Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 5 Contd.

The continuation !!!

mahi is still in sammy`s arms n d both r still looking lost in to their eyes until mahi`s dad said sammy in a loud voice then d moment jus broke n sammy jus removed his hand from mahi waist n mahi jus fell down got angry n said sammy in a agry way !!
sammy:sorry actually i dinn pay attention
mahi:sorry wat sorry u jus broke my waist she said in a funny way n a hard way !!
dev:mahi he slipped his hand now wait i want to talk to sammy !!
sammy:s uncle dad told me dat i shud collect sth !!
dev:s i called him ok now mahi he called !!
mahi:s dad wat happened ??
dev:mahi go to d store room nd bring dat old black bag
mahi:is it dat one of universal dat once i fell bcoz of it
dev:s go with sammy so dat he can help
mahi:dad i…
dev:mahi sammy will help u ok sammy ??
sammy:ok uncle shall we go mahi??
mahi:lets go ahh !! she said in a disgusted way !!!

mahi is trying to get d bag on top of wadrobe but isnt able to!!
mahi:oh god sammy pls u can help me out here
sammy:ok sure !! He also tries but sth gets stuck up dat he cud not get it
sammy: oh god mahi sth is stuck dats y it is not cuming out
mahi : ok wait let me do sth !! she takes a stool n stands on it n tries again
sammy:oh god wat happened ur standing on a stool n still ur not able to brin dat bag out
mahi:oh sammy wait ok i m trying

Then suddenly mahi jus brings d bag out n slips from d stool n sammy is trying to catch but he also slips from his place so mahi falls on sammy n a drape from somewhere jus falls n covers them both n again they r lost into their eyes n their eyes talking !! The background music plays kyon ki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho meri zindagi ab tum hi ho , chain bi mera dardh bi meri ashiqui ab tum hi ho …..

Then sunny thai calls mahi !!
sunny:mahi bebiji ,mahi bebiji
mahi;s sunny !!

The moment breaks !!
they both come out !!
dev:wat happen y did u take so much of tym
mahi;dad dat bag was stuck dats y !!
dev:ok then sammy so wat r u doing nowadays
sammy:uncle i m studying architecture in d college of T.I.M.E!!
mahi:oh god wat coincedence even i m studying architecture n in d same college !!
mahi:but i never saw u in d college !!
sammy:i m new !!
mahi:oh ok !! hey sammy if u need any books pls dony hesitate to ask yaar bcoz now we r in d same college !!

Lyk dis they start talking nd mahi is now calmed n is not furious at him again !!!

mahi is shouting stop dont jump yaar Veer !! Sammy is saying i have a plan !!!

Hey all now i started d college romance n will also have a very thrilling …..


hey all pls give me ur feedbacks to improve my story n also to add ur name here !!!

Written Credit to Mansi


  1. Superb buddy…Awesome epi…keep it up..Oh oh they r studying Architecture..Nice..Mahi got cooled down too on his hero now..Good..
    On seeing d precap I think Veer is doing Suicide from college building because he got rejected from love ❤ I right ?.. Just made a guess di..
    U Said i am ur friend ..but I think u haven’t accepted me as a friend till now that’s y saying thank u here.. No sorry and no thank u in friendship ok..
    Waiting for next part eagerly update soon di..take care ? di..

    • Oh god yaar yeh hi toh twist tha yaar aaliya tum ne sab kuch boldiya dis was d plan of suicide !!

      No yaar !! Its not abt thanq or sorry !! Ok then 4m today no sorry no thanq !!
      OK ??

      Hey will post d nxt chap soon !

      • Oh Sorry buddy to tell ur twist here..i was guessing that..Sorry..ok di..I am Waiting for next part eagerly..pls update soon..if u r free..take care ?..

  2. Natasha

    Mansi when u sdid u start writing? I didnt know about it. Now i will read every chapter . By the way did u tell maan bhaiya about ur writting? He must be happy knowing about ur writting skills.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.