Yehi Toh Pyaar Hai (YTPH) Chapter 1


Beginning of friendship!!!

D story begins wid a girl shouting at a boy sain u idiot,scoundrel, stupid , characterless hw dare u touch me huh ??
N then d face is shown its non oder than Mahi mehra !!!

I think no one undastud so lets go to d FB ! So it show dat she was buying a fruits n one misbhaver jus touched her on her back so from der she started !!

Present : d boy now starts apologising n sain sorry sister sorry !! Sorry pls 4giv ur bro sis den now she says Jus shutup now ur calling me ur sister whr was ur brain wen u touched me besharam !!! I will never live u kaminey jus den he runs away n she says stoooop if not I wunt live u jus den her big bro Abhi holds him n says whr will u go wen abhi is here n hw will sme touch my sister wen I m here !!

In d police station: de both bro n sis cum der n reports a case n says dis kamina just touches me !!! Then d police reports d case n says hu hit dis boy blue black den abhi says hu else wen u can only c dis TAI QUANDO GIRL !!! Then d police says I must say ur parents taught u how to face n fight problems !!

The scene moves to a lavish apartment n der d pizza delivery guy jus goes n rings d bell of d door 7008 !! A bai jus opens n says hu r u wat doin here spikin lyk a english wuman but cant spik well so d pizza guy says mam ur pizza d bai says ohhh than ku thanku !!!

The parents r shown

Pls guys give me ur feedbacks so dat I can improve my story !!!

Credit- Mansi

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  1. Story seems interesting. Like it very much. Introduce our hero soon.

    1. Thank u Aparna !!! Of course will intro d hero soon !!??

  2. Its an awsome story
    Nice narration

    1. Thanx yaar !! Will post d next chap soon !!??

  3. started with fight 🙂 nice buddy

    1. Thanx ruby pearl !!

  4. Nice mansi where is hero

    1. Hey hayathi thanx dear !! Hey he is on his way in d nxt chap !!

  5. Nice episode

    1. Thanq Aradhana!!

  6. Oh oh Mansi dear…Beginning the show with Fight scene…I liked Abhi fighting for her Sis…keep it up…Excited to read next..update soon..waiting for hero’s entry too..Take care ?..

    1. Hey Aaliya!! Yaar my bro also did d same dats whr I got d idea !!

      Thanx yaar??

  7. Heyyy … Mansi…. I’m feeling jealous to Mahi….. Want a brother like Abhi….I don’t have any….. Anyways… Love the update…. Continue… And yesss… Please make the entry of HERO….Waiting….

    1. me too brity

    2. Thanq u so much yaar
      Brity !! Read d Aaliya cmnts it’s also 4 u!!!

  8. Wow really interesting….. Very good ep..dr

  9. Keep going yaar

  10. there are a lot of errors rest all is good keep going would love to read further

  11. Hey Riya !! Thanx bud !!?? hey after a long tym huh!!!

    Hey Sam welcum dear !! Thanq a lot!!

    Hey xyz s yaar I too agree lot of errors but thanx for d feedback will try to improve d story !!!

  12. superbbb mansi..chala bavundi..kani hero ekkada??

  13. Nice intro, keep it up buddyyy. ..

  14. nice dr superga undi continue cheyyi.luv u loads bangaram.

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