Yehi Hai Ishq… (episode 6)


Hi guys???????.I am so so so glad to know that u all r liking my ff.thanks sadaf and zikra for giving me such a big compliment of being an amazing writing.. Oh some 1 hold me or I ‘ll faint.
Well for ritu and those who want 2 know where I stay– I stay in bulandshahr but I belong to Gorakhpur ,a city near Nepal.
I am sorry as I wrote about a fun moment in epi 4’s PRECAP but I felt that the roka part in already a long one and I didn’t wanted to drag it but I promise that definitely I will add that part later.

So here’s
Epi 6-
Next morning ( 8:45)
A nicely ventilated room is shown with a balcony. The camera(for us) moves towards a wall with many photos of some lovely &cute moments of the owner with her family and friends.then a shelf is shown with many trophies ( of singing competitions) kept and above all in a glass case , a crown and a sash is kept of MISS AMRITSAR (2015-16).
The there is a black acoustic guitar kept with a tick of green stars.
A girl is then shown wearing a (H&R London) White classic frock dress with red floral print with a black belt. She is wearing black high heels and extremely pretty platinum droplet earings. She brushes her straight and silky hair.
She applies maskara and lip balm and smiles. Her face is shown.
( yes yes yes u r thinking right , its twinkle)
T: oh , today this chinki will definitely kill me.
She hears a horn of a car.
T: oh god , think of devil and devil appears.
She takes her mobile and hurriedly comes out of her room. While she was on stairs leela sees her .
L: oye puttar , I think chinki has come.
T: ji maa, we r going to do shopping for her engagement.
She hugs her, and says: cu
and leaves.
L: puttar have something there OK .
Twinkle: ji maa .
She comes out of the house and finds chinki standing and fuming.
Twinkle comes , she,pounts and hold her,ears .
Twinkle (silently): sorry.
Chinki smiles as does twinkle.
They leave in chinki’s car chit -chatting.

They reach the mall.
Walking inside the entrance of the mall.
Twinkle: haan, toh miss, where’s my jiju?
Chinki: no idea, I think I should call and ask him.

On road.
Dev sitting on a bike behind a guy who is driving.
That guy is wearing a horizontally stiped white t-shirt with a blue jacket.he is wearing shades and is looking damn hot.( guess WHO??)
Dev is talking on his mobile: ya ya , jaan I am just coming u just wait near the parking, I’ll b there,in 5 mins.Ya Kunj is with me. Don’t worry i’ll b there.

In the mall
Chinki: twinkle, he is asking me to wait near parking let’s go.
Twinkle: god, OK let’s go.
They r waiting near the parking .
They see a guy on a bike with Dev sitting behind.
Dev comes down the bike and then the guy.
He removes his shades and keeps them in the neckline of his t-shirt.(he is Kunj)
Twinkle was astonished.
Chinki notices her : he is looking hot na.
Twinkle: hmmm
Chinki: really.
Twinkle comes to senses,: no ways , I m just kidding.
Deku( Kunj & Dev, I know its funny) come towards twinki.
Dev: hey baby, see I am on time.
Chinki: is it so, go and repair ur watch(fumes)
Dev: accha baba sry.
Hey kunj, kal tumhe mila nahi payaa, meet my favorite SIL,….tw….( pointing towards twinkle)
Kunj: twinkle, I hope I am right.
Twinkle( smiles): yes u r, but I never thought that u will take it seriously. U could have asked jiju.
Kunj: Kunj sarna doesn’t like to cheat( they both shake hands)
Devki: what r u talking ’bout?
Twinkle: I ‘all tell u afterwards.
Chinki: OK then, let’s buy dresses first.
Twinkle: great!
Dev: twinkle… Kunj… if u don’t mind, can I and chinki shop together, and u 2 together.
Kunj and twinkle look at EO, twinkle asks him with her eyes, he blinks n smiles.
Twinkle: v both mind …u r asking us to take ur to b wife with u..
Kunj: yes , she is ur fiance and u r asking us.
Dev: no no , I mean ….u two can shop together na.
Kunj: ya I am OK with it.
Twinkle (after thinking): no problem.
Devki leaves.
Kunj and twinkle were walking with an awkward silence.
Twinkle( thinks): ye silent sarna to baat karne nahi wala air main bina bole kaise rahoon! I think I should break this silence.
Twinkle: so Mr .sarna..
Kunj: u can call me Kunj. ( he smiles to give her attention)
Twinkle (smiles seeing that he is giving her attention and not ignoring her): haan to Kunj.. U really guessed my name?
Kunj: yup..
Twinkle (eagerly): how?
Kunj understood her curiosity.
Kunj: mmm yesterday night I was looking at the stars thinking about u and felt that the stars r twinkling and my maa told that my eyes also twinkle when I smile so I thought…

Twinkle: ..and u came to know what my name is! Great!…
Kunj: yes a kind of as I was not sure.
Twinkle : OK….so let’s shop..
Kunj: yes of course , come I will accompany u
Twinkle: OK , but I doubt about ur fashion sense ( see guys whose fashion sense she is doubting…??)
Kunj was a Lil surprised (with his 1eyebrow up): OK then , I will clear all ur doubt’s then.
Twinkle: OK let’s see.
They both enter a shop .
Twinkle: I am thinking to buy a lehenga.
Kunj: k.
Twinkle starts looking for a lehenga of her choice but was not able to find. Kunj thinks 2 help her and he also starts looking one for her. After sometimes his eyes fall on an extremely pretty pink designer lehenga with silver embroidery at the blouse and at the border of the skirt.he calls twinkle.
Kunj: twinkle I got one for u.
Twinkle: really !thanks
He shows her the lehenga.
Twinkle: my god , Kunj u have such a great choice, thanks.
Kunj: oh , I think someone’s doubt’s r cleared..
Twinkle: OK OK fine, u have a nice fashion sensitive.
Kunj: thanks, r u going to buy this or not.
Twinkle: of course.
They both do all bit of more shopping.
Kunj: I hope u r done with so much of shopping.
He was holding 3 bags and twinkle was holding 1.
Twinkle: I THINK something is Left..
Kunj: now what!…if u agree shall I purchase the whole mall 4 u .
Twinkle fumes…

PRECAP: to be continued……

I know today’s episode was a bit boring but I promise there r interesting things further like…………
U may read tommorow.
Well now I will post my ff with my real name that is – Shreya as I feeling of being fake ,I don’t know why..but still..
Love u all.

Credit to: shreya

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