Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 4

In d previous chappy we saw dat Sammy n mahi hav a lip lock n sammy is now mahi’s father’s best frd !!

Chap 3 //
Begins 4m Mahi sain to her frd Moni
mahi: moni yaar do u no dat boy he was d same person dat saved me n also mean to me yaar !!
Moni: so wat yaar at list he saved u n whereas u really lost ur cntrol dat day so wat he said ws d fact
Mahi:moni r u my frd or his !! Wait a sec r u lyk lyk him or wat
moni: I so wish yaar he was my boyfriend yaar but I m alredy some1 elses

Jus then Ayan cums he is actually moni’s boyfriend !!
Ayan: hey mahi n moni so wats up
moni: mahi is saying dat she wants to take revenge
Ayan : on who mahi
mahi: on dat samar shergill who else !!
Ayan : ok go on n yah some1 is calling u der !! ( as u no ayan is moni”s bf so dats y he jus wanted to) ….. guys hope u got wat I rote !!!

Scene 2
Vikram shergill n Devraj mehra r inside Devraj’s room thinking n remembering their olden days how They used to party n flirt with girls !!!

Scene 3
So Ayan n moni r there romancing n moni says
Moni: oh ayan evry1 is lukin at us stop !
Ayan:oh god so wat shud I do I m ur lover n I love u !!
Moni:hey ayaaan I want to have some fun yaar lets do sth
Ayan:lyk wat moni
Moni: lets dance n lets make oders dance wat say !!
Mahi cum in btw moni n ayan n says
Moni:s yaar dis party is being do boring so l n ayan r planning 4 dance so r u in ??
Mahi: of corse yaar I m in so cmon guys lets go !! Dj start d music !!

Mahi, ayan, moni,parinda, abhi, sammy n all start dancing on d song saturday saturday….
Suddenly d song changes to muskurane ki wajah….. so evry1 starts pairing n some1 pushes mahi in a hurry n she is abt to fall when sammy jus helds hr by her waist n mahi holds his shoulder by her both hands n they both have a deep eye lock n evry1 starts dancing even mahi n sammy !! They dance lyk a couple n they r both lost their eyes n jus dancing !!
Thwn d music stops n d lights r on
But our mahi n sammy r still moving n r lukin into their eyes den evry1 starts clapping now they both now in senses !!!

Mahi jus goes 4m der to d bar in their house !!

Scene 4
Abhi is there in d balcony saying in d phone dat
Abhi: who r u n y r u saying ino wat u did
unknown lady on d phone saying dont worry Mr Abhiram iyer mehra u’ll will soon get to no n d lady cuts d call b4 abhi cud say sth !!

Sammy n Mahi r remembering wat happened in d party while they r on their beds !!!

Hey guys thanx yaar 4 d encouragement u guys give me !!!

Thanq Brity.hayathi.aaliya.pragna.chinni.devga.nisha. aadya.kfar.sree.zayn. n others !!

Hey guys pls give me ur feedbacks so dat I can add ur name n also to improve d errors I have made !!!

Written Credit to Mansi


  1. Oh oh Mansi buddy epi was nice..Good Going..i want to know that Mahi and Sammy r studying or doing job..i know Sammy’s dad is business man..but i want to know their qualifications..Sorry don’t mind..Just asked..Precap looks interesting.. Pls post next epi soon..u have posted two days pls post soon if u r free..
    Take care ? buddy..

    • Oh god Aaliya of course yaar will post now adays I m busy with my lover dats y ! But d qualifications its a secret actually its upcoming pat of my story !!

      Hey aaliya can u speak hindi ??

      • Oh oh Mansi buddy…Lover haan..? Enjoy….? pls don’t forget us I mean don’t forget to post ✉ ur story for ur fans ..ok

        May I know whether u r studying or working?..If studying means what studying I mean which Course?.. Don’t mind..just asked..

        Ofcourse buddy I know Hindi.. But don’t know how to write..i watch Bollywood movies too..Don’t worry I understand’s Similar to Urdu na..
        In upcoming epi we gonna c the qualifications part..Update next soon..pls..

      • Hey aaliya I m studyin medical yaar 2nd year !! N u ??

        Hey its not lyk every time yaar ly smtimes my bf cums !!!

        Hey I love u guys a lot so I cannot 4gt riting my story !!!

        Nywas now I m riting my ZPADK story !!!

        Hope u ll cum !!!

  2. Brity

    Heyyy …. Mansi….. Loved this one…. Sammy and Mahi…. Oho….. I am in dream land…. Anyways… Love dates huh.. Keep it up….. But yes…. Don’t forget us…. GOODMORNING….

    • Hey its Mann yaar !!! Actually he is a punjabi !! N I m a south indian !! Now u can understand wat problem I hv at home !! Now dats y I m busy !!

  3. Ruby Pearl

    Awsm yaar mansi..u forgot my name :p just kidding haa…so u have bf. .thts y ur story is soo romantic 😉

  4. bhgi

    mansi koncham detail ga chepu ff eka post cheyalo nv aaliya ki chepinate chesanu kani ratledu knc clear ga chpu nen oka ff rasanu post cheyadaniki ratlefu pls chpu ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.