
    Epi was Awesome…aww..the way Sammy helped Mahi is too cute yaar..he saved her from Lady Hitler..dean is so funny as well as mahi and Sammy’s friends too..i smiled on reading the whole epi..
    Di …i am eagerly waiting for next part..pls update soon…
    Di u wrote that Shayari..Wah wah..Superb..
    I am really Sorry..thank u and love ❤ u loads and a tight hug too..?

    1. Hey aaliya ur back yeahhh!! Hey no need of sorry dats Ok s Yaar I was a little bit furios dat my aaliya sis dinn cmnt but frds mein thodi narazgi chaltha hai!!

      Missed u dear!!
      Thanx for d shayari inspired 4m a TU frd nisha below, !!!

      Hey I forgive u Yaar!! Ur my sis n Hw can 1 sis b furios at other sis!!

      ” LOVE U BUD/SIS” b vizizting n cmnting!!

  9. Hey mansi By the way Your story is on TU page no. 21 very difficult to find first I read the name of ur story on thena page and try to find it.

    You need to update the next part I am waiting excitingly . Come on don’t leave the story in the midst.

    I am eagerly waiting now I read ur story and its amazing and having potential. So now promise me u give ur next part soon in next day or today. Waiting now.

    Go hurry up start writing . Luv u dear. Always with u Once a friend always a friend.

  10. And ya one more info dear. When I try to search your story on google . It shows 1 2 3 5 episode but not the other episodes. Its is Episode 7 . And if one find the short way it is difficult to get all the parts.

    Luv u dear.

  11. @MANSI-oh my lovely oh my dry oh my sweetoo sis finaly i got u Nisha was ri8 I FOUND U SO MANY TIMES BT IN VAIN Actualy nw a days am vry busy with my studies 1ly cm 1 holiday n talk to u friend bt IT SO DIficlt 2 find u I WROTE ABOUT U in nisha.s page bt no cmnt of u there n also in nats page OH Finaly SO HOW R U MY DEARY N HOW U CELEBRATE DEWAALI..? Where is my invitation..? Hw is maan via..? Oh deary am soooo happy 2 find u MISSED U SO MUCH…..
    @nisha thanks through u i got our dry

    1. Yeah tasnim Yaar u really left I mean!! Still Yaar I can undstand studies r important but thanx Yaar for visiting my page though ur busy!! This means a lot to me!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

      Hey so I m fyn n yeah I celebrated Diwali very well but missed u n all our frds!!

      Mann is quite fyn Yaar u shud red d cmnt dat I rote for nisha below!! I m learnin paneer for him only Yaar!!


      OK then take care n pls b viziting Yaar!!
      Will miss u n missed u!!

  12. hey tasnim love u dear. You also catch mansi here.

    Imagine mansi . you tell us that u start a story. i start reading a story daily because it has a name mandy.

    I think its you. I start reading it daily. And start finding interest. But one day when on my comment I see 2 mandy there. I get shocked.

    Who is mere wali mandy.

    Well , then later I see a message on thena page you tell someone that its your story. And I start finding every page of fanfic need to saw the name because can’t find it on google also.

    And on page 25 or 26 I find out finally . Love u dear.

    Its all worth it . At least we will find you and able to talk to you at your own home. Come on now. tight your seat belt and come on this ship you need to update the next part we all are waiting to see yehi toh pyaar hai another awesome successful dashing Fadu episode.

    Luv u dear. Waiting Always waiting for u dear.

    1. Oh ho nisha sorry Yaar I m late!! Was cooking paneer actually taking classes from my maci!!

      And anywa ur jus pampering me with ur talks which I m loving it n Ya I can Imagine bcoz I don’t post my story daily so I can!!

      Nywa sorry dat I m asking but wat is d name of ur story Yaar?? U no na there r a lot of fanfics which I m still in a cnfusion so pls tell me d name of d story Yaar!! So I can cum to ur page n chat!!!

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    And yaaa Well yes a little I am pampering you because You are valuable for me. Telling u by heart. Or else I never did such a thing to find 25 pages one by one having just initials in my hand Ytph And I search each and every story with having initials. And finally get it and read it to know my deary hiddent talent. And its awesome .Genuinely. That is the reason I am telling you to start writing again. Ok my sweetoo.

    Well Yes dear I also write story , Naadan Dil Ki manmarziyaan And it also reach on episode 7 .

    Well its my decision now, When u update ur 8 th episode then hi main apna 8 th episode update karungi nahi to story meri bhi jaaye bhaad me.

    I just want u to talk and tasnim and naty and its enough for me.

    Luv u my loveieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I am saying it seriosly u update ur next urs 8th and let me inform so after that hi main apna 8th update karungi

    Love u always dear. Once a friend always a friend.

    One song for having such a fantastic title or ur story and for weaving such beautiful characters in the story Love u mansi this one is for u and for ur amazing writing.

    Ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
    Betabiyo me dhadkan meree chal paye, shayad yahi toh pyar hai
    Kutch bhee kaha naa, kutch bhee suna naa
    Phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
    Behke kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
    Dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
    Chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai

    Najare bichade pehare laga de dil pe
    Par dil kisiki naa mane
    Kaanto pe chalke sholo me jalake roke
    Milake rahenge divane
    O o o
    Chahat kee lau toh, aandhi me bhee jilmilaye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai
    Ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai

    Yeh mulakate, yeh teree ankhen
    Ek pal naa mai bhul pau
    Kitanee mohabbat hai kitanee chahat, tumase
    Kaise bhala mai batau
    Achchha lage jo toh samane muskuraye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai
    Ek ajnabee sa ehsas dil ko sataye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai
    Kuchh bhee kaha naa, kuchh bhee suna naa
    Phir bhee, bechain dil hai humara
    Behake kadam hai, mushkil mai ham hai
    Dekho sambhle bhala kaise yara
    Chahe bina bhee, najdik ham chale aaye
    Shayad yahi toh pyar hai – (5)

    O rama ha ha haha ho ho hoho………

    Keep smiling my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee It makes u look more beautiful and it will make u live longer .

  14. Atlas u updated the next part.. Buddy i use to check your next chap everyday.. Good to see you back.. N nice epi too!!! Keep writing…

    Where were you and how are you Mandy ?

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