Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 53) – Last Episode

Hellooooooooooo…I know ..I’m posting very late but yaar last days if December is always filled with lot of assignments and note work as we need to get them checked be4 31st
Chalo let me give the epi first ..coz I know..Wall heading padhne ke baad bohot logon ko gussa aa raha hai…but plz haan…Last epi hai…read with a smile?

Yehi Hai Ishq (episode 53)

It was 4:30 and Twinkle was all ready that too on Time…Confused?.. Aakhir ye kaise hua…3 baje se ready ho rahi thi!??

[Twinkle’s dress – Here

Twinkle was sooo excited..she was jumping like a kid afterall…this was her 1st date woth Kunj ???

The clock struck 5..she went to the balcony to see if Kunj arrived…her excitement was on top..she was biting her forefinger..

Twinkle’s POV-

“C’mon Kunj..jaldi aao na..don’t u know tumhari twinkle tumhara jitna wait kar rahi hai…” I talked to myself..

As time passed..I sat on the couch…’ting tong’…I heard and ran to the corridors..I was abour to climb down the stairs thinking that Kunj came..but that was a currier boy!..and he had noparcel for me…Uff..I looked at my watch..its 6..Kunj Sarna you are late..and you’ll have to pay for it…soot samet lautaoge bacchu..?

After sometime..I thaught to go to Sarna Mansion…I’ll surprise him as he’ll come…

I went to their house..Usha aunty understood that I came for Kunj and asked me to be comfortable in the lounge..I sat waiting for the Sadu sweet Sarna..I was offered water, juice and all but I want only Kunj..nothing else…

The clock struck 7..and then..8!…I am just waiting for you Kunj..plz jaldi aa jao …I was walking here and there.. When I heard the Car’s horn…Finally!…I was really happy..I know..he’ll with a trail of sorries but Twinkle.. be stern.. Don’t get melted being lost in those brown oceans..

I saw him entering talking on his mobile..’Hi’..he waved and went!!!!….I am not going to talk to you understand.. “Sadu kahinka” I tapped my foot on floor and stormed outside…ahh!..its chilly here..But .. I don’t care. !

-POV ends.


Kunj came into his room.. Kept his blazer aside and sat folding his sleeves.. Bebe came..
“Puttar ..sab theek hai?”..
“ ji bebe…why?”
“Na..mera matlab ..tum aur Twinkle.. Koi problem..”..
“ nahi fact main aur Twinkle…..Oh shit!…main Twinkle ko coffee par let. jaane wala tha…meetings k stress just slipped out off my mind..abhi bhi hai kya vo?..let me call her”…Kunj took his mobile and dialed her no. But she din picked up…he again tried but in vain

“Kya yaar..itna gussa..thoda wait nahi kiya gya!..?”..he blurted out of anger..
“ vo pichle 3 ghanton se wait kar rahi thi…agar tere liye intezaar karna dikkat hoti na puttar toh abhi bhi vo bahar thand main tera intezaar nahi karti..”..hearing this..Kunj rushed to the balcony and saw Twinkle sitting on the outer stairs of the mansion slightly shivering..

“Use bura laga ki tu uske saath bahar jaane wala tha aur ye baat tu bhool gya puttar..”… Bebe made him understand..


Twinkle was sitting rubbing her arms feeling cold.. When she felt a jacket on her shoulders.. she turned to find Kunj..she first eyed him lovingly but later went on her angry girl mode..

She got up to go..when he held her wrist to stop her..
T: Kunj..leave ..

“Sorry..”.. Kunj held his ear..” I don’t want any sorry..”..saying she was about to go when he picked her up in bridal style and motioned towards the terrace’s stairs..They maintained a passionate eyelock..Twinkle said nothing as she was lost in his brown eyes..

Soon they were up to the terrace..

he put her down and made her see a beautiful setup..with candles and a round table with two chairs opposite to each other..her eyes twinkled in joy..she looked at Kunj ..and he made her sit..he kneeled in front of her holding his ears..”Kunj”..she exclaimed with surprised..
“Kunj Sarna me pehli baar kisi k saamne ghutne teke hain..ab toh maafi deni padegi..Sorry”..he said..

She removed his hands and he held them..”OK Baba..forgiven..khush..and ye set up..its si pretty.. But Tum ye kal bhi toh kar sakte the naa..I mean dinner time pe coffee!?? “..she said
“ main ek hafte ke liye Sikkim jaa raha hoon Twinkle.. Ek important deal hai…and subah ki hi flight hai…I can’t go when you are upset with me..and mujhe jaane se pehle tumhare saath time spend karna hai..that’s it”..he said..Twinkle felt a bit bad ..1 week that too without Him was going to be the longest week ever!..but she smiled..

“Awwwlleee…Kunj baby kitna cute hai”.. She pulled his Cheeks..Kunj got up rubbing his cheek smiling at his Love..he forwarded his hand asking for a dance..

“ I know question filmy hai..but sach hai…’Music??’”
“Are..tum haath toh thaamo apne aap aa jayega..”..he said and she smilingly gave her hand..

{Plz plug in your ear phones and do listen this song if you haven’t from Kaabil…its really beautiful}

[Kuch din se mujhe
Teri aadat ho gayi hai

Kuch din se mujhe
Teri aadat ho gayi hai
Kuch din se meri
Tu zaroorat ho gayi hai]

Kunj twirled Twinkle and pulled her closer

[Tere labon se main haasun
Teri leheron mein bahun
Mujhko kasam lage agar
Tere bina main jeeyun

Kuch din se mujhe
Teri aadat ho gayi hai
Kuch din se meri
Tu zaroorat ho gayi hai]

He took he palm , swung with her and did some graceful moves but they din broke the eyelock..

[Tere labon se main haasun
Teri leheron mein bahun
Mujhko kasam lage agar
Tere bina main jeeyun

Teri hawa mein hi uddun
Main aaj kal, main aaj kal
Tere kadam se hi chalu
Main aaj kal, main aaj kal

Kuch bhi nahin mujhme mera
Jo bhi hai woh hai tera

Kuch din se mujhe
Teri aadat ho gayi hai

Aksar ataa pata mera
Rehta nahi, rehta nahi
Koi nishaan mera kahi
Milta nahi, milta nahi

Dhoondha gaya jab bhi mujhe
Teri gali mein mila

Kuch din se mujhe
Teri aadat ho gayi hai
Kuch din se meri
Tu zaroorat ho gayi hai

Tere labon se main haasun
Teri leheron mein bahun
Mujhko kasam lage agar
Tere bina main jeeyun ]

Kunj turned her and embraced her from back resting his chin in her shoulder..

“Shh..don’t spoil the moment please.. “
She turned and cupped his face ..
“take your time to return.. don’t even think that I am gonna miss you..”..she said making him smile..
“I know what the truth is”..

They touched their foreheads..

•this is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.
….this is love when you get someone whom you feel yours and and become his/hers….this is love when you get someone whom you need ..not because he/she completes you but because he/she accepts you completely as you are..

Love isn’t what mind thinks but is what heart feels.. And the same goes with this lovely pair. …Twinkle and Kunj…Twinj..

This is Love. Yehi hai Ishq.. Yehi hai toh hai Ishq•

*End of season 1*


Ohkay…I know..khush toh bohot hoge naa tum ..akhir Maine khatam kiya…
Ya phir..gussa toh aur bhi zyaada hoge Maine YEHI HAI ISHQ khatm kar diya..

Haath jod ke maafi…I am really very sorry for it..but yaar…My Finals are really near..I have only January which is only for studying and learning.. We have our pre-SAs from 6th of Feb and then SA2 in March…

Samjho..I want my concentration fully on my books…So …ek aur BAD NEWS-..I AM QUITTING TU TILL MARCH.. yes….no TU jab tak last exam nahi de aati..may be kabhi PMs dekh loon..but Ffs’ reading & writing…hopeless!

Sorry in advance to all the writers..

Chalo main bak bak nahi kar rahi… Mujhpe jitna gussa aa raha hai..ya jitni khushi ho rahi hai..comments k through bata dena..

And don’t worry..I’ll come with a surprise.. Kyunki ..Picture abhi baaki hai mere dostano..sorry..I mean..doston..?? ?

I want all of you to comment.. Silent readers plz open up..I really want to log out after reading an ample of your Love..please.. Its a request.. And ho sake toh thode long comments haan..plz..I want to get greedy on the last post ….

Love you allllll ?

Will Come back..Asap..

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  1. Chiku

    ???????☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️i am very angry from u. Tune apna ff ek dum se end kar diya. Na love confession hua and nah hie inka tere type wala romance?????i hate u for that. I am not gonna talk to u

    I seriously loved ur this ff alot. It just amazing. I loved every character of it. It was just my fav but ended it abruptly ☹️☹️☹️????. I will miss this ff
    Plzzz try coming up with another season of this
    Its my fav
    Jaaldi aan???
    Love u?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      I knew it..sabse jyaada aansu meri chiku miku hi bahayegi…and Maine toh pehle hi bola ki Picture abhi baaki hai…

      And this din abruptly ended…Yehi hai baat in dono ko pata lag gyi…baaki season main.. Phir bhar bhar ke romance dungi…pakka

      Twinkle’s dress-

  2. Sohi

    Now I have to tell you. You are sooo mean
    How dare you to end this ff haan
    Iam very much ? this was the ff which I most like in your all writings it is very special for me
    I don’t know you remember it or not
    In one of your episode I think 13 or 14 of this ff you used my name as RJ of radio in car scenes of twinj at that time I was on cloud nine as at that time only i had started commenting in tu. You know what I have still kept that episode saved in my two Mobiles whenever I read that episode I smile. Yaar I will really miss but I can understand studies are important in fact iam also having exams in March so we both will return together on tu and I can also start my own story on tu but only for my favorite jodi twinj.
    And about episode last was epic their was everything in it romance, fight, love one more thing the link which you send for twinkles dress is not working can you please send me other link of dress waiting eagerly for the next season with bang
    Love you dear and all the best bye ?????????

    1. Jiya_Ani

      I know …I know…bohot gussa ho…and ek epi k karan this became your loved one..but Maine toh 53 episodes likhe hai…can you imagine how much I love it??

      This ff made me get friends and sisters like you all…the first piece of my writing till date…and Maine bola that picture abhi baaki hai …just lemme return k..
      And u too return with me…best of lucks..

      Twinkle’s dress-

  3. Simiyy

    I cant believe you ended it so quickly
    Good luck with your exams
    Come back with season 2
    Loads of Love Simiyy

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Di this ff is ON since 26th April 2016…

      Thanks and surely I’ll

      Twinkle’s dress-

  4. SidMin23

    Sad that you end this ff but all the best for exam

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aww..don’t be sad naa..I want to take a leave with all happy faces …

      Thanks ?
      Twinkle’s dress-

  5. Ramya

    Hey jiya uff shreya
    Firstly while reading at first mujhe bohat gussa aa gaya tha
    But ne I’m happy ki tum vapas aa jaougi
    N ur ff was amazing n beautiful episode
    All d best
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aur ni toh kya..bina TU rehna bohot difficult hai..happy that u r happy

      Twinkle’s dress-

  6. Paavu

    Nahiiiiiiiiiii u ended ib susoense yrrrr uhhhhh chal exms arr imp bt iss ko cont karna yrrr olssss love uyyyy

  7. Cutiepie,
    Main boht gussa hu?????????
    Meko rona v aa raha h????
    Tumne mera favourite ff end kar diya…
    I will not talk to u
    I no exams r d most important or is reason ki vajah se I’m partially forgiving u….
    Bt Not completely…. pura tab forgive karungi jab tu jaldi se jaldi Yeh ff continue karo gi exams khatm hone ke bad. …..
    U no how eagerly I was waiting for Urr ff
    Yaar avi avi to hm frnds bane the
    Tune mujhse bol tha ki twinj ki mairrage jaldi hone wali hai
    It ni khushi dene ke baad tune aisa shock kyo diya cutiepie……..
    Bt eak cheez hai ki mere v exams February 1st week se start ho rae h and r ending on 28th Feb. ….so I wd also not b on tu from tomorrow nd wd come back on 28th Feb …so d gd thing z dat I won’t miss ur ff…….
    Bt fir bhi mai gussa hu????????

    All d best for ur exams…..rock ur exams……
    Vijayi bhavv ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Or jaldi jaldi vapas aao be coz I’m gonna miss u d most……………vase agar ho sake to mere exams ke lie bhagwaan ji se pray kar lena .are eak cheez to mai bhool hi gae

    Happy 2017????????????
    May it turns out to be one of the best years of ur life.
    Nd sorry for not commenting on d last epi..?
    Chalo ab exams ke baad mileage,
    Buh bye,
    Urs frnd,
    – Ashiya (mai avi vi gussa hu?)

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Aasshuuuuu…my shweeetu …I know..tum sacchi bohot gussa ho mere se…and 50% maafi ke liye dhanyavaad..52nd epi likhne k baad bhi I din knew that I’ll end at 53rd epi…

      Happy new year to you too..

      Will miss you..?

      Love ya❤

  8. Cutiepie,
    Main boht gussa hu ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Meko rona v aa raha h ? ? ? ? ? ? .
    Tumne mera favourite ff end kar diya …..u no is saal ka sabse bada shock h ye ???
    I know exams r d most important and dis is y m partially forgiving u. Bt Not completely . Wo tab karungi jab tum jaldi se jaldi Yeh ff continue karo gi exams khatm hone ke bad.
    Yaar avi avi to hm frnds bane the
    Tune mujhse bola tha ki twinj ki mairrage jaldi hone wali hai
    It ni khushi dene ke baad tune aisa shock kyo diya cutiepie
    Bt eak cheez h mere exams v 1st week of February se start ho rae h nd they’ll end on 28th Feb. …so even I won’t b present on tu frm tmrw. …….so d gd thing z dat I won’t miss d epi
    Bt fir v mai tujhse gussa hu????
    U no I was waiting so eagerly for the next epi ….bt tune aisa shock diya ki ab mai kya bolu……

    All d best for ur exams. rock d exams …
    Vijayi bhavv ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Ho sake to mere exams ke lie v bhagwaan ji se pray karna ????ek cheez to mai bhool gae. ..
    Happy 2017☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. May it turns out to be one of the best years of ur life ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Sorry for not commenting on the last epi ?
    Vase Yeh epi boht cute tha …akhir cutiepie ne likha h to cute to hoga h?????
    Comeback with a bang nd rock tu …..
    Wd b eagerlywaiting for you cutie,
    As per me ,I’d miss u d most here???
    So buh bye,
    Love you loads,
    Ur friend,
    – Ashiya (mai avi v gussa hu tu jab post karegi tb shayad mera gussa shant ho??)

    1. Sorry galti se do bar likh diya…wo 1st time mujhe lag post ni hua isliye galti ho gae ??

  9. Hey I love your ff. And yeah do concentrate on your exams as studies come first. Best of luck!! And do come soon!!???

  10. Hey I love your ff. And yeah do concentrate on your exams as studies come first. Best of luck!! And do come soon!!??? ????

  11. Awesome episode. being a silent reader let me tll u luvd all d parts luvd this one toooo luv uu
    All d bst fr ur exams
    Nd really excited fr the surprise u giv us when u r bak

  12. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome 🙂 The episode was just too sweet
    I have read all your episodes and commented on them too … I understand studies are important so all the best for your exams 🙂 Do well Make us feel proud (Thoda zyada hogaya 😉 )
    Love you 🙂 Hope you comeback with season 2 will be waiting for it 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  13. Hello shreya episode was great and awesome
    Feeling very sad that u ended this ff
    I will be waiting for the next season
    (don’t think iam new commentor ?? iam one of your regular commentor just changed my name and commenting ?)
    Bye aani will miss you dear ????

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    koi esa krta h kya….ese ekdum se shock de diya itta bada….gussa toh bhot aara h…bt koi ni xams h isley maaf kiya….lkn pakka march me vaapas aana…….n all the bst for xams…..n lst me…..luv u dear….

  15. Hey my lill buggu baby swtttupaii sister… Sorry 4 late cmnting kinda bz. Hey i know know ki maine apke few previous epi main cmnt naii kiya isliye that’s why i m ashamed of myself..I know isliye ap apni di ko sahayed bhul gayi hagi or yaad kar rahi hogi ke yeh kon hai vai..and of course mujhe kon yaad rakhega m not much imptn 4 any1 And that’s why a big sorry ab maaf kardijiye gussa naii karna..he he..

    OK now cmng to the ur dhulai.. Yeah u heard it r8..
    But main apne buggu baby ka dhulai naii karungi and gussa v naii hu OK….. I no studies r also impnt.. But i also no that my buggu baby can’t do this she can’t left her amazing writing in middle that’s why she mentioned that line picture wala r8..he he….and don’t wry i will be waiting 4 u till mere hair jabtak hair white buddhi naii ho jati samjhi..he he.. OK ab jaldhi se apni all rocking exam dene ke baat TU ko faddh dena apni amazing writing se OK…
    I no its a long gap but i can mange 4 my lill bby..coz I love my lill bby and her ff very much..
    And all the best 4 ur exam and give ur all exam best and rock it…then come back soon with bang…..till then i’ll miss u my buggu baby very much……………,,
    Wish a very big………….
    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR..””””2017***..
    May god bless u and give u all ur happiness what u disserve..and may turn out be the best of ur life in this year and rest of ur next stay happy and
    keep smiling always…..
    Love you and miss you a lotss….
    With lodsss of love….
    Ur priya di….muaah..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Diduuuuuuuuu…I forgot you!!!!!!!
      Mai marne k baad bhoot bhi ban jaun tab bhi apni ish pyaaaari si priya di ko nahi bhool sakti..u know my ca’hachi’s name is priya too…?…impossible…

      And ek baad print kara lo apne bheje main..DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT U R NOT IMPORTANT..Thanks for understanding

      Happy new year to you tooo..

      Reply if u read this..just wanna know if you read or not

  16. Awwwwwww my buggu baby ur chachi’s name also priya how cute…..u like it the way i called u,, I mean buggu baby.. Coz ur my cuteiiipaiii little baccha.. That’s why I love to called u that name.. ( hope u like it….)
    And Of course mai apni buggu baccha ka hi reply ka wait kar rahi thi.. I no ur vry bz bt u replayed to my cmnt seeing this my happiness has no bound.. And ok ok I don’t say it again coz I no hw much imptn m 4 my baccha..
    So give ur all exam best and come back with bang..and All the best 4 ur exam from ur diduuu… I’ll miss you a lodssss.. come back soon..
    Love you my buggu baby… Muaah..

  17. Aanya_pandey

    It ws really unexpected end.. just loved this ff yrr so so so so much..
    N yeah.. all d best fr ur exams.. ✌

  18. Purvi128

    Hi sissoooo .

    . First of all I am very sorry … For not commenting ….
    Now Teri class Leni hai ….

    Yrrr u know I am crying …How could u do this … Haan … How dare you … I just want to kill u …. But kill NH ker sakti thi tujhe. . kyunki phir Baaki ffs Kon likhe ga … Or phir Kon is ka season 2 likhay ga .. so that’s why .. I m not killing u … But I m not talking to u …. I m naraz. … I will never talk to u … Tu aesa kesy kersakti hai … Or phir tu bhi chod rahi hai March tk ke liye … I know studies are important but u know me kewy manage kerun gi apni chotu ke bina … Jaany hai … Nhii naa tujhe kese pata hog .. to sunn ….. I made myself busy in work but whenever I pause I think of u my chotu sissoooo …. Har waqt tere ffs or there baare mein sochti rehti hun … Tere or apny msgx parhti rehti hun ….. I JUST LOVE U TO THE CORE … I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK ….But after reading this … I HATE YOU …. But only for a moment … For a millisecond … Coz I can’t be angry with u … U r my chotu na ….Or Haan plss jaldi wapis aana ….
    Come back with a BANG ..! Sooon….. I am waiting EAGERLY …. Pata hai tissue paper khatam hogaye itna roti hun … SERIOUSLY …


  19. Dub ke mar ja kahin tu bat mat kr Chali ja kahin mujhse khabi bat mat krna mujhe yad bhi mat krna
    Main sach bohot bdi budhu hun Jo tere ff ka wait kiya paglonbki tarah itni thand main network issue hone ke bawjooda tere ff ke terrace pe khadi hike bander ki tarah yahan wahan se network dhunda maine itni mushkil se tera ff dhunda and heading padhi wah wah kya surprise mila mujhe yr mere sath hi aisa kun yr btana mujhe

  20. Baby

    gussa toh hun bt thoda saaa……………
    ohhhhhhh sooooo u r quitting tu till march matlab now we will ryt our ff in march
    its k i will cmplete episdoe 4 n post it soon
    srsly will miss u sooooooooooo mch n dis ff toh bhot jyada jaan si pyaari thi yeh ff isko 2 time repeat pada tha mene atleast episode 36 tak toh srsly luvi…………………
    i will miss dis ff alot d sng ohhhhhh god srsly m crying n crying n crying it was tooooooo touching toooo lovely toooo adorable toooo cute will miss it to eternity infinity core………..
    even i wuld miss u sooooo mch luvi y u did dis to me
    bt i agree studies r more dan important sooo studies krke milte hain n den we will ryt n masti woohooooooooooooooo…………………… 😀
    luv u soooooooooooo mch dear n srsly m missing u alot abhi bhi
    will c u chal bye luv u luvi ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    come back soon bas or nhi likha jara it was one of d best ff 😀 i use to love it n will always love it bt i hate u or say still love u………………………………. 😀
    come bck for sure haan nhi toh i wont talk to u luv u♥♥♥

  21. Baby

    or haan merko bhulegi toh nhi naa pakka promise 😀

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