Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 9)

Hey guys I am so so so sorry 4 d delay but I was on a complete rest situation…. As shatakshi di had informed u all in her epi 5 of ‘so a lion fell in love with a lamb’…I deserve d awareness of the most irregular writer of Tu
. but since from d next week my summer breaks r going 2 start I promise that I ‘ll b on time……well I was active on TU and I have commented on many of the ffs too.
Well I read the news of sidhant sir quitting tei..4 me it was a notice that -dear tei , twinj and sidmin fan u should also quit watching tei…..I am very sad hearing the news that sid sir is quitting the show 4 a better project I.e.,jdlk(acc.2 d sources)…well I must say that v should respect his decision as if he will contest in jdlk then v will definitely love him as did sir only….he made us love kunj and I am sure that he will make all of us love whatever he does in future… and I will not permit him 2 quit my ff bcoz he was ..he is and will always b the 1 and only kunj..the kunj sarna who rules and occupies all our hearts.
I want 2 say ritzi di plz post ur ff as I am waiting and don’t b sad as even his track 2 leave tei will take place in august or September till then let’s enjoy his presence and di its u who make us laugh everytime di plz pzl post ur ff na???.
And a special thanks to shatakshi di 4 spreading my message and thanks 2 all those who read and comment.

So here is

Ariya brings a guitar & hands it over to twinkle..
Twinkle sits on chair and plays d guitar….
Instrumental of galiyan (female)
T: yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin mandir aur madinaaa.aaaa
Teri galiyan, galiyan Teri galiyan..
Mujhko bhave galiyan Teri galiyan…….
She continues d song & all admire her voice.. Kunj was feeling calm listening her and was unknowingly smiling..
She finished the song and all clap.
Muski: Didi u r fabulous….????????
T: oh thank u baby…so now can I leave?
All(sadly) : hmmm.
T: awwww…..(she goes and hugs them all….kunj also greets everyone twinj were about 2 leave)
Tashu: kunj Bhaiya….
K: yes baby…..
Tashu comes running and kunj lifts her..she kisses his cheek..kunj smile
Tashu: Bhaiya will u come 2 meet me again..
K: of course.. Even I will miss u dear..
T: haww..tashu..all love 4 kunj Bhaiya only..
Tashu still in kunj’ s hands : yes …he is my favorite Bhaiya (she naughtily shows toungue to twinkle)
T: haaawww…I,will not bring chocolates 4 u know…
Aryan: no prblm di u can give me one extra…
Tashu comes down from Kunj’ s arm..
Tashu: no no Didi u r my favorite Didi na…
Kunj smiles..: and what about me?
Tashu winks and kunj understood they she is buttering twinkle..
T: haan hann if ur tricks r over can I go..
Ta: yes…bye Kunj Bhaiya…..
Twinkle looks on..
Ta: haan haan….bye to u twinkle di also….bye..
Twinj smiles and leaves..

Outside the house..
K: so how will go now?… Should I drop u somewhere?
T: no thanks I have a scooty here…well thanks 4 dropping me…
K: oh that’s OK…vaise bhi dosti main no sorry and no thanks…
T: oh really …dosti..and that too with u…..don’t fly kunj sarna come down…. Don’t give so much importance to itself…
K: ohho .miss …even I don’t wish 2 bcom ur frnd was u who told that we r..frnds I said that coz I thought that u will feel..
T: ya ya..I will feel dejected.. I will cry hearing that the Kunj sarna refused to become my frnd….(with full attitude)… Keep ur kindness with urself…what do u think of urself!
K: !!!!!!!! Really….why r u girls so confusing?…. I mean can u tell me the reason that why r u fighting with me….really u r so childish… U r just like a 5 yr kid….miss. bacchi
T: really …I mean miss.bacchi!!! Seriously….. I don’t know that why even I talking 2 u…..bye..Mr.complicated…
They move in opposite directions (tei title track plays….tashane tashne*..ishq)
Kunj leaves on his bike.. And twinkle also leaves on her scooty .
T: he is such a ..idiot……. But why was I fighting with him unnecessarily?…

Twinkle reaches the taneja Mansion and stops in front of the gate gives the scooty to one of the guards and asked him to keep the scooty back at the NGO.
She was about to enter the gate but someone calls her from back..she turns and finds a guy with a muscular appearance standing in front of his car.twinkle approachs him.
T: yes …do u need any help?.. Any problem?
Let’s name d guy Jay.
J: yes only u can help me….he kneels and spreads his hands in air …….I love u…I love u very much… I saw u in the mall 2day and u stole my heart….will u marry me?
Twinkle was shocked but replica: look Mr….I respect ur feelings but I am sorry ..I don’t even know who u r..
J was hell angry… He got up, holds her hand tightly turns her: how can u say no to me?..I love u ..u marry me and u will come 2 know me…tell me..r u saying no bcoz of that boy(Kunj)… Tell me I will kill him.. U r only mine…do u get that!!
Guard tried to save twinkle but twinkle asked them not to as she will handle him.
Twinkle was boiling with anger she released herself from his hands and CHATTAKKKK gave a tight on his cheek.
T(angri): how dare u….this was to tell u why happens if u dare to touch a girl…listen ..stop being insane, if u wish to hear a ‘yes’ then have d courage to gear a No too…1st go and learn 2 respect girls and their decisions..get lost and don’t dare to show me ur face or I will show you who twinkle Taneja is……
She angrily asked him to leave
And leaves.. She entered Taneja mansion angrily ..leela notices her .
L: oye puttar u r back…. Wht happened?
Twinkle tells her everything..
L: very good. Beta…these boys aho don’t know to respect girls deserve this only…but u don’t b upset bcoz of that fellow….. I have a surprise 4 u.
T: really
L: yes..he is back!.
T: who?

A voice(in a filmy tone): dekho …dekho main aa gya..
T: selfieeeeee!!!……….

(NOTE: the voice is not if a human !!!!!!??????????)
PRECAP: entry of selfie…SARNAS to reach Amritsar.

I hope u guys liked it..
Stay tuned with Y-H-I…and guess who this selfie is…
Love u all.

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  1. I hope u all liked it.

  2. Hey Shreya how r u??? N the episode was too good…n welcome dear as u r my small sissy so I can do that much for u atleast…plzzz upload regularly from now??

    1. I am quite fine di and I may b irregular but only till 30 the but I will try my best

  3. Nice loved it post ASAP

  4. aww shreya…. i hv posted my epi today so enjoy it nd ya a sad news is tht sidhant is not quitting in august or sept…. i will be shown dead in jst tuesdays or wednesday’s epi nxt week in tei as his accident’s sequence is already shooted… but ya yr ff… mindblowing girl!

    1. Oh thank u so much di??

  5. Hey hw r u??? Btw epi ws jus amazing loved it so much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

    1. I am quite fine…thanks

  6. Yaar episode was amazing as for ur ‘bak bak’ i agree 100% with every word u say we will all miss him sooo much ???…..nbtw selfue im guessing he’s a parrot ???? Just a guess :$ bcz u said he’s not human … Lol … Jalde post carro asap

    1. Tyvm romaisah… I will try …regards

  7. U know I was waiting for ur ff. First tell how’s ur health?
    Coming to episode I loved it the way twinkle fought with kunj was too cute. Nice tashan between them.
    All we twinj fans r united that we will quit tei after Sid exit.

    1. Tysm sayeeda.. I felt glad 2 know that u were waiting 4 my epi..well I am fine… I agree with u

  8. Hey guys i am a silent reader i m cmntng for the first time i just want to know whats (jdlk)

    1. Sorry LG(KUNG).. As I typed wrong its jdlj i.e., Jhalak dikh la jaa….well welcome to the tei family.??

    2. Tysm

  9. Osum shreya ….I was waiting like hell that when u r ff will b posted….hope u r well…luv u and u r ff 2 the cote

    1. Oh thank u sooooooo much dear dreamer…yes I am fine now and reading all ur comments make me totally fine??…

  10. nice update ???
    great work
    update asap

    1. Thanks srija di..

  11. awesomeeee……………….n wanted u r in which std?

    1. Tysm…I am in 9th std

      1. Hey me too I’m also in 9th. And from where r u?

        Sorry for asking questions

      2. I am from Lucknow.

  12. It was superb.. and, maybe selfie is a pet.

    1. Tysm Ria..may b

  13. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Hey shreya its superb yaar

    1. Tyvm fatarjo..and even I am a krpkab fan

  14. Awesome one shreya …… loved it ….

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