Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 5

In d previous chapter we saw dat sammy n mahi danced n were lost in their eyes lyk badly !! We also saw dat d unknow lady called abhi n threatens him but b4 abhi cud say sth she disconnects d call !

Scene 1
Every1 is going home now n even mahi’s frds also say bye see u tomorrow !! Mahi also replies them bye !!
Only Shergill family is there in d house all other ppl left !!
Vikram:ok then Dev we will meet some other day
Devraj: Ook (happily saying) Ok son (sammy) take care of ur dad
Sammy: oh certainly uncle ingact from today onwards I will take more care of my dad bcoz nkw I no dat his frd is there for him !!
Evry1 starts laughing even mahi starts laughing n saying wat is in him dat he pulls me towards himself (talking to herself)

Scene 2 in d bedroom of mahi n abhi !!

Mahi her bed saying to herself dat why why am I jus thinking abt him !

Sammy in his own bedroom also talking to himself dat I have seen many girls n danced with many girls but wat is in her dat I m feeling somehow n he is also thinking abt mahi !!

Both sammy n mahi r thinking n memorising abt themselfs n b4 they knew both of them dozed off !!

Abhi is still awake thinking abt d lady who called him n says who is she n why did she call !! He is thinking !! Then he says I jus hope dat was a prank call n he also dozes off !!

Scene 3
In d morning d sunrays fall on mahi n mahi moves bcoz of d sun !!!
Vandu cums into d room n says cmon my mahalakshmi kutti wake up appa is waiting !
Mahi: amma its dad not appa I m not mahalakshmi its mahi mom
Vandu: oh oh my kutti for me ur always my mahalakshmi !! OK
Mahi: amma ok u won I m ur kutti !!

Scene 4
Devraj,vandu,abhi r eating on d lavish dining table jus then mahi cums out n in d way even unknowingly even sammy cums to their house n they jus collide n again mahi is abt to fall when sammy helds her !! Again a deep eye lock !! Now they thinking abt their moments !!

*****to be continued *****

Guys tell me yaar hw it is !!
Hey guys I m guessing dat d story is bcumin boring yaar !!!

Thanq for ur support !!
Aaliya,hayathi,aparna,pragna,ruby pearl, bhgi,chinni,kfar, brity,devga,liya,nisha,

Guya pla give me ur feedbacks to improve my story n also dat I can add ur names !!!

Written Credit to Mansi

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  1. Ur story is nt at all boring Mansi just cont. it. Luv started hehe. It feels awesom yaar whn some1 falls in luv.

    1. S yaar of course I no how it feels when sm1 is in love !!
      Hey aparna u once asked me wat my lover’s name is !! So d name is Mann Mehra as u c in serials !!!

      1. Nice name. Btw in which state u r studying.

  2. Hello mansi dr….. nice one but please maintain normal words dr…

    1. Hey hayathi thanq !! Will maintain d normal writing !!!

  3. Its nt at al boring dr. Plz make the updt lil mor longr if u can.:-) tc

    1. Hey liya will try yaar !! But thanq for ur fd !!!

  4. Don’t dare to tell that again that Story is can u decide that..i am angry ? on u ..
    Story was Awesome buddy..keep going..oh oh Mahi is in Sammy’s arms..Where is d qualifications part buddy?.. Don’t mind just asked..Add college part too If they r studying..just said my opinion don’t get angry..Sorry if it hurts u.. Waiting for next part..update soon..
    Wats ur Real name ?…
    U asked about my Qualifications I am Studying BCA first year in College and B.A eng in corres..Should I call u di or buddy?..
    Take care ? buddy..

    1. Oh Aaliya yaar ur my buddy of course bcoz I m sure abt ur age but actually I m studying medical 2nd year !!!

      Hey pls forgive me yaar ur buddy !!

      Hey d qualification part is still going to cum but it will take tym n d college part is also there yaar but u have to wait hope u will !!!

      Hey my real name is Mansichitra !!!
      Wat abt u dear ???

      Hey aaliya 1 more thing I will get very angry at u if u say sorry or thanq againbcoz in frdship no sorry n s no
      thanq !! Hey yaar pls be reading !!!

      1. Ofcourse I will try to Wait yaar..
        Nice Name..i asked ur name because u said in earlier msg that ur bf name is I thought u r using his and ur name mixed.for example We use in serial or real life pairs like SaifEena,MehBeer,ArShi,,,SwaSan etc…so I thought ur name will start from ” Si “…? that’s y I asked..ur name will be ManMan or ManTra..? do u like it?..

        My name is Yasmine Aaliya…
        Ok dude I will never say Sorry and Thank u ok..Take care ? buddy..update soon..pls

      2. Oh oh aaliya !! I love ur name yaar yasmine !! Cool d names u chose were prity nice but I lyk ManTra !!!!

  5. Ohh its part5.i msd d prevs 1

    1. Thanq hg for ur fd !! Sorry yaar dat u missed d previous 1 !! Sorry dear I cannot send d link bcoz I donno hw to but if I knew I wud have definitely !!!

      Pls b reading yaar hg !!!

      1. Hi dr,its ok dr,i ll search 4 d lnk .Bt whnevr u post these parts ,keep a copy of those page links .thn it wil help u if u want 2 post ur os on other social site. Kada? 🙂

  6. Hey nansi its awesome story plz continue nd post nxt part fast
    Nd one request can u tell me what is kutti

    1. Hey anu !! Welcome yaar to my story !! Thanq dear will surely post it !!!

  7. awesome epi mansi…keep going and update next part soon

    1. Sure pragna !! Thanx dear !!!

  8. Oh nice dr….the plot is narrated with reality..tis is amazing …pls continue yaar and also Pl giv us regular updates ?

    1. Thanq harani dear !! Hey will try to post regular updates !!!

  9. who said it is boring…dnt dare to tell it is is awsm u r 19…am elder than u and pragu

    1. yes dr..

    2. Ok will not say it again !! Thanx dear for d encouragement !!! Hey ruby who is 19 years yaar bcoz I m 23 dats y I m able to love som1 !!!!

      1. i thought u r 19.sry dr

        so we both r same age buddy also 23 🙂

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