Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 2


Recap: Sammy scores a basket !!

Scene 1 :
Sunny thai : takes d pizza n is abt to close d door jus den Mahi cums
Mahi; hey sunny leone pizza 4 hu ??
Sunny: bebiji dis is por me to eat yummy piza (spiks in a funny english way)

Scene 2
A superb mercedes car is goin into d Mehra Industries
driver: sir d office is here
d gateman opens d door n here cums
Mr mehra !! Evry1 is greetin gud mrg sir

Mr mehra: gud mrg ajay
ajay(manager): gud mrg sir
mr mehra: so wat do we have tode
ajay: sir today we have a land meeting with Mr shergill
Mr mehra: alrite den go do d preparation to go der

scene 3
In d cabin
Mr mehra: enter n ses a lady in a sari
d lady: ur late mr perfect
mr mehra: wat to do sunny gave t so late dat I was late mrs perfect
D lady turns its
mrs vandu iyer: offo dat sunny she is alwas on her beuty … she goes n hugs mr mehra n says u no tode is was our first kiss day in those days do u remember
Mr Dev:(mr mehra) of course hw can I 4gtdat memorabl day

Scene 3
In d bsktball cort :
Mahi; Hii guys wats up
Ayan: hey guys mahi is here
Moni : ayo mahi ur here hw r u??
Mahi: fyn yaar moni
Parinda: Hey mahi I got to dat u jus got arrested a misbhaver
Virat: wat r u sain yaar pari I mean mahi tell us yaar
Mahi: stop yaar its true yaar

jus den d misbhaver appears 4m no wr
d misbhaver: so ur here oh I was lukin 4 u evrywr
mahi: tries to slap him den a hand jus holds her its another frend of d misbhaver
miabhaver: den cums closer n tries to touch her n suddenly a man cums 4m bhynd n hits him wid a bsktball n d ball goes into d basket n d face is shown it is sammy d dashing hero

sammy : as far as sammy is ther no one can touch or misbhave wid any girl
Anoder misbhaver: jus punches him 4m d back den sammy again jus hits his jaws n d person jus collapses
Mahi: thank u so much u came n helped me but u shudnt have cum
Sammy:xcuse me I agree dat ur a tai quando champion but still u werent in cntrol dats y I came here to help but..
mahi jus stops him n says ok ok now u can go !!

But ther started d fight btw dem on thes topic !!

Sammy jus falls on mahi !!

Hey guys pls b reading its gonna b very thrilling so stay tune to YEHI TOH PYAAR HAI !!!

Guys pls give me ur feedbacks to improve my story

credit to mansi

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  1. Wowwww. …. Precap…. Sammy falls on Mahi…. But Mahi should fall on Sammy…. Anyways… Love it… HERO IS HERE… Gonna be rock…

    1. Thanq u Brity !!! B reading yaar it’s gonna b very romantic n a little nok nok will b goin on !!!??

  2. Hi mansi dear…. nice one…. i want to tell u one thing dear manam oka story chaduvtunte oka feel undali koncham miss indi thats it…. if nenu emina mistake ga matladite sorry dear

    1. hayathi yaar !! Its ok actually wen I was ritin dis chap I was in a hurry so cudnt dear !!! Hey dont worry I have posted d new chapter but donno wen it will b out !!!

      Hey hayathi nuvu kuda telugu nena !! Cool now u r also in our telugu grup dear !!

      Pls b reding !!

      1. I am from andhra only but presently my work location chennnai….. actually oka story rayadam chala kashtam i can understand that…. sorry dear

  3. interesting

  4. Mandyyy ela unnav. Abbbba em story start chesavu i like it and yaaar Devuda! Soooooo coool. Avnu mansi mandy only na?

    Inka chepu visheshalu?

    1. Hey kfar atlast tym dorikinda s o thanx yaar i was thinkin abt to rite astory so after a long tym naku tym dorikindi !!

      Hey mansi is my real name only yaar !!

  5. Fara u r also telugu nice

  6. Oh oh Hero entered with a Fight Scene dude..Aww..that’s so sweet he started to fight with goons for her Future love..Interesting…
    Next epi pls post soon…
    From where u r ?..

  7. story chala bavundi mansi..hero entry kuda chala bavundi

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