Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 3


D beginning of chemistry!!

Recap ; Mahi slips n falls on sammy !!

From whr Mahi says u can go now !!

Sammy goes 4m der n murmurs dat helping is now bad nature wah wah !!
Ther goes sammy into a marvellous mansion knon as Shergill palace!!
Ther sme1 says whr r u Roopal
Sammy goes inside dat place n d face is shown its Mr Vikram Shergill !!
Sammy: dad u r still here lets go we will get late to d Mehra mansion party !!

Scene 2
Mahi: hey mom ur lukin very beautiful n gorgeous!!
Vandu: jus lyk my dear daughter
Mahi: mom ur always my mom yaar !!!

Scene 3 in dv room (Devraj Mehra)
Mahi; hey ya handsome ur lukin really dashing dad hw do u manage to do
Vandu: bcoz of me hu else
Dv: xactly vandu
The both of dem started lukin into der eyes jus den Mahi jus clears her throat like hgggg

Scene 4 in d big hall of d apartment
Abhi: oh cmon mister quikly put those well n on d liting n shud luk beatiful bcoz today is…
Mahi:my parents first romantic kiss rite??
Abhi: s but ther is another reson
Mahi; wat bhaiya (bro)
Dv: today I invited my bfrd 4m Brisbane Australia!!!
Mahi; dad but u never told me!!
Dv: oh sorry but now I told u ok??
Mahi: ok daddy
Dv; cmon be quik he must b on his way!!!

Scene 5 in d hot designed nissAn car!!
Sammy n his dad r in d car
Vikram: sammy today is a very special day so pls be respected n give respect !!!
Sammy: dad u don’t worry I will always be respected n give respect..

Scene ur waiting 4!!
They r ther in front of d apartment!!
Sammy gets down n goes n opens d door of d gate n he gets down!! Den
Vikram gets a call n he goes to talk n tells sammy to proceed!!

Scene 6
Ther in d hall Mahi was arranging d flowers n lites standing on a stool so wat happens is she was arranging n she was standing on d stool in front of d entrance of flat !! Then

To b continued !!!

Will b back guys

credit to mansi

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  1. Oh oh Mansi…Chemistry is Rocking…? Good going buddy…keep it up buddy..

  2. Then…. What happened after then…. That was amazing… Keep writing…

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