Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 3 Contd.



So I stopped at sammy was cumin in n Mahi was standing in front of the door !!!
Sammy is outside d door n checking his phone n wasn’t paying attention n as u no Mahi was standing on d stool so as he was cumin he jus pushed d stool n Mahi was jus abt to fall wen Sammy holds her d BG plays meri Aashiqui ….. Den suddenly sth hits sammy n he looses control n falls down wid Mahi n have a sudden lip lock !!! ??? BG plays d tune of meri ashiqui !!

Den abhi , Ayan , moni, nickil, pari r watching der romantic moment on d floor
Moni n pari: hw romantic !!??
Sammy breaks d romantic movement n says sorry !!
Mahi: u shud b
Sammy: xcuse me wat do u mean I said sorry dat doesn’t mean I made u fall!!
Mahi: oh hello mr wat do u mean u dinn make me fall !!
Bcoz as far as I no u dinn even ring d bell n jus entered n dinno dat I was standing on d stool !!!
Sammy: c Ms I m listening to u dat doesn’t mean I can’t talk ok
Mahi:oh so u can also talk huh
Sammy: hey u ur d same girl na dat dinn even thank me wen I saved u from doz misbehavers ??
Mahi : oh so ur d same guy !! Nywas now let’s talk abt dat incident now
Abhi; ohhhhh god shut up Mahi n u(Sammy) jus shut up u guys have kild our ears !!
Mahi: bhai u tell dis man na…
Abhi: Mahi shhhhh !! I m here na I will talk!!!

Jus den Vikram Shergill cums into d flat at d same even d Mr n Mrs Mehra cum !!
Vikram hugs Mehra n laugh
Vikram: after so many days Dev huh!
Dev: yah rite after a long tym n now we r 2geder again so hws ur son ???
Vikram: hw ?? U can c Dev hw my son is lukin very dashing n jus lyk I used to be in our tyms !!!
They r talking !!
Meanwhile our mahi n Sammy r lukin at each other n r making furios faces !!
Abhi: gets a call a voice of a lady sain I m back Abhiram Iyer Mehra !!! D back of d lady is shown !!

Mahi n Sammy r dancing on d song muskurane ki wajah …..

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credit to mansi

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  1. Oh oh Mahi and Sammy r Family friends..wah…then they will meet again and again…
    One thing to ask u how the hero and heroine fell and kissed yaar.i always laugh on this scene..No offence i just said..If hurts then I am Sorry…
    Really good and waiting for next part..Take care..
    Precap looks good and they r dancing too..

    1. Thanq u so much Aaliya !!
      Hey it’s ok yaar no offence In fact wen I was ritin dis part I was also laughing yaar !!!

      Hey I am starting a new story apart 4m dis !!!

      Hope ull read!!!???

      1. My pleasure ? buddy..Sure buddy we will read it..Waiting for that too..So update soon ok..What’s the name of ur new Story?… Waiting Waiting..

  2. Oh rival love i like this type of stories dear…. come on dear…

    1. Thanx yaar hayathi !! B ridin

  3. really awesome epi dr..keep gng on…

    1. Hey prags !! Thanx dear !! Ela unnavu ??
      Hey ur story is literally cooling yaar !!

  4. mansi…fabulous dr…when am reading ur story its like we all frnds sitting together and u r telling us this love story..

    1. O bod yaar Ruby pearl thanx dear for making me dat special !! Thanx a lot !!

  5. Oh… I thought you would take long time to post the next one… But you did awesome… Thanks Dude…

    1. Y u thank u !! I shud say na!! Thank u dear brity !!

  6. Tis I soo nice mansi….sammy was my fav character inBALH…bt in tat they didn’t show him as hero …now u r making him the dashing I will definitely be ur regular reader and also ur narration is good

    1. Hey mee to I loved BALH especially sammy n suhani !!

      N thanx dear !!

  7. Nice story yaar. Hey u told aaliya that u r starting a new story cn u say the name plz.

  8. hi mansi dr I hv read all ur stories yaar of ytph.really good yaar.nd where is ur another story ZPADK dr,I hv read it’s intoduction but have not seen any chapters.when u r updating dem yaar.update nxt chapters also dr.super ga undi story bangaram .

  9. I m readng ur os frstme dr. 2 gud 🙂

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