Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 6


Hey guys !! I m back !!!

Scene 1
Sammy is going to d college in his Mercedes !!
Mahi is wid her frds in d college saying oh god someone stop him yaar !! Someone !!
D person’s face is shown it some1 called sameer !!
Sammeer is on d 6th floor of d college standing on d half wall saying I will commit suicide if mahi doesn’t say I love u !!
Mahi: wat sameer hv gone mad or wat??
Sameer:mahi I dont no but if u dont tell me I love u I will surely jump 4m here !!

Jus then d principal of d college cums Dean Yogendhra Vashisht !!
Dean: oh oh so v r having a party early morning ??
Ayan:sir no u um wid me
dean:whr r u taking me to ??
Ayan:sir jus cum !!
Ayan shows d dean wat n whr sameer was standing !!
Ayan: sir look at him ! There !!
Dean: Oh mama mia !!Who is he??
Ayan:sir he is sa…
Dean:yeah I know I know sameer !!!
Ayan:s sir xactly
Dean goes bside mahi n asks
Dean: Mahi wat is happening y is dis boy doing n y is he even there ??
Mahi:sir actually a.. a..
Nick (funny person): sir she is trying to say dat actually he is der bcoz he want to cook soup for u n ur mummy !!!
Dean: wat !!!!!
Moni:nick yaar pls!! Sir actually sameer is there bcoz he wants to commit suicide !
Ayan,moni,nick, n mahi says S sir !!
Dean: ok but y is he doing it?? Love failure ??
Ayan:no sir
Dean: parents r not giving money ??
Nick; siiiiiiiiir no
Dean:is it bcoz……
Moni cuts in n says sir he is there bcoz he wants mahi to say I love u to him !!
Dean:wat !!!! He is really crazy no_ 2
Dean: mahi wat is d problem ?? Pls tell him na I m saying dis due to my problem bcoz all d ppl r taking videos of him n if nythin happens to him then u ,me n evry1 including d college will get into a big problematic problem !!
Mahi: sir pls try n understand
Dean: oh oh u r not trying to understand mahi pls jus say it for d sake of ur college plsssss!!!
Mahi: ohhh…..
mahi: god pls do something I dont like dis boy n dont want ny problem pls help me says in her brain !!!

Scene 2
Sammy gets down d marvellous looking car with style n says at last I m in a college !!
Sammy: hhhe wat is dis y r they shouting n who is dat standing on d building yaar says to himslf !!!
Sammy goes 4ward to whr mahi is n asks
Sammy:hey mahi??
Mahi:turns in a shock n says huh yeah oh sammy hi hi !!
Sammy:hey y r u tensed n who is he ??
Mahi n her frds explain everything to him !! N den d dean says who r u in a doubtful voice !!!
Sammy: Hello sir myself Samar Shergill !!
Dean:oh s ssss of course d new joiner welcum !!
Mahi:oh cmon yaar stop it with d intro now n think abt him n college !!
Sammy : I hav an idea !!
Mahi ,dean n her frdz : huh idea wat is it !! Tell us quickly !!
Sammy:jus wait n watch !!
Sammy : hey guys whr is d lift ???
Moni: 4m here go straight n den left u will find it !!
Sammy :thanx !!

Scene 3
Sammy isgoing n goes to d lift n enter n press d 10th n d last floor of d college/building !!
Mahi n others: Omg wat is he doing yaar !
Sammy is now standing on d wall of d 10th floor n saying
Sammy: mahi!! If u tell him I love u I will jump 4m here
Dean: hey now if mahi says I love u one of them will die n even if she doesn’t one of them will die !!
Evry1 look at d dean as WAT AN EXPLANATION !!!
Sammeer: oh hello brother wat r u doing yaar??
Sammy: oh brother first u get down 4m there n cum down I will tell u !!
Sammeer n Sammy both got down on 6th floor
Sammeer: s now tell me!!
Sammy: brother !!! Let me tell u want her to say I love u then make her but dont force her bcoz she won’t love n also bcoz I love her !!
Sammeer: oh ok brother got u but dont worry will not tell ny1 !!!

Scene 4
Mahi n others:hey whr r they ??
Sammy n Sammeer r coming towards them n Sammeer says hey mahi did u get scared ??
Dean:oh so dis was ur prank ??
Sammeer:s sir wanted to see wat she will do but I guess nothing will happen to her until sammy is here !!
No1 understands wat he meant exept sammy !!
Dean: ok so d problem is solved now ok n yeah I 4got to tell u wat I came for so I wanted to say dat tomorrow we r having a party bcoz my sister Vaishali Vashisht is coming to dis college d original owner of d college !! So students pls no short dresses n no heels !!
Mahi,moni n other girls say :WATTTTTT !!!
mahi:sir but y !!
Dean: y huh?? Whr a short dress tomorrow n see wat she will do !!

Mahi is wearing a short blue n yellow strips dress !!! Moni n others r looking scared !!

Hw r u all guys ??
At last I m back with chapter !!
Guys sorry for d late update due to workload n chores !!!

Guys pls tell me how it was yaar !!!!!

Written Credit to Mansi

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  1. i was waiting for ur story dr.. thnx a lot..iked it 🙂

    😀 😀 its so funny

    1. Thanq u ruby !! Will poat d nxt chap soon dear !!

  2. Ha ha ha commit sucide for a girl so stupidity….

    1. Exactly yaar dats d reason I rote dis scene !! Thanx yaar

  3. Mansi really atlast u r back. Now dont go anywhere. It was very gud. Cool dean. Funny frnds. Lot more to see. Waiting.

    1. Of course yaar will bot live u guys so will post d chap today so b waiting yaar !! Thanx

  4. Finaly u r bak. . . Pls updt regularly dr:-)

    1. Ok liya will update regular !! Thanq !

  5. Thank u di for updating and finding time for us being busy with ur works..i was waiting for this..
    Suicide scene was So funny..And dean is too funny and her friends too..I liked Sammy’s idea..Oh oh he loves Mahi now..So sweet..Now waiting for Mahi to fall for Sammy..
    I liked seems so interesting..Mahi wearing Short dress..I loved it..Because if anyone tells something not to do I love ❤ to do that..So evil..? ..hehehe…
    I am waiting for Principal’s sister reaction and Sammy’s reaction too after seeing her in Short dress..And how she will escape..waiting for that..pls update soon..
    Thank u and take care di.?

    1. Hey aaliya ur welcum n yah dis scene was actually frm a movie !!

      But thanx n pls be reading I will try to update d chap today !!

  6. todays epi rockd.dean nd studnts convo soooo funny 😀 😀

    1. Thanq hg !! B reading dear !!

  7. todays epi was very funny dr..eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Thanx prags !! B reading dear !!

  8. Wow.. Good going dear.. I really enjoyed reading your ff.. It was really awesome.. Good work Maddy!! But the dean was really good.. Wat to say!!! 😀 agar har college mei aisa dean hoto woh toh taarif ke khabil hai.

    N moreover I comment rarely in tu.. I used to read ff, when I saw your name on fpl ff I thought u wrote it.. But after seeing your comment got to know, mansi is my Mandy.. 😀
    Waiting for your next chapter.. N u also concentrate on ur work too dear.. We will wait for ur ff.. Intezar kar ke padne mei bohut maza aata hai yaar..

    N mansi how are you yaar.. Actually u know I was confused with some names. I saw so many mandy n wasn’t able to recognize u this time!!! 🙁 k take care.. Keep posting your story..

    1. U know Mandy I was searching for you from long. Whenever I see someone comment as Mandy I use to think it’s u , but seeing their dp color ,I use to know is not u!!

      1. Hey ruhi !! I really missed u n thanq for ur cmnt yaa !! Hey I was searching u evrywhr d most was at MATSH PAGE !! But u werent there !!

        Hey u no d last tym we talked was on the manmarziyan page n after dat I lost ur name n now I found u or I shud say u found me !!

        Hey nywas tum kaha chaligayi thi??? For second I thought u married n dats y ur not coming again !! Ha..ha..haa..

        Now ur back hope to c u on dis page again !!!


        Hey sorry for d late reply !!
        Hope ur still watching Swaragini n MATSH !!! Bcoz I not watching MATSH nowadays !! After d entry of rv’s duplicate Milan !!!

      2. Same here Mandy..Missed u too.. I too stopped watching matsh after milan’s entry. Its really not worth watching.. N abt swaragini,I lost interest in tat to.. But still like swasan pair so it attracts me to watch.. Mostly I read updates of tat.. Rather watching tat devil ragini’s face 😉

        How is your studies going on yaar???

        N ur ff is awesome.. I do love this type of Clg stories.. U know there was a show on Disney, “kya mast hai life” it was an unforgettable Clg series.. N urs too has a similar approach..

        All the best for your future chapters… Take care..

      3. Hey ruhi I tell u dis colours is not giving gud epis yaar !!

        Hey my studies r veey well hey let me tell u my lovers name yaar I never got to tell u !! So he is Mann Mehra !! I mean jus lyk serial names !!

        Hey I also used to c dat series of kya mast….. !!

        Hey thanq so much yaar !!!
        Hey hope to c u here tomorrow n whenever my story is there u will cmnt !!

        Ok Ruhi Gud nite di…
        Hope u lyk d way I called u di !!!

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